Kana ヴィッサリオン
Romaji Biisarion
Personal Profile
Age 30
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Unknown
Status Deceased
Occupation Leader of the Silver Gale Mercenary
Army Silver Gale Mercenaries

Vissarion was the leader of the renowned Silver Gale Mercenaries and also one who adopted Eleonora Viltaria (Elen) and trained her and Limlisha before Elen's became a Vanadis of Leitmeritz.

Character InformationEdit


A man in his 30's, Vissarion possessed a medium build body figure and often equipped with his sword and armor in most battlefields he participated. He also had a conspicuous white scare on his left cheek.


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Nothing is known about his past, but Vissarion was the famous leader of the Silver Gale Mercenaries before the story. He rescued Elen when she was an infant from a burning village that was raided by bandits and adopted her as his daughter. Along the way, he also have Lim and have her as Elen's

Before their final battle, Vissarion and Fine were talking about their respective dream with the latter wished to establish a militarize kingdom, which opposing the former for the kingdom of peace. In spite of hearing Fine's dream, Vissarion found it to be stylish and claiming that to be a good thing, sine various kingdom have their own way to rule their kingdoms.


As the result to Vissarion's death, his mercenary group become demoralized and presumably disbanded with members leave separate ways. One of his best apprentices or rather his adopted daughter, Eleonora Viltaria become a Vanadis while Limlisha become Elen's adjutant and later, his longtime acquaintance friend, Figneria who defeated him also become a new Vanadis after Sasha's death from illness. Both Elen and Figneria are still carrying Vissarion's dream of establishing a new Kingdom.


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