A former fortuneteller who once worked under Thenardier.

Baba YagaEdit

A notorious witch who made famous in childhood stories. Prior Baba Yaga wars against the humans, Vodyanoy tried to help the demonic witch by battling against the humans whilst trying to buy her sometime in gaining her time to capture Tigre (whose name only to be known as Urs at that time). His effort gone for naught as he failed to see Baba Yaga's demise by Ganelon's hands.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

Tigrevurmud VornEdit

Earl of Alsace and Brune's Hero who once quelled Brune's infamous Civil War. Under Drekavac's request after his discovery over a fallen dragon's corpse-which was killed during a battle in Molsheim Plains, Vodyanoy was tasked by fortuneteller to capture Tigre alive. During the duel, the Frog Demon witnessed the Black Bow's full power when Tigre borrowed Mila's power to create a special charged arrow shot to attack him, which narrowly wounded him before his eventual escape. Since that encounter, Vodyanoy had been plotting with Drekavac to capture Tigre and the Black Bow.


Ludmila LourieEdit

Vanadis of Olmutz and an heiress of the prestige House Lourie of Zhcted. Through mythologies and lore she heard from her family members-mostly based on their encounters (due to their position as a Vanadis at their time), Mila seemly have certain knowledge about the demons including Vodyanoy. In his mission to capture Tigre and the Black Bow, Vodyanoy also battled against the Ice Vanadis where he easily absorbed the Lavias's deadly Veda without inflicting severe injuries. Through a teamwork between Mila's and Tigre's power in creating an ice charged arrow-shot, the Frog Demon nearly received the deadly attack before eventually escape for Drekavac.

Eleonora ViltariaEdit

Vanadis of Leitmeritz and also one of Tigre's prominent allies during Brune's infamous Civil War. As Elen came to rescue Lebus Army from the Clod Army, Vodyanoy fought against the Wind Vanadis in several clashes and no matter which body parts she cut, they ended up reattached on his body and healed rapidly, making him as one of Elen's most dangerous enemy.

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