Being the protagonist of the series, Tigre is one of the most quotable characters.


  • After Elen states that she won't be a good King, Tigre encourages her and says her not to insult herself such and says:
My family creed is [A hunter does not hold the arrow too long nor hunt the beast too often]

—Volume 1 Chapter 5: The Vanadis's Castle, Page 181 of 289

  • After Olga reveals that she is a Vanadis to Tigre and she is expecting Tigre to ask more questions, Tigre responds:
There is a saying that "A hen won't lay eggs early even if urged"

—Volume 6 Chapter 4: Tallard Graham, Page 137 of 227

  • Elen: “Lord Tigrevurmud. Assume you are the King of a country... There are seven people with power and authority second only to yourself. Would you want them to obtain more land to control? Furthermore, these seven are popular and excellent in domestic affairs.”
Tigre: “I would leave the work to them and take a nap or go hunt.
(Elen was lying on the table suppressing her laughter.)
Tigre: “... Well, aren't they reliable?
Elen: “Would you not fear the seven would turn their blade against you? They wield a strength greater than one thousand soldiers. No matter what, it would be impossible for you to win.”
Tigre: “I would think it best to have an excellent subordinate, even if they were stronger than me, for a long time.
~~Tigre's establishing character moment in Volume 2 Chapter 4
  • Tigre: “I will defeat you! I will defend my people!
~~Said to Roland during a duel in Orange Plains of Volume 3
  • Tigre: “You have your pride. I have my stubbornness.
Ludmila: “Stubbornness?”
Tigre: “From my father... and from many people, little by little. It is my stubborn nature as a man.”
~~Said to Ludmila during their battle in Ormea Hills in Volume 4's chapter 4
  • Tigre: “... however, I wish to remind you, that to defend the peace of Alsace... I will have to relinquish my rights to Zhcted.
~~Said to Badouin before his final battle against Thenardier in Volume 5
  • Upon learning that 3000 Pirates had landed
Tigre: "... I had a similar experience before, and I came through it (I broke out the storm)."
'Therefore, I will somehow manage; I will do it.'
~~Recalling his experience against the pirates during Asvarre Civil War in Volume 7[1]

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