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Ttita anime pre

Kana ティッタ
Romaji Teita
Casual Name Titta
Personal Profile
Age 15(Arc One)[1]
16 (Arc Two)[2]
17 (Arc Three)[3]
Gender Female Female
Birth Place Alsace, Brune
Status Alive
Occupation House Vorn's Housemaid
Temple Shrine Maiden (Tigre's absence)
Silver Meteor Army's maid and medic
Moonlight Knights Founder, maid and medic.
Vanadis of Osterode (Possessed)
Head of Royal Maid (Tigre's Ascension)
Position & Rank Maid
Shrine Maiden
General's Maid and Medic (On both Moonlight Knights and Silver Meteor Army)
Vanadis (Under possession of Tir Na Fal)
Weapon Ezendeis (Temporarily)
Army Silver Meteor Army
Moonlight Knights}
Kingdom Brune
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Sumire Uesaka
English Voice Tia Ballard[4]

Titta is a female support character in the Madan no Ou no Vanadis series. As Tigre's childhood friend and personal maid, Titta is one of many reason why Tigre protects Alsace from harm. She is also among of few wield loyalty and respect towards Tigre. After Alsace is saved by Tigre and his new ally from Thenardier Army, Titta joined Tigre's new army as its medic and later becoming Regin's personal caretaker after Battle of Ormea until its dissolution.

Character InformationEdit


Titta has hazel color hair usually tied in twin tails. She is often wears a typical maid costume either in the House of Vorn or even around Alsace. She changed her hairstyle into a single ponytail when Tigre began living in Zhcted in the latter volumes (In Volume 6 and Volume 13. Her twin tail returned in Volume 9-12).


Being the maid and the caretaker of Tigre, Titta is very protective towards Tigre and sees him as the important responsibility. As a responsible maid, Titta will fulfill her duty of the House of Vorn, from house chores to awaking Tigre, to serve her master even if sacrifice is necessary for her just to keep the name of the Vorn Family alive. She is also a loyal ally to Tigre as she will do anything for Tigre's sake.

Like many other girls at her age, Titta tend to prone to jealous to any women stood too close upon Tigre and tend to fend off any girl so she can keep Tigre just to herself. Yet she is friendly towards to any of Tigre's ally (especially Ellen who she befriends with since the Alsace rescue) and due to Tigre's heavy responsibility as the Earl since young(because of this, his only friends are the people of Alsace), Titta hopes that whoever other than herself will being happiness to Tigre.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Housekeeping: Being a housemaid of Vorn's Manor since she was a child, Titta excels in housekeeping and keep everything clean include preparing foods for Tigre and his peers. Some maids and court Ladies of Leitmeritz immediately took liking of Titta because of her excels at housekeeping.
  • Superhuman Spirituality: Being possessed by Tir Na Fal it doesn't makes her freaked out much. Most of people will be out of control but unlike Titta she remain her composure and her mental are always stable even after Tir Na Fal possess her body. Her daily offerings and her positions as a Shrine Maiden makes her able to be possessed without side effect.


  • Titta is one of few Alsace civilian who is faithful to Tigre prior his journey, even after Silver Meteor Army disbanded as well his mysterious disappearance.
  • There is a running gag that whenever Titta catches Tigre with another girl (mostly the Vanadis' or other girls such as Lim), Titta is often shocked and blushes while trying to keep the girls away from Tigre.
  • Since Tigre became a Semi-Resident of Zhcted. Titta also unofficially become a Semi-Resident as well and became the personal maid of Elen and Lim while Tigre is on the mission to Asvarre.
  • In Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu, Titta was teased about Tigre. Particularly after Tigre's rescue after Lim was bitten by snake and Tigre sleeping with Mila after battle of Ormea.
  • Despite of her dislike of becoming a Shrine Maiden as per her mother's request, Titta often visits temples to pray for Tigre and his allies' safety. She took a Shrine Maiden position only as a side job at Alsace and Leitmeritz, especially when Tigre is on an official mission.
  • Throughout the story, Titta is the only character that was able to be possessed by supernatural beings such as Tir Na Fal.
  • According to the author, Titta has the best cooking skill among all major female characters, in the order of Titta > Sofy = Lim > Mila > Valentina > Sasha > Elen = Olga ≧ Liza > Regin. [5] She is also good at milking cows.[6]
  • Unexpectedly Titta is one of the main founders of the Moonlight Knights since she believed the name was quite fit for the new army and she got a reference from Tigre's title, "Knight of the Moonlight" despite the fact that she was only serving the army as a medic and maid for the Generals.
  • Despite Shrine Maiden was a side job, Titta often went to shrine to pray her offerings everytime she got free time. Even on Lebus itself at abandoned shrine she took a chance to pray on the shrine after Mashas checks the shrine to ensure there are no bandits resides on the shrine itself.
  • On every Army Titta joined in, she was the only active maid that serves in the army.
    • Exception when Regin is with Titta due to only Titta was able to be caretaker of Regin on the battlefield, earning her the deserved position as Royal Maid when Tigre ascended as King.
  • Titta is the only Vanadis that replace Tina's seat as Vanadis during the battle against Ganelon by receiving Ezendeis temporarily by Tir Na Fal in addition of being possessed to maintain her position until the battle is over.


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