Voyes Mountain Range (ヴォージュ山脈 ) is one of many location of Madan no Ou to Vanadis, where it serves as a natural boarder between Zhcted and Brune.


The mountain range is located within the northern ester. Begin the only mountain range that separates both kingdoms of Zhcted and Brune. Due to Voyes complexity of mountain ranges and dense forest, some territories such as Alsace are invulnerable from any kingdom's invasion despite Brune's civil upheavals would ultimately effecting Alsace's own security.

  • Map - Voyes Mountain Range to the West of Zhcted
  • Map - Voyes Mountain range to the East of Brune


  • Zhcted
  • Brune

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Neighboring TerritoriesEdit

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Rodrick - A town famous for its bath houses.
  • Kikimora Mansion - A villa that is located within deepen outskirts in the mountain ranges. Elen chose this place as a meeting due to its nearest position in between Alsace and Leitmeritz.