Viktor's late son who was supposedly chosen as the first line of succession for the throne. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack and passed away, making Ruslan's rights as the crown candidate invalid.

Viktor's GrandsonEdit


Viktor's Son-In-LawEdit


Viktor's Youngest DaughterEdit


Viktor's SisterEdit


Viktor's Younger BrotherEdit


Ilda KurtisEdit

Duke of Bydgauche and also Viktor's nephew, making him as the Seventh Prince for the Crown. Renowned for his military might and tactics, Viktor also valued his nephew greatly and considered him as a greatest asset in Zhcted.

Eugene ShevarinEdit

Earl of Pardu and a husband to his niece, making him as the Eighth Prince for the Crown. Due to his role as an a Brune ambassador on Zhcted's behalf, Viktor valued Eugene greatly despite her lesser role in recent politics. Prior to Sun Festival, Viktor decided to make Eugene as his successor as the new King of Zhcted even against the old Earl's wishes.


The War Maidens who fight for Zhcted. Just like Zhcted kings before him, in order to secure Zhcted's stability and prosperity, Viktor tried to control the Vanadises's with everything he had with his power.

Eleonora ViltariaEdit


Sofya ObertasEdit

A Vanadis who works as an official emissary of Zhcted on several mission include during Brune Civil War. He entrust her many task of being an emissary at several places however he start to grow concern of her after she was captured on Asvarre by Elliot during Asvarre Civil War, making him leaving no other choice but to dispatch Tigre as the second envoy.

Valentina Glinka EstesEdit


Figneria AlshavinEdit



Tigrevurmud VornEdit

Earl of Alsace and one of Brune's War Hero to end its Civil War. Despite he once viewed him as an enemy due to a heated rivalry between Zhcted and Brune, Viktor considered Tigre as a crucial figure after learned his friendship with the Vanadises and his reputation in ending two civil wars. As Tigre refused his offer to help him into his ascension as Brune's king, Viktor deems Tigre's humility and selflessness would spell trouble for the young Earl. Nevertheless, he continues to support Tigre until his deathbed.

Mashas Rodant Edit

Earl of Aude that was a long acquaintance and father in mentor of Tigre after Urz passing. After the incident of Torbalan's ambush at the sea, he start to question King Viktor's intention by demanding an immediate audience as a Chancellor of Brune to ask a reason why he send Tigre to Asvarre despite he is a Guest General of Zhcted. Nonetheless, as an apology of the Incident King Viktor decided to end Tigre's three year services on Leitmeritz as a compensation of Asvarre Incident as King Viktor allows Tigre to return to Brune after Sun Festival. Despite that, the relationship remains neutral due to Mashas care for Tigre.

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