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Zhcted Civil War
Location Zhcted
Side Ruslan's Faction; Eugene's Faction; Demons
Result TBA
Ruslan Eugene Shevarin Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon (As Koschei)
Valentina Glinka Estes
Figneria Alshavin
Eleonora Viltaria
Sofya Obertas
Elizaveta Fomina[Notes 1]
Ludmila Lourie
Olga Tamm
Tigrevurmud Vorn[Notes 2]
Vodyanoy (Both are act separately)
Defeat of Legnica Army
Downfall and Death of Tina
Tigre's ascension as the new King of Zhcted
Light Novel Chronology
Muozinel Second Invasion ←Zhcted Civil War→ Tir Na Fal's Descent

Zhcted Civil War is a civil conflict that is occurred at Zhcted when Ruslan is enthroned as its new king after the wake of King Viktor's and Ilda Kurtis's death. As the result, Zhcted is split into two different factions, knowingly as Ruslan Faction and Eugene Faction; additionally, the Demons are also involved in this conflict when Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon-whose alias also known as Koschei-attempting to steal Tigre's Black Bow and summoning Tir Na Fal so he can absorb her and her powers while Drekavac and Vodyanoy also will make their final effort to capture Tigre.


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Succession DisputesEdit

Feud of Eugene and IldaEdit

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Return of RuslanEdit

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Initial StageEdit

Assassination Plot onto Sofya and ElizavetaEdit

Main article: Silesia Imperial Garden Incident

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Growing Animosity Between FactionsEdit

Even after Ruslan ordered the imprisonment of both Tina and Fine in the wake of the Imperial Garden incident, civil unrest is yet to be quelled as aristocrats join their respective factions over the crown disputes.

Muozinel's Invasion towards ZhctedEdit

Meanwhile, Muozinel is also suffering its own civil discord, especially a succession dispute between Kureys Shahim Balamir and his four nephews after the passing of King of Muozinel, who was also Kurey's older brother and the father of his nephews.

Scattering Wars Across ZhctedEdit

Muozinel InvasionEdit

Main article: Muozinel's Invasion onto Zhcted

Polus Army's RebellionEdit

Main article: Remnant Polus Army's Rebellion

Leitmeritz-Legnica CampaignEdit

Main article: Leitmeritz-Legnica Campaign
Vol.16-LN-Elen vs Fine

Elen and Fine fight at Boroszlo Plains.

Not long after her return/escape from Silesia, Fine summons her ministers and declares war against Leitmeritz. The battle then takes place at Boroszlo Plains, where Legnica Army has an advantages against Leitmeritz Army due to Fine's overwhelming prowess against Elen and Lim, to the point Lim is being burned by one of Bargren's blades during the duel; not helping matters is Aram is killed during the Leitmeritz Army's intense battle against the Legnica Army. Fortunately, the arrival of Lebus Army further boosting Leitmeritz Army's morale for the victory, and Elen herself narrowly defeats Fine in her harrowing battle. Rather than surrender or even being killed by Elen, Fine-who is suffering a massive bleeding after Arifar's attack-decides to commit suicide via Bargren's fire that burns her alive without even leaving her ashes behind.

Valentina's InvasionEdit

Main article: Valentina's Invasion

Meanwhile at Silesia, with Tigre and the Vanadises are occupied from their battles, with the courtesy of Eugene's arrest by Miron and other Ruslan Faction member, Tina, who has returned to Osterode, now seizing the opportunity to muster her army and invade Zhcted.

Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

Further information: Tir Na Fal's Descent

The civil war however was interrupted by the purple sky that is caused by Ganelon's ritual that in summoning Tir Na Fal onto the human realm at Zagan. Nearly all lands in Zhcted are affected by this ominous changes: many people are becoming mysteriously sick and some demons are roaming across the kingdom's remote lands. As the result of this strange yet volatile phenomena, many soldiers are becoming inactive and the Vanadises themselves have to leave their army and heading for Zagan alone with few people coming along (Titta, Gaspar and Damad) to find and rescue Tigre. In this harrowing battle, Tigre and the Vanadises (including Lim who briefly holds her position as the Vanadis of Legnica eventually slay Ganelon once and for all and prevent the Goddess from appearing on Human Realm. As per consequences however, all Viralts are fossilized that renders the Vanadises into powerless women. As such, they had to rendezvous with her respective armies and postponing their attack onto Tina.

Rise of the Black Dragon ArmyEdit

Despite their own disadvantages after their Viralts' fossilization, the civil war resumes as Tigre and the Vanadises are planning on confronting Tina by rendezvous with Polus-Olmutz Army, but they had to take a break somewhere away from Zagan. During their break, Sofy is taking a stroll outside the camp only to confront Tina who is curious about her without Zaht. Before she could even escape however, Sofy is immediately cut down by Tina which causes her to suffer a severe injury to her chest. At the same time though, it also draw out Tigre's and others' attention and because he is wielding the Durandal at that time, Tina is forced to flee without even checking on Sofy's body.

The incident of Sofy has causes uproar from everyone, especially Tigre who vows to defeat Tina because he never forgives her for both nearly killing Sofy and her association with Ganelon.

Tina on the other hand receives information from Miron in regards of the situation in Zhcted since the fallout of the purple sky's disappearance while becoming wary about the chamberlain's unhinged behavior, specifically in regards of delay of Eugene's execution. Nevertheless, she manage to calm Miron down by mentioning she will handle Eugene's trial in time.

Tigrevurmud's Road to KingshipEdit

Black Dragon Army's First BattleEdit

Further information: Battle of Bals and Eugene Rescue Mission

The Black Dragon Army's first battle begins where the Vanadis Army is preparing their battles against the Barbarian Army of the North. Despite their disadvantages for without their Viralts, the Vanadises (barring Liza who remains at the Commanding Unit) rally their army and narrowly defeating the barbarians by slaying the enemy commander.

Unbeknownst to even Tina and her allies, Tigre and his companions meanwhile manage to infiltrate into Silesia, rescues Eugene and eventually escape from Silesia despite Eugene himself is fatally wounded by Miron's stabbing and the Damad and Naum had to split away from Tigre for their own escape. Nevertheless, Eugene's "escape" had cause a rift between Tina and Miron as the former calls the latter for harming the prisoner but spares him because she still see him have some uses.

Tigrevurmud's Declaration For the CrownEdit

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Battle of ZamberkEdit

Main article: Battle of Zamberk

The Demise(s) of Valentina and RuslanEdit

Main article: Silesia's Chaos Incident

Despite her defeat however, Tina refuses to give in as she resorting using one last trick on her sleeve: hastening Ruslan's Coronation Ceremony without waiting for Spring. She makes this move by discussing this plot with several ministers to go along with this plan which, in reality, she is making her final effort to crush Tigre and his allies. Her plot however is ruined by Miron who kidnapped Valery which forcing to deal with the unhinged chamberlain instead.


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  • Eugene Shevarin was originally chosen as Viktor's (former) successor due to his charisma but many Vanadis were hesitate about what he plan to do next since Shevarin is not interested in becoming King of Zhcted. Tigre in the other hand was trusted by Five Vanadis and they pledge their allegiance of support to him while Tigre's main objective is to make Fine and Tina submit with less bloodbath method.
    • The Five Vanadis that supports Tigre are never having active feud ever since Tigre mediate them and the Vanadis are open to him, making him the most suitable to be the Supreme Commander of his faction.
  • Since Moonlight Knights was not officially disbanded yet after Tigre-Kureys Showdown at Severack, the army return to its services and similar to Silver Meteor Army that the goal is to quell the Brune Civil War, the Moonlight Knights also will serve to quell Zhcted Civil War.
  • Zhcted Civil War is known the most bloodiest Civil War on Madan no Ou to Vanadis series with at least 50,000 death casualties and the chaos is spread entirely on Zhcted.


  1. Interestingly, Liza was originally agreed to join Tina and Fine in "defending" Ruslan's reign against his enemies. Behind her "alliance" with Tina and Fine however, Liza is actually attempting in betraying both of her fellow Vanadises in order to investigate Tina's agenda. What she doesn't expect however is that Tina and Fine already anticipating her betrayal and have her eliminated, but their plot foiled when Tigre narrowly saving her from Fine's blade.
  2. Due to his position a an emissary from Brune, Tigre does not involves himself in any wars in Zhcted until he receives Ganelon's threat and his direct involvement of rescuing Elizavetta from Figneria.