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Kana ヴァリツァイフ
Romaji Varitusifu
Nickname Lightning Flash of Chaos (Saika no Sentei)(砕禍の閃霆)
Weapon Profile
Type Multiple Whip-Rod
Owner Vanadis of LebusElizaveta Fomina
Kingdom Zhcted
Status Active

Valitsaif, Viralt of Lightning element, is used by the Vanadis of Lebus.


Unlike most Viralts, Valitsaif can change its form: a Iron Rod shaped and Whip shaped. In the Iron Rod-shape form, Valitsaif changed into a straight rod releasing lightning and strong electric currents. In the Whip-shape form, it can transform to upto nine whips as the rod part becomes the a whip's handle.


As a Viralt of lightning-element, Valitsaif can generate lightning and strong electric currents that can stun and fatally wounds its enemies. It can summon large amount of electricity that may stun or fatally injure the opponents.

Veda (Dragonic Arts)Edit

  • 鋼鞭 (クスタル) (Iron Whip (Kusatari)) - Valitsaif changes its shape to a rod, that can be used to strike the enemy.
  • 雷刃 (メルニテ) (Thunder Blade (Melnit)) - Valitsaif changes its shape to a gallant sword, with dim black lightning and electric current surrounding its blade.
  • 天地撃ち崩す灼砕の爪 (グロン・ラズルガ) (Burn and Split Heaven and Earth (Gron Lazriga)) - Valitsaif releases strong electric projectiles than can stun and blow its enemies. In the anime, it is described, that all 9 whips of the Viralt will become claw-shaped with the electric currents flowing it into a dragon shaped thunder ball towards the opponents.[1]
  • 闇夜斬り払う刹那の牙 (ノーデ・ルビード) (Slash and Brush Aside the Dark Night, Ephemeral Fang (Nott Rubeed)) - Valitsaif releases electricity (lightning) while becoming a whip. It requires no cool-down time and can be released instantly, however, it is considerably less powerful than "Burn and Split Heaven and Earth (Gron Lazriga)".



  • Elizaveta Fomina - The current Vanadis of Lebus is currently the user of Valitsaif


  • Along with Lavias and Muma, Valitsaif is one of the few Viralts to have a shape shifting ability.

Reference Edit

  1. Anime Episode 9


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