Romaji Zaht
Nickname Barrier of Devil Repellent (Taima no Fukkou)(退魔の祓甲)
Weapon Profile
Type Staff
Owner Vanadis of PolesiaSofya Obertas
Kingdom Zhcted
Status Active

Zaht, Viralt of Light element, is used by the Vanadis of Polesia.


Zaht is shaped as a Bishop's staff having huge circle on the staff with six rings attached on it, as well as a jewel on the head of the staff. Whenever it communicates with Sofy or senses anomalies, Zaht's jewel flashes rapidly and the staff resonates.


As a Viralt of light-element, Zaht can generate light that is as bright as sunlight. Through its powers, Zaht is able to create light shields that are able to push its enemies back, as well as create flash lights to blind its enemies to help its user escape.

When combines with TIgre's Black Bow, Zaht provides more protection to the arrow itself when on dueling against Roland and transforming head of arrow to spearhead of light when TIgre want to snipe Eliot's Pirate Ship.

Veda (Dragonic Arts)Edit

  • 我が前に集え煌く波濤よ (Brilliant Waves, Gather Before Me (Falvarna)) - Zaht creates a huge light barrier to protect anyone inside the barrier. As the same time, it also deflects any object thrown towards the shield. In the anime, it is shaped as a rectangular barrier that moves and push her enemies away.
  • 我が傍に集え眩ぃ粒砂よ (Particles of Light, Come to My Side (Mirashem)) - Zaht helps its user to hide her presence from any enemy attacks. In the Light Novel or Manga version, it also temporarily blinds her enemies with a flash-light before disappearing.
  • 我が知を疾走よ輝く飛沫よ (Lustrous Flow, Rush Before Me (Muteirasv)) - Zaht rapidly fires light projectiles towards the enemies.
  • 我が空を照らせ柔らかき灯よ (Tender Light, Illuminate My Sky (Bovasert)) - Zaht shoots light to the sky to illuminate the area as bright as sunlight.



  • Sofya Obertas - The current Vanadis of Polesia is currently the user of Zaht




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