Tigrevrumud VornEdit

Tigre is Urs's only son who was highly admired and respected by his peers. Prior his life as an Earl, Urs taught Tigre every aspects in life, from hunting and archery skills to governing Alsace with benevolence and perseverance. While most of his teachings required wisdom and hardships , Urs loves his son. In his last words, Urs also informed Tigre that he only use Vorn Black Bow only in a time of need.


Bertrand was Urs's longtime servant for his House. Prior Urs's death, Bertrand vowed to serve and protect Tigre in his place by all means necessary.

Friends And AlliesEdit

Mashas RodantEdit

Hughes AugreEdit

The Viscount of Territore and also a longtime ally to House Vorn, especially towards Urs and Tigre.


The leader of the Calvados Knights and also the long time ally of Urs.

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