Silver Gale Mercenaries (Former)Edit

Eleonora ViltariaEdit

The future Vanadis of Leitmeritz who also appeared to be his "adopted" daughter and protege. When she was a baby, Vissarion adopted and raised her into his mercenary group despite his initial doubt. Throughout her upbringing, Vissarion have been taken care of Elen with benevolence and discipline. At the same time however, Vissarion also worried that she will stir trouble due to her awareness towards the surroundings, so he had Lim to be her companion. Still, despite Elen's mischievous behavior, Vissarion loved her like his own child. Prior to his death, Elen was among of few who was admired his ambitions to create an ideal country.


Elen's friend and her future adjutant. Much like Elen, Lim was among of few who was admired Vissarion's ambitions in establishing a country before his death.



A wandering mercenary whose origin remained a mystery. In their first meeting in one battle, Vissarion led Fine away and even invited her into his camp. Even though she wasn't a full member of the Silver Gale Mercenary, Vissarion befriended with Fine as they occasionally helped out with each other. Unlike Elen or Lim, due to his status as a mercenary, Fine was skeptical towards his vision in establishing a country of peace, something she viewed to be impossible. Regardless, she helped Vissarion to fulfill that vision by training herself and the girls (Elen and Lim) in swordsmanship and literacy. In one battle however, Fine became the Silver Gale Mercenary's enemy and as both Vissarion and Fine fought in a duel which the former lost and perished, resulting the Silver Gale Mercenary's downfall and dissolution. His dream however seemly carried on by Fine as she becoming the new Vanadis of Legnica after Sasha, but unlike Vissarion she instead focusing on establishing her ideal militarized kingdom which is ruled through violent pressure.

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