Baba YagaEdit

A notorious witch who made famous in childhood stories, who also appears to be Torbalan's allies.


(To be added...)

Asvarre Royal FamilyEdit


The first prince of the Asvarre nobility and the elder son of the late King Zacharias. Germaine's death after Tallard's coup prompted Lester (Torbalan) to defect for Eliot and the Pirate Army.

Eliot Bloom Godwin Nathaniel Galahad AsvarreEdit

The second prince of the Asvarre nobility and the second son of the late King Zacharias.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

Tallard GrahamEdit

Asvarre's gifted general and strategist whose yearned to be Asvarre King. Despite his military talents and might however, as Lester, Torbalan often belittled Tallard even before the kingdom's Civil War broke out, mostly due to his upbringing from Asvarre's poor fishing village, making him as one of Tallard's enemies. When he defected for Eliot after Germaine's death however, Torbalan (as Lester) did not fight against Tallard but fight against Tigre and Olga instead, who later fought and defeated him in their siege of Fort Lux.

Tigrevurmud VornEdit

Earl of Alsace and Brune's Hero who once quelled Brune's infamous Civil War. Prior the Asvarre Civil War, Torbalan fought both during the defense of Fort Lux as Lester. During Tigre and his allies journey for Zhcted via a ship, Torbalan appeared again but this time he took a Sea Dragon to ambush the group.


Olga TammEdit

Vanadis of Brest and one of few Vanadis who also a granddaughter of the Horse Tribe's elder chief.

Sofya ObertasEdit

(TO be added...)

Alexandra AlshavinEdit

(To be added...)

Elizaveta FominaEdit

(To be added...)

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