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Tir Na Fal's Descent
Part of Zhcted Crisis Arc

Vol17-LN-Titta-Possessed-By-Tir Na Fal
Location Unknown
Side Tigre and the Vanadis; Ganelon
Result Defeat and Death of Ganelon
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Volume 17
Tigre and Vanadis Ganelon
Army Strength
7 1
Commanders and Leaders
Tigrevurmud Vorn[Notes 1]
Eleonora Viltaria
Ludmila Lourie
Sofya Obertas
Elizaveta Fomina
Olga Tamm
Titta[Notes 2]
Gaspar Rodant
Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon
Casualties and Losses
Unknown Unknown
Five Viralts are fossilized and are unable to be used again for a duration of 7 Months
Light Novel Chronology
Valentina's Invasion ←Tir Na Fal's Descent→ N/A

Tir Na Fal's Descent is one of many incidents during Zhcted Civil War of the Madan no Ou no Vanadis series, where Tigre and the Vanadis (Elen and the Vanadis (Elen, Lim, Sofya, Mila, Liza and Olga) finally confront Tir Na Fal after somewhat solving the story behind her lore. Along the way, however, Ganelon starts heading towards the same location in order to summon Tir Na Fal, and ends up absorbing her energy and using it to reshape the human realm, a dream that has been long desired by Demon kind.


Origins of the Black BowEdit

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Tigrevurmud's Usage of the Black BowEdit

After his victory in Molsheim Plains, Tigre equipped with his Black Bow has set out into many battles where he has had to use it. In the Leitmeritz-Olmutz Campaign, Tigre used the Black Bow's power (with the aid from Arifar) to aid Elen in destroying the gates of Tatra Fortress. When the Silver Meteor Army clashed against Navarre Knights at Orange Plains without him, Tigre and Titta ventured into Tir Na Fal's temple where he received a new power after passing the Goddess's test.

During the Asvarre Civil War, he used the Black Bow's power-combined with Zaht's and Muma's-to prevent Prince Eliot's escape from the Salentes Plains, as well injuring Torbalan at the Asvarre Seas. Later on, as "Urs", Tigre also utilized the Black Bow's power to injure Baba Yaga during his rescue mission in saving Liza which also.

Several months after that incident, in Brune Nice was suffering a coup de'tat from Melisande, Tigre also fought briefly with Ganelon by using the Void Arrow to nearly injured him before his subsequent retreat.

The Debunked LoreEdit

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Under the Ominous Purple SkiesEdit

During his quest to find Ganelon, Tigre takes a break at a local village via an encounter with a father and his daughter. During his stay there, however, the village comes under attack by some of the Demons roaming the area. Despite Tigre's best efforts, he is unable to save the father and his daughter as they are killed by the invading Demons, though the other villagers managed to make it to safety. After arranging a funeral for the two victims, Tigre continues his journey in finding Ganelon with an horse given to him by the village elder and vows to make him pay for the incident.

Meanwhile, after preventing Muozinel Army's invasion into Zhcted and having defeated the traitors, Mila and Sofy who were heading back to Silesia for recuperation, saw purple skies above them. Feeling unease, Sofy chooses to instead dispatch a messenger to investigate the capital city. Unfortunately, her fears are confirmed when the messenger returns with the news about how Silesia fell to the Osterode Army, so the two Vanadis set off to rendezvous with Elen. Along the way, they save Titta, Gerard, Gaspar and Damad from the hands of some bandits and learn that the four had already left Silesia before Silesia's fall. With Titta's intuition that Tir Na Fal could be located at the North West, everyone barring Gerard (who decides to stay behind) make their way towards Elen and Tigre.

At Boroszlo Plains, Lim explains to Elen, Liza and Olga about a vision she saw while yielding Bargren. She explained that she saw not just Sasha and Fine, but also a mysterious location which lies somewhere in Zhcted. Although she isn't sure about it at first, Liza confirms that the location Lim described is located somewhere close to Lebus. Without wasting any time, Elen commands Rurick to command the Leitmeritz Army in Lim's place, while she along with Lim, Liza and Olga, immediately rush to that location in order to catch up with Tigre.

Arrow of RageEdit

Ganelon then provokes Tigre by revealing that he was responsible for the Saint-Groel Incident. Enraged by this revelation, Tigre immediately using his Charged Arrow Shot on Ganelon, who continues to brag about his infamy. To Tigre's shock however, Ganelon is able to deflect the arrow with Durandal and immediately attacks him.

Reinforcement of the VanadisEdit

Possessed Tigrevurmud's Battle Against VanadisEdit

Even after the arrival of all five Vanadises and Lim, Ganelon's ritual for Tir Na Fal's descent is finally complete with the Demon side of the Goddess managing to possess Tigre.

Ganelon's AbsorptionEdit

Immediately after Tigre regains control of his body, Ganelon takes advantage of his weaken state to slash him with Durandal. To Elen and her allies' shock, Tigre's wounds allow the remnants of Tir Na Fal's demonic power to be released. Seizing this opportunity,, Ganelon absorbs the power into himself to allow him to transform into a greater monster version of himself..

Ganelon's Fall and DemiseEdit

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(To be added..)


  • This battle is the only time where Lim transforms herself into a Vanadis through Bargren whom later leaves her in order to avoid its fossilization.


  1. Ganelon starts summoning Tir Na Fal once the Vanadis arrive and makes her possess Tigre in an attempt to turn him against all of the six present Vanadis. During this time, Tigre is struggling to regain his senses, while Ganelon robs him of Tir Na Fal's powers to add to his own.
  2. Titta is possessed by the human side of Tir Na Fal to even the odds against Ganelon.


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