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Young Tigre and Titta

Tigre's younger days with Titta.

Tigre is born as the only child of House Vorn, a hunter based aristocrat family who ruled Alsace with benevolence. Even as a child,Tigre was beloved by fellow Alsace residents and some Brune aristocrats (such as Mashas Rodant and Hughes Augre). He trained under his father Urs, who was also an Earl of Alsace, in honing and refining his archery and hunting skills to responsibility in ruling Alsace with selflessness and perseverance. [1] He was told by his father that his family's heirloom-the Black Bow-can only to be used in emergencies.[2] Even as a Brune noble, Tigre was ridiculed and belittled almost by everyone not only because of his handicap for unable to use other weapons except his bow, but also he relevance to Alsace as its only noble.[3] In his childhood, Tigre heard stories and folklore from his mother, who later passed away when he was nine years old[4]. At that time, Tigre also befriended with Titta, a local shrine maiden's daughter who often visited his manor and worked as a maid. When Titta's mother objected Titta's quest to be House Vorn's housemaid, Tigre instead encouraged her to follow her dream while practicing her shrine maiden's duty during his absence. In his youth, Tigre also had to burned a plague infested village in order to prevent the outbreak spreading to Alsace.[5] After Urs succumbed to his illness and passed away, Tigre became the family's sole legacy and inherited Earldom of Alsace. Since then, Tigre was under Mashas and Bertrand care (who served as Tigre's both father and mentor figures).

Role as the Earl of AlsaceEdit

TIgre Titta

Tigre before leaving Alsace.

Two years after his inheritance, Tigre lived his life with peace without involving any conflict. Every time Tigre went out from Alsace, he would pray to the Black Bow as his memorial to his late father. [6] In one of his hunts, Tigre encountered a wild dragon and almost attacked by one in a forest. Miraculously, Tigre survived the dragon attack by blinding it's left eye and fled. Tigre was also among of many aristocrats called to defend Brune against the invading Zhcted Army. In one morning, Tigre slept late until Titta woke him up and reminded him that his people were waiting for him. Just as he was about to leave his manor for Dinant Plains with Bertrand, Titta was worried about her Tigre's safety. Tigre promised to her that he would return safely after the war.[7] Behind his confidence however, Brune's chaotic situation made him worry if he could ever see Alsace again.[8][9]

Prisoner of War under EleonoraEdit

Defeat and Fateful EncounterEdit

Tigre, along with his 100 Alsace soldiers, participated Brune Army's campaign against the invasive Zhcted Army with 25,000 soldiers, which was five fold more than the enemy army. While rendezvous with Mashas and Rodant Army for Dinant Pains, Tigre learnt from Mashas that the invading Zhcted Army was lead by a Vanadis, Zhcted's prestigious and ferocious War-Maiden. During the camp, Tigre and Bertrand were heavily insulted by Zion Thenardier, the only heir of House Thenardier who viewed archers as inferior subjects. When Zion was about to destroy his bow, Tigre immediately pushed him away to defend his possession but only to hear more Zion and his soldiers' insults until Mashas intervened and "invite" the young knight for a "drink". During dinner, Tigre also heard infamous rumors from his fellow soldiers about Brune's two notorious dukes Duke Thenardier and Ganelon, whose infamy for their atrocities in Brune garnered Tigre's disgust. However, Tigre was refrained by Mashas as he claims that even if he intervenes, unless the royal family decided to interfere, Brune's chaos will remain unsettled.[10][11]

Archer and vanadis

Tigre's fateful encounter with Elen.

One night during Zhcted Army's raid upon Brune Army, Tigre narrowly survived the onslaught and became unconscious during the battle. When he finally awoken during the aftermath, Tigre was surprised to see massive corpses of his fallen comrades in Dinant Plains, prompting him to be amazed over the Vanadis's astonishing military might. Left alone, Tigre fought his way to escape the battlefield, where he shot one of Zhcted scout solders but he was unable to retrieve the horse from Zhcted Scout that runs away and he quickly hide as he heard over the Zhcted's Army's horse galloping. From afar, Tigre saw Elen and seemly amazed over the Vanadis charm, which later snapped as he knew that warrior was the enemy he must slay. Unfazed, he attempt to assassinate the Wind Vanadis by killing her two envoy generals by taking down their horses to make an opening, gaining Elen's attention and charged her stead towards him in the progress. Tigre tried to defend himself by shooting his last two arrows, only to be deflected by Elen's blade with ease and have him cornered. In a twist of turning event, Tigre's life is spared as his arrow skills and courage had earned Elen's respect and mercy thus prompting him to become Elen's first and only prisoner of war.[12][13]

Days as Leitmeritz CaptiveEdit

Prior his first stay in Leitmeritz, Tigre was awaken by Limalisha who struck her sword into his mouth while being escorted to Elen's office, where he tells Elen that his status wasn't as prestige as other Brune's aristocracy. Tigre was lead by Elen into Leitmeritz Archery Ground, where he was given an bad bow by Rurick. As the result, he missed two shots and mocked heavily by archers around him. Just as he sensed assassin was about to assassinate Elen, he saw Elen was protected by a wind barrier and broke the arrow. When Lim dispatched almost everyone to capture the assassin, Tigre asked Lim if he can bring the perpetrator alive, which irritated Lim as she assumed he did not know his current position. Even with Lim's skepticism and the bad bow, Tigre managed to subjugate the assassins in an amazing height and the arrow shot at his foot. His display astonished almost everyone. When Tigre asked Elen if he need to shoot another arrow, Elen told him that it was enough.


Elen, Lim & Tigre

The next day, Tigre is summoned by Elen into her office for the previous incident and she was about to execute Rurick and others for their misbehavior. Deemed the punishment was cruel, Tigre instead urged Elen to spare Rurick and others under his mercy. To his relief, Tigre was given by Elen about her offer to be her subordinate while still retain his status in Brune. Despite her lucrative offer, Tigre respectfully declined for the sake of Alsace. In return however, he was given an ultimatum as Elen reminded him about the ransom, which left Tigre little choice but to stay until the ransom would be deliver to Leitmeritz. He was permitted by the Silver Wind Vanadis to wander around Leitmeritz except the main gates, which he would be considered as escaping in. Exited the office, Lim asked Tigre about his refusal of Elen's previous offer, which he claimed that he cannot betray Alsace resident's trust nor Elen's kindness for him.

As days flew by, Tigre began to accustom his recent life and became quite popular. In addition, he befriended with Rurick who shaved his head as his gratitude for his mercy and even pledge his allegiance as his follower. As days followed by, Tigre is then guided to the marketplace with Elen and he soon found her girly dress suit very well for her. While the teddy bear was given to Lim, Tigre realized that deep inside even the strong warrior like Elen is a girl too who enjoy cute things and blushed easily, but her actions are limited due to her strict responsibility as one of the Vanadis in her kingdom. This leads him to be open-minded towards the Silver Wind Vanadis and somehow wished to hand Alsace to Elen.

Days later, Tigre was visited by Rurick regarding a captured intruder who later revealed to be Bertrand, much to his delight. However, their reunion was short lived as Bertrand reported Tigre about Thenardier Army marching towards Alsace, much to Tigre's shock. As Bertrand gave him a letter from Mashas and he read it, Tigre was furious about Thenardier's Army's mission towards Alsace and decided to leave despite implored by Rurick and some Leitmeritz soldiers.
Tigre Request

Tigre's decision in borrowing Elen's soldiers for Alsace.

To his surprise however, Elen appeared at Leitmeritz 's main gate in an attempt to stop Tigre from leaving her territory. In desperation, Tigre made a request to Elen for allowing him to return for Alsace and promised Elen that he would return to Leitmeritz, but Elen rejected his request who claimed that he cannot save Alsace alone. When Tigre insisting on leaving Leitmeritz, he was threatened by Elen. Elen threatens Tigre that she will kill him in Leitmeritz and asked him to use wisdom for the battlefield instead. Tigre was initially suffering a dilemma between Elen's mercy and he people, but when he saw Elen's sorrow expression, which he claimed as if she readily given him a chance, Tigre requested to borrow Elen's troops for Alsace. While laughing about Tigre's "impudence", Elen accepted his request with Alsace as her compensation. Tigre agreed of Elen's terms as long she treated Alsace like Leitmeritz. Soon, Elen ordered her troops to raise the Black Dragon Flag and marched towards Alsace.

Battles for AlsaceEdit

Main article: Battle of Alsace

During their march towards Alsace, Elen asked Tigre if her army stood against the 3000 strong Thenardier Army with just a thousand, of which Tigre responded that they will able to beat the enemy with two reasons: First of all, House Thenardier rarely went to Alsace and secondly, only he knows Alsace's complicated terrain which only he knew very well. This has risen Elen's confidence and continued their march towards Alsace.

Tigre returned to Alsace just in time and rescued Titta from Zion's clutches by firing his arrow to his hand, causing him cried in agony. He told Titta to jump off from the manor's balcony, and he jumped too in order to catch her in mid-air. With Elen's wind flow, Tigre and Titta made their safe landing. Tigre then saw Titta was crying in joy and asked her why she was not escaped with the other, further learned that Titta has been faithfully waiting for him.


Tigre retaliate with his reflexes.

Just as he introduced Titta to his new allies, Tigre sensed danger as he narrowly rescued Titta from assassination attempt, then quickly shot and killed the assassin. Consequently, Tigre's hand was scratched and his bow is broken. Regardless his cut, Tigre told Elen that he was still able to go on. While noticed his broken bow before catching up with Elen, Tigre was bestowed by Titta the Black Bow as he claimed it was his time to inherit the family treasure. When he tested the Black bow, Tigre found it different as it created a silent yet strong sonic boom that blew even the small leaves far away. Seeing it as different that most bows he used in the past, Tigre decided to equip the Black Bow as his prime weapon.

With the help from Zhcted Army, Thenardier Army lost 300 soldiers but Zion and the remaining 2,700 soldiers had to flee away from Alsace. According to Tigre, Thenardier Army has escaped to Molsheim Plains where they can recuperate their morale, prompted Elen saw this as a golden opportunity to defeat Zion. Elen and Tigre would lead 400 main army to face Zion's army while Lim took an ambush unit and employed more ropes for their traps. When Tigre saw some horses within Alsace's farm, he has an unexpected idea to gain advantage against the Thenardier Army.[14][15]

Before his battle against Zion's Army in Molsheim Plains, Elen asked Tigre if he was afraid in the battle. Tigre answered that even though he was indeed afraid, he will not going to afford to lose for his people sake. In the initial battle, Tigre and Elen managed to crush the Thenardier Army's first column of formation until they stumbled the Earth Dragon, whose even its eyes were invulnerable. When Lim's troops has distracted Thenardier Army Soldiers and allowed Elen's battle against the Earth Dragon, Tigre was stunned to firstly see Elen's Vanadis power that slew the dragon in sheer power. To further demoralized already traumatized Zion's army, Tigre's shadow army tactics, which included only 100 soldiers and the rest of them were merely horses. With Thenardier surrounded and only 600 soldiers remain in Zion's possession, Tigre and Zhcted Army cornered and confronting the distraught Zion.

When Zion cursed him for "betraying" Brune, Tigre retorted that Zion's atrocities upon Alsace were indifferent than thievery. When Zion instead claimed that people were merely "plants that regrow itself", Tigre told him that he would never forgive his misdeeds and challenged into a duel. When Zion continued to taunt him, Tigre shot his initial three arrows to Zion but quickly blocked by Zion's shield. As Zion charged towards him, Tigre shot his forth arrow and it successfully forced all arrows penetrating through Zion's shield and critically injured Zion, while Tigre himself inflicted only a scratch on his face. Just as Tigre was about to shoot his fifth arrow, both Leitmeritz Army and Thenardier Army intercepted simultaneously to protect their commanders. Tigre saw Zion retreat by using his Wyvern to fly away, where Elen's wind was unable to reach him.

Tigre Black Bow II

Tigre seeing the Black Bow glowing.

Suddenly, Tigre heard a female whisper who urged him to shoot the dragon. Despite his confusion, Tigre shot his first yet amazing arrow shot to cause the dragon shaken in misdirection. As Elen shocked and asked the archer about his performance, Tigre replied he doesn't know. Nevertheless, Elen stood by Tigre then prepares his second shot. With the winds of Arifar, Tigre fired a more powerful arrow that drives itself through the Wyvern and directly hitting Zion and the dragon, finally killing them for good.

With Zion's death, Tigre and his allies emerged victorious over the defeated Thenardier Army.  As celebration, Alsace held a humble banquet for Tigre and his new ally. Prior to the end of the battle, Tigre was told by Elen that Arifar has began it's affection towards him and he also learned from Lim about the lore of the Lord Marksman. Despite the intriguing lore, Tigre told the girls that his family treasures was irrelevant.

Brune Civil WarEdit

Quest of Retaliation Against Thenardier And GanelonEdit

Elen's wakey wakey

Tigre was awaken by Elen's Arifar.

Three days has passed since the war, Alsace was recovered by Leitmeritz Army and its life returned to normal. On one morning, Tigre was awaken by Elen who pointed Arifar at his mouth (according Elen, Lim taught her to wake him up). Titta was shocked about the scene and scolded Elen for almost endangered Tigre's life, even though Tigre told her to pardon her otherwise. Tigre further asked Elen about her early visit to his man, where he learned that Elen had to leave Alsace to report her actions to the king.

Later, Tigre and Titta went to visit the Hunawihr Village to visit its survivors, whom Tigre was relieved to have them survived. Prior their departure back to Alsace, both Tigre and Titta to camp outside for a night. He then had a dream about his father's words about ruling Alsace with dedication and benevolence [16] before he eventually woke up and saw Titta was beside her.

When both Tigre and Titta returned to Vorn Manor, he saw Mashas and Lim staring each other and demanded by Mashas to explain about the situation. After Tigre's detailed explanation, Mashas was in his relief and apologized over his rash assumption. Upon learning Mashas that Ganelon also supposedly to be involved in attacking Alsace, Tigre told both Mashas and Lim that he decided to retaliate against both Thenardier and Ganelon, much to Mashas and Lim's shock. Mashas however was supportive to Tigre's decision. With this resolution, Tigre initially suggested to send a letter to King Faron about Alsace's atrocities under Thenardier and Ganelon's hands. Mashas volunteered himself to send the letter while Tigre went to meet Hughes Augre of Territoire to see if he would be his first ally.

Hughes Augre: Tigre's First AllyEdit

Tigre and the Leitmeritz Army went to Belfort for Hughes under Mashas's recommendation. In order to earn his trust, Tigre would going to help Hughes to repel the local bandits that terrorizing Belfort, who also defeated Hughes's army two years ago.

Meeting with Ludmila and The Seven Chain Assassins's AmbushEdit

After House Augre joined his cause, Tigre and Lim were invited to Kikimora Mansion within the Voyes Mountain Range and reunited with Elen. In the mansion, Tigre learned from Elen that King Viktor of Zhcted has given a permission about his alliance with the Silver Flash Vanadis with one condition; any land he or Elen fought, including Alsace, shall be marked as Zhcted territory. As the conversation continued about the other Vanadis, he saw Lim took the Olmutz amour and saw Elen's hostile reaction. He is then met another Vanadis, Ludmila Lourie of Olmutz, who barged into the mansion after Elen mocked her as a "potato". While witnessing both Elen and Mila's childish quarrel, Tigre intervened via self introduction to Mila, much to both Vanadis surprise until Mila finally spoke out about her business with himself, before he is further invited by Elen to Rodrick (in truth Elen found Mila's "business" with Tigre suspicious).

Tigre & Mira

Tigre and Mila.

During the horse ride to Rodrick, Tigre talked with Mila about her business for him. During their conversation, Tigre learned from Mila that she was one of Thenardier's allies to defeat him and Elen, and he has little chance to against the duke. While concerned through Mila's unfriendly stare, Tigre also asked if Mila viewed everyone as enemies, much to Mila's silence. Putting that aside, Tigre tend to discuss about the scratched armor as well as the increasing number of bandits around the area, much to his deep concern as Mila did not say anything about it. Upon his arrival at Rodrick, Tigre and his group went for a tour in Rodrick's open market where he shared his porridge to the Ice Vanadis. After their tour in the open market, Tigre went on to enjoy his own hot spring until he accidentally crashed into another room; watching a naked Mila in the progress. As the result, he was slapped by Mila.

On their departure from Rodrick, Tigre and his group were ambushed by the Seven Chains Assassins during their journey home via the dense woods. Whilst repelling and killing the assassins, Lim was poisoned by a snake and fallen in Tigre's arm, forcing Tigre desperately rescue her by sucking out the venom via through her breast. In their sitting duck position where Elen was distraught over Lim's poisoned state, Tigre witnessed Mila's rescue by using her Veda to annihilate the enemies.

War Against LudmilaEdit

Main article: Leitmeritz-Olmutz Campaign

After the incident, Tigre learned that Mila assembled her army to attack Leitmeritz under Thenardier request. While Elen suggested her retaliation, Tigre was asked to make his move since the battle also involved him as well. To protect Hughes from possible danger, Tigre suggested to send their envoys and deliver Mila two letters: a peace proposal and a threat of retaliation. With both sides suffered their casualties in the war, both armies retreated with Olmutz Army retreated their army to Tatra Castle, where Elen began her siege against Mila.

Tigre Urz I

Tigre's disguise as "Urs".

Even with their siege weapons and archers, the combination of both Tatra Fortress's formidable defense and mountain's severe winter has demoralize Leitmeritz soldiers, causing Elen impatiently attempting to launch a full assault to the castle despite Lim's protest. Thanks to Tigre's persuasion, Tigre was tasked to scout the snowy mountains to find a shortcut to the fortress.Before his departure, Tigre was given a bear skin by Lim for warmth and disguise. Tigre took three days for his scouting mission, but ended up getting hungry and had to hunt for food. Tigre then saw another arrow on a fox corpse and saw Mila, who also went hunting. When Mila's found his claims (he shot his arrow to the fox from afar) suspicious, Tigre shot his arrow to the tree from afar, instantly astonishing Mila. With his bear skin and his fake name as Urs (his father's late name), Mila was unable to recognize him and invited Tigre into her tea break, which he found her red tea delicious [17]. During their chat, Tigre also learned about Mila's soft side and her reluctant alliance with Thenardier. At dusk, Tigre followed Mila's footprints and eventually found a shortcut to Tatra Fortress.[18]

With Tigre's information about a route to Olmutz, Elen and her 100 troops follow his trail and reached Tatra Fortress, only to find Tatra Fortress's defense became tighter than before. Despite Tigre's warning, Elen rushed in to strike the fortress herself by trying to break the castle gates. Her Veda however did little effect on the sturdiest gate and she immediately faced Olmutz's soldier's rains of arrow shots. Tigre narrowly rescued her from the ambush and argued with the wind Vanadis for being too reckless. He further requested Arifar for more power for Elen and his victory. With the combined powers of his Black Bow and Elen's Arifar once again, Tigre's immense arrow managed to break Tatra Fortress's gates with little effort.

As the Tatra Fortress's Gates was finally broken, Leitmeritz Army began its siege with little casualties. Prior the siege, Tigre witnessed the battle between Elen and Mila in an inconclusive battle, only to be interrupted by a surviving Seven Chain Assassin who attempted to assassinate both Vanadis. Luckily, Tigre saved both Vanadis by killing the assassin. However, his archery shot was recognizable by Mila, who slapped him for lying his identity. When Mila asked why did he go so far just to persuade her, Tigre answered then answered that his army too wished to be a neutral state and Alsace and it's people were his reason to live. He also thanked Mila for rescuing Elen from the sudden assassination, prompted both Vanadises blushed red. With Mila's declared her neutrality, his war with the Olmutz was over.

Formation of the Silver Meteor ArmyEdit

After successfully persuading Mila into neutrality, Tigre formed an army with Elen in order to fortify the defenses on Alsace and defending it from both Thenardier and Ganelon in order to prevent them to capture Alsace. As the result, Tigre became the third force in Brune Civil War with the Army named Silver Meteor Army and Tigre was elected as a Main leader / Supreme Commander of Silver Meteor Army.

Tigre and others then waited for Greast's arrival for the Orange Plains camp. Despite his earlier hesitation to bring the Silver Wind Vanadis along, he understood that a real commander is needed if he wished to avoid doubts about his capability. When Greast arrived with his horse, Tigre greeted him with courteously while watching Greast took his interest upon Elen and perversely holding the Silver Wind Vanadis's right hand. Greast's obscene behavior has irritated Tigre as he wanted to yell at Greast, but fortunately, Hughes intervened and told Greast dropped the chat and discuss a serious matter, much to Tigre's relief and Greast's dismay. But Greast instead ignored both Hughes and Tigre and instead gave an insincere apology to Elen, further disgusted the Silver Wind Vanadis as she forcefully put her hand away from Greast while questioning about Greast's real motive.

Greast offered Tigre to join Ganelon to defeat Thenardier by plundering and raiding any Thenardier controlled village and towns while reassuring his privileges. Stunned over Ganelon's malevolent nature, which he deemed his cruelty was indifferent than Thenardier's, Tigre told Greast that he would like to talk with his but or any that both Greast and Ganelon targeted however Tigre refused to join them. Without a chance to make another negotiation, Greast left the camp and prepared to fight the newly formed Silver Meteor Army. He lead six thousand troops to defeat Tigre but with the prowess and tactics from Tigre, he lost a quarter of his army and Silver Meteor Army first war debut has gone flawless without any death casualties. In conclusion, he was forced to withdraw.

Branded as TraitorEdit

Sofy and Tigre

Tigre met Sofy for the first time.

Some time after a victory over Ganelon Army, Tigre and his army visited a nearby village for supplies. During his nap in a nearby river, Tigre found an escaping Lunie while accidentally bumped into Sofya Obertas, who was chasing after Lunie naked. Tigre managed to save Sofy from tripping onto the ground, but at the same time he also saw Elen, who was angry after seeing Sofy was on top of Tigre. After the incident, Tigre was scolded by the girls except Sofy. During the conversation, Tigre was shocked to learn from the Gentle Light Vanadis that he was labeled as "traitor" by the Brune Authority. As the result, Tigre's privileged status as a Brune noble was revoked and Alsace was under total control of Brune's authority. He was also further told by Sofy that he had to ask Mashas about further details of the meeting.

Tigre shock traitor

Tigre's reaction upon his "treason".

While disappointed about this declaration, Tigre was consulted by Sofy in the nearby field, who was also wondering about his relationship.[19] Tigre simply told Sofy that Elen was his indebted partner. When Sofy told him that she would temporarily trust him, Tigre told the Gentle Light Vanadis that he promised to take care of Elen. The next morning, Tigre was told by Bertrand that their new enemy, Roland and the Navarre Knights were marching towards their camp. Even worse, some of his allies were about to defect to Navarre Knights. He and Hughes collected as many allies as possible and sent their messenger towards Roland and the Navarre Knights for their retreat, but ended up failing. Nevertheless, Tigre and his allies decided to stand their ground to fight against their enemies.

Rivalry with Roland the Navarre KnightsEdit

Main article: Roland Arc
Both Silver Meteor Army and Navarre Knights collided in the Orange Plains, where Roland outmatched almost every Silver Meteor Army's soldiers, even a Vanadis like Elen. Before Roland was about to kill Elen, Tigre intervened the duel and saved her on horseback and escaped.
Injured TIgre Elen

Tigre was injured, much to Elen's horror.

His arrow shot to Roland's horse's head may temporarily slowed Roland down, but sadly Tigre was suffering his severe injuries from Durandal's slash and laid unconscious on his horse's back. To make matters worse, Navarre Knights were on their tail and threw their javelin towards them, forcing both Elen and Tigre dismounting from his horse. Thankfully, Sofy's narrow rescue allowed both the Silver Wind Vanadis and him escape from the battle. Weakened by his injuries, Tigre was then moved to the ward with the injured soldiers ward as Elen and Sophie concocted a plan to deal with Roland's Navarre Knights. Tigre's severe injury not only caused his peers worry about him, it also almost crippled the Silver Meteor Army's morale (though quickly recuperate with Hughes's soldiers).

Several hours after the Silver Meteor Army's departure to fight against the Navarre Knights without him, Tigre woke up from his slumber and found his Black Bow glowing[20] and resonating. Under Titta's supervision, Tigre followed the Black Bow's lead and eventually stumbled upon a bizarre temple. Both he and Titta entered and explored into the temple and later confronting a statue of Tir Na Fal, Goddess of Night, Darkness and Death. Before Tigre could ever ask the statue at all, Tir Na Fal possessed Titta's body and teased him if he went after for her powers. While given an inevitable test to prove himself, Tigre had to shoot Titta to free her from the Goddess's possession and even he realized over her true intentions, Tigre fired an arrow from his bow and awakened its powers. Since his will does not wish to harm Titta, only her clothes are destroyed. Tir Na Fal then disappears. Following this exchange, Tigre headed to the battlefield to find Elen.

Tigre vs Roland

Tigre and Roland faces off.

Upon his arrival, Tigre fired his arrow to aid Elen and Sofy in their battle against Roland. While asked by Roland about his "treason", Tigre replied that all he ever did was for Alsace and his people and he would going to defend it at all cost, even if Zhcted turned against him. As Roland refused to join his cause, Tigre demonstrated his new found powers of his bow by shooting his arrow to the ground, considered as a warning if Roland insisted to attack him. However, his injuries was yet to recovered, leading both Elen and Sofy support him. With the combined powers of his Black Bow and the Vanadis powers from Elen and Sofy, Tigre shot his second arrow towards Roland but blocked by Roland's Durandal. To his surprise however, Roland admitted his defeat since he is unable to raise his sword any longer and surrendered as he was shaken to feel Tigre's power for the first time. As the result, the Silver Meteor Army prevailed over the Navarre Knights.

Tigre was then dragged by Elen from the camp to ask for his permission to return home and deal with the threat of another Vanadis. Tigre agrees to this, and resolves that they must both vow to reunite afterwards. News of Roland's death soon reached his ears, and, as if spurred on by the absence of the Dark Knight, Muozinel begins to invade the south of Brune. Despite his status as Brune's "traitor" and limited supplies of military power and support, Tigre took the lead of the Silver Meteor Army and marched to Agnes to repel their southern enemy.

Muozinel InvasionEdit

While saddened over Roland's death, Tigre also heard from his messenger about 20,000 strong Muozinel Army began their invasion upon Brune via Agnes. Due to his limited military strength and supplies, and his status as Brune's "traitor", Tigre had to conserve them as much as possible while avoiding as many casualties in his army. While Titta came by to ease him with some snacks, Tigre told his housemaid to stay with Mashas and everyone in the main camp. Even with his exiled status, Tigre would try to defend Brune from danger by leading the Silver Meteor Army without Elen in order to repel the southern invaders while Mashas and Hughes temporarily return to Territoire to seek available aid as against their impending threat.

With Rurick, Gerard and 1.700 troops at his side, Tigre led the Silver Meteor Army to Agnes and observing Muozinel Army's action. Before they put their wars against Muozinel Army. Tigre and Rurick came to scout the area and saw the prisoners were walking among the Muozinel Army and decided to come later.[21] Suddenly, he saw a girl escaping from her pursuers and immediately save her via arrow shot to their heads. When the girl remained in guard, Tigre calmed her down by telling his name and his status as Brune citizen. When the girl was relief to heat his name and went fainted into her arms, Tigre told Rurick for help to take the girl to their camp.

Tigre vs Muozinel

Tigre was confronting his massive foe, the Muozinel Army.

Using a series of ambush towards the Muozinel Army, Tigre's attack effectively reducing Muozinel Army's numbers of 20,000 to 18,000 [22]. This earned Kashim's attention and to lure his enemy out form the shadows, he resorted to execute ten slaves and vowed to do the same to a group of female if he doesn't appear. With 600 Brune soldiers behind him, Tigre finally confront and Kashim, who disbelieved that Tigre was the commander of the group. In an ensuring chaos between the Silver Meteor Army and the Muozinel Army, Tigre lured Kashim away from the slaves and shot his arrow to Kasim's head, effectively killing him. The death of Kashim disoriented the Muozinel Army, where Tigre command Rurick to give pursuit to any surviving soldiers for information. After freed the slaves, Tigre was both criticized and thanked for letting the men get executed and saving the rest respectfully. A little girl above all, thanks him for avenging her father, one of the slaves executed.

Tigre was informed by Rurick that Kashim Army was merely advance unit and the real army, the 30,000 strong Muozinel Army's main force, would be on its way to their direction. This forced the Silver Meteor Army temporarily retreat from Agnes while leading the additional slaves's evacuation for Territoire. Before moving out, he entered the tent where the girl they'd earlier rescued was begin treated and asks her name. The girl replies only to him that her name is Regin. Tigre's forces are later caught up by the Muozinel Army and forced to engage while the freed slaves and their escort escape. To their surprise, they are rescued by the arrival of Mila and her troops as their enforcement narrowly rescued the Silver Meteor Army from the overwhelming Muozinel Army.

Tigre and Mila began their negotiation for their alliance against the advancing Muozinel Army, deciding it best to make their stand due to the fact that they simply do not have the energy or means to retreat. Using Mila's expertise in defensive battles, Tigre's forces managed to hold out against the Muozinel army lead by General Kureys. However, after some time, the fatigue within the army has gotten to Tigre's Army and and they are forced to their knees. Before Kureys's forces finish them off, the reinforcements recruited by Mashas and Hughes arrive on the battlefield and repel them, effectively allowing them to force back their pursuers. Kureys, realizing that even if he is victorious here he will lack the power to confront Duke Thenardier afterwards, decides to retreat and flatter Tigre, even bestowing upon him the title of Star Shooter, so as to lessen the blow to his reputation.

Following this engagement, Tigre asked if he can finally rest which. After being told so, he immediately falls asleep and collapses right onto the bosom of Ludmila, who then falls asleep with him in her embrace. The next morning, Elen returns to the camp and becomes dissatisfied with Ludmila's presence, however, this news is quickly overshadowed by Regin, who reveals her identity as Prince Regnas, thought to have been killed in the battle between Brune and Zhcted half a year prior. Prior Regin's refuge, she reveals that she acted as a man due to succession issues, and confirms her identity with Tigre, whom she met during her time as prince. Regin informs the group that Thenardier and Ganelon tried to murder her, and requests aid from Tigre in reclaiming the country from them. Tigre agrees to assist her.

Vorn-Thenardier CampaignEdit

Despite the news about the burning Artishem, Tigre told the princess that their journey for Artishem still continued. In a battle in Vincennes Plains against Thenardier Army, Tigre and his troops would handle the Thenardier Army's soldiers while the Vanadis fought against the dragons.

After a victory in Vincennes Plains, Tigre decided to help Regin seek Saint-Groel to confirm her regal heritage. He had ten people (including Elen, Rurick, Regin and Bertrand) to come along for Mosha Temple, the second route for the Holy Grotto. Using Regin's knowledge about the hidden switch, Tigre and Rurick opened the statue and found a secret passage into the Holy Grotto. Through the long journey in the tunnels, Tigre also saw along a drawn mural about Brune's history. Unfortunately, just as Tigre and his group reached their destination they found the Thenardier Army was waiting for them at the Holy Grotto's gate, forcing Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army clashing with the enemy to protect Regin.

Saint-Groel IncidentEdit

Battle of Mereville: PreludeEdit

Even in nightfall, Tigre remained depressed over Bertrand's death despite Titta called for him while hearing Tir Na Fal congratulated him for using the Black Bow's power. Elen visited his tent for a consultation while trying to recuperate his will by convince him. When he was still unconvinced by Elen's word, Tigre was surprised to hear Elen's story about how her life as a mercenary brought her so far, of which reminded him about his words about mettle to Mila, further regain his normal self.

Asvarre Civil WarEdit

Pre- Asvarre Civil WarEdit

First Arrival in AsvarreEdit

Tigre, Olga and Matvey arrived at Asvarre's Main Land via Port Maria and begin their journey for Valverde. However, in the village where the trio are resting a group of Prince Germaine soldiers were pillaging it, leaving no choice for Tigre but to fight them. After Tigre and Olga defeated them and sending the messenger to Prince Germaine, later it was received and the one that comes to them is one of General, Tallard Graham. After showing evidence they are messenger of Zhcted, Tallard brings them to Valverde where Prince Germaine located as the stronghold there.

Tallard's Coup IncidentEdit

Main article: Tallard's Coup Incident

Battle of Fort LuxEdit

Main article: Battle of Fort Lux

Confrontation with Prince EliotEdit

Main article: Battle of Salentes

Mishap and DisappearanceEdit

After the end of the Asvarre Civil War, Tigre joined his peers to go aboard onto a ship for Zhcted. However, they were under attack by Torbalan's naval ambush with a Sea Dragons (Badva) as its support. Tigre and his peers were struggling to stay onto the ship while facing against both the Sea Dragon and Torbalan due to its's powerful yet unbearable roar, destroying the ship in the progress. Nevertheless, Tigre narrowly managed to force Torbalan retreat after inflicted major injuries to him and defeating the sea monster.

Despite Torbalan's temporarily driven off, Tigre was nowhere to be found within the ship debris. His disappearance not only worried both Sofy and Olga, its also affected to everyone he hold dear, especially to Elen and Brune citizens (especially Titta, Regin and Alsace citizens).

Miraculously, while surviving in the shipwreck, Tigre was drifting somewhere in the ocean and, once again, rescued by Tir Na Fal in his unconscious state. Without giving any thought, Tigre answered the Goddess's questions by requested to teleport somewhere in Zhcted, where he was transferred into a vortex of void.

Amnesia as Urs and Life In LebusEdit

First Meeting with the Rainbow-Eyed VanadisEdit

File:Liza and Urz.jpg

Tigre drifted to Zhcted shores and upon his unconsciousness, he was rescued by local villagers. He was given a warm hospitality and asked for his origin, where he only called himself as Urs. Little known to him, the Black Bow was thrown into the sea by a local girl who feared its eerie appearance. Even without his family's treasure, Tigre's (Urs's) archery skills remained superior as he still managed to shoot seagulls in midair. Tigre's exhibition soon caught Elizaveta Fomina (Vanadis of Lebus) during her way back to Lebus. Later, Tigre was invited by Liza for her pursue the remaining pirates. Tigre managed to shoot down some of the pirates, but he soon ran out of arrows, which caused Liza reluctantly used her Vanadis powers to subdue the pirates. In a small boat, Tigre asked by the Rainbow-Eyed Thunder Vanadis about his name, which he introduced himself nonchalantly and fearlessly as Urs. His introduction however, caused the villagers feared and he was forced to bow before her. Liza then asked a catchy question, her eyes to the villagers which everyone except Tigre gave Liza reluctant praises. Tigre however answered that her eyes were looked like a cat, caused him to thrown into a sea by villagers. To everyone surprise, Liza decided to take Tigre under her care and make him as her subordinate. Without any weapon in his hands, the amnesiac Earl Vorn bid farewell to the villagers and followed Liza's return to Lebus. Unfortunately, even with Liza's highly recommendation, almost all Lebus citizens belittled about him and even saw him as an unwelcome outsider. So he was positioned as Imperial Palace Barn stable boy under Naum's recommendations. Although the stable environment was unbearable, Tigre managed to adjust his life by living into the nearby hut.

Life in LebusEdit

Tigre stayed in Lebus for more than two weeks but his life wasn't easy. Unlike his life in Leitmeritz, Tigre had to get up early and received unfriendly harassment from his fellow stablemen. To make matters worse, Tigre saw that his room was vandalized in a horrible mess and demanded to find the culprit but Mark, his fellow stable boy, urged Tigre to give up since anyone who did their misdeeds would have slipped away without getting noticed. Even with Mark's warning, Tigre vowed to find the culprit and he has an idea in his mind. When the Stablemen Head called both men for shopping, Tigre told Mark to go shopping alone while he stay behind and waited for the culprit to show up. The trio did came and tried to mess up his bedroom again, but this time Tigre caught them in red handed. One of them cursed him and began to punch him, but Tigre blocked his fist and subdued him by twisting his arm. However, he decided to let him go and reported the incident to the Stablemen Head. The incident would raise Liza concerns about him, but Naum protested as he tells the Thunder Vanadis that her decision would brew unwanted jealousy within Lebus people due to his unknown origin. Tigre took all three tests to prove his worth: Equestrianism, Weapon Efficiency and Literacy. Fortunately for him, all tests showed positive results and impressed both Liza and Naum.

Tearful Reunion with ElenEdit

Throughout the negotiations between Liza and her ministers, Tigre was allowed to join Liza in the war council to stop a war between Eugene Shevarin and Ilda Krutis, Victor's sons who were also once candidates as for the throne. He met Elen during the journey, but it was a heartbroken one when he was unable to remember Elen while being defended by Liza to avoid further "confusion". As Elen and Liza argued further about his origins (Elen stated that Urs was his late father's name), Tigre confronted an agitated Rurick who urged him to remember everyone especially Brune citizens. Tigre was shocked in distraught about Rurick's claims until Liza snapped and gave Rurick a fearful snare. Just as both Vanadis drew their weapons, Tigre immediately intervened by apologizing to Elen for not remembering her and urged her not to bully the Rainbow-Eyed Thunder Vanadis. Although his apology made Elen upset, it brought an unlikely truce between both Vanadis as they joined forces to focus on their mutual objective. While seeing the Leitmeritz Army set the camp from the other side, Tigre saw Liza left the scene and decided to give chase. Liza thanked him for the protection, much to his embarrassment and joy, and both walked into Lebus's main camp.

Meanwhile in Lebus camp, Tigre and Liza were greeted by Naum. While walked into the wilderness for dinner, Tigre was told by Naum to join the War Council as their attendant, under Liza's recommendation. Tigre asked Naum about his identity, which Naum couldn't answer since they didn't physically met (didn't realized that Urs was in fact Tigre). As a fragment of his past memory began surface, Tiger's headache is getting intense. This would prompts Tigre's quest to find his memory while under service upon Eliza. He also learned more about Rainbow-Eyed Thunder Vanadis's tragic history and her ill-rivalry with the Silver Wind Vanadis, further shocked that Elen killed Liza's father. Though shocked over such story, Tigre would have Naum remove him for the War Council, however Naum respectfully decline since it would be his chance to learn about politics (actually he learnt that before the Brune Civil War). At the same time, Tigre was pleaded by Naum to take care of Liza since he is the only person whom Rainbow-Thunder Vanadis is willing to listen to.

Meeting and Battle with Ilda KrutisEdit

Main article: Vanadis-Bydgauche War

Lebus Army took four days to get to Bydgauche. This time, Tigre was allowed to be on Liza's side to meet Ilda along side with Naum. They were greeted with welcomed courtesy, especially when Ilda bowed to him in front of everyone. Tigre then pleaded Ilda to stop the war and also asked the reason behind his war with Eugene, but his plea was denied by the Duke as he has no intention to halt his troops. With the Duke's refusal, Tigre could only follow Liza and exited the castle.

While exits Bydgauche, Tigre and the Lebus army confronted the Bydgauche's ambush unit in one dawn.

Tigre managed to shoot Ilda's horse just before his escape. His shot not only shocked Ilda and earned his respect, but also made both Vanadis stunned in two different reactions: Liza was astonished his skills yet began to suspicious about his identity as his real name, though later she dropped the idea due to her extreme denial; Elen would seemly confirmed his identity, though she had to maintain her composure to avoid any possible conflicts, not especially Liza since she knew her stubbornness.

Rise as Elizaveta's AdviserEdit

After they temporarily settled Ilda's against the Vanadis, Tigre went back to Lebus with Liza with Lebus Army. Despite his contribution for stop Ilda from escape and prevent the civil war, Lebus ministers and soldiers's remained skeptical about him. Meanwhile, Tigre wandered around Lebus to seek for his lost memory. However, the search ended in futile due to vague clues.

Next day, Tigre confronted Naum and he was told to becoming the mediator between 2 villages,. He also learns from Naum that his mission as a mediator was actually Lebus minister's idea, who wished to test his worth again. With only Liza and Naum as his prime support, Tigre went off to the Lebus's outskirts for his mission. It took 10 days for him to settle the feud between the villages, much to Lebus's knights and minister's surprise over the smooth mission. Thus, Tigre was elected as Lebus's adviser.

First Encounter and Battle Against Baba YagaEdit


Tigre's temporary use of the Black Bow.

One winter, Tigre and Liza went to Yaga Temple within Lebus's outskirts. Upon their arrival, Tigre concerned about Liza's well being because of her nightmare. Just as they left the temple, Tigre and Liza were confronted by ten rouge soldiers who wanted to kill him and even denied Liza's warning. Even with Liza's powers and Tigre's archery, the soldiers were still standing and forced Tigre and Liza to retreat back to the Yaga Temple. In the same time, he also confronted Baba Yaga who demanded Liza to return her powers while watching Liza angrily attack Baba Yaga. When Baba Yaga transformed the floor into a hole, both Tigre and Liza fell into the caves. Miraculously, they survived and they continued to find the cavern exit until they stumbled upon the two-headed dragons and the ten knights before them. Tigre watched Liza fought her enemies tooth and nail but quickly concerned when Liza's Vanadis Power were ineffective against the dragon.

Tigre made his timely rescue towards Liza, and called her to fall back after seeing Liza injured and exhausted during the battle. Without giving second thought, Tigre immediately grabbed the Vorn Black Bow's power and used it to slay the dragon with a massive thunder arrow shot. The dragon was slain, but it caused Tigre mumbling to himself, causing Liza worried over his bizarre condition. When Baba Yaga return and planned to kidnapped him instead, though quickly foiled thanks to Liza's protection. With her Veda severely injured the witch, Tigre also disappeared.

Encounter with Damad and Return to LebusEdit

Tigre found himself lost in a snowy forest and realized that he was separated from Liza. Suddenly, some of his memories began to resurface in his mind, from Elen's shadow to his allies and friends he knew. Regardless, he snapped and tried to find his way for Liza. On his journey, Tigre is confronted by four bandits and he was helpless because he didn't have any weapons with him. He was saved by Damad, who killed all four bandits and called him to handle the corpses. Despite his earlier suspicions, Tigre had to cooperate with Damad and moved the dead body to another area. During a bonfire, Tigre briefly revealed his true identity to Damad, but he pointed that he can't remember any details other than his real name. Just before Tigre continues, he was pointed by Damad's blade who gave Tigre a hostile look.

In his defense, Tigre tackled Damad aside and fled into the forest. As Damad was chasing after him, Tigre threw some stones to keep Damad away from him. When Damad put his sword down, Tigre told Damad to take five steps away from his weapons and lift his hands high to gain his trust.

Odd Reunion and Strong DilemmaEdit

Both Tigre and Damad went through a rough journey for Lebus and during their journey, Tigre also heard about Damad's history.

Rescue Liza And Second Battle Against Baba YagaEdit

Urs No MoreEdit


Liza and Tigre.

Having defeated Baba Yaga, Tigre told Liza that despite he did not know how to express his gratitude to her, he was grateful to be under Liza's care during his amnesia. Even after regaining his memories however, Tigre told Liza that he still remembers his days with Liza together, from his first encounter at Lippner shores to their "date" in Lebus's town. Unfortunately, he also informed Liza that he would not live as Urs for her as he already decided to lived as himself. Still, he promised Liza that he will be coming for her aid whenever troubles befalls her and as his assurance to the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis, he proclaimed himself as the Vanadis Mediator to both Elen and Liza because he viewed the two as important persons in his life. Before Liza leaving for her army, Tigre was hugged by the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis who thanked him for his accompany while wishing him to stay as "Urs" even just for a while.

Prior the news regarding Kazakov's arrival for Lebus to seek both himself and Liza, Tigre volunteered himself to battle against the Polus Duke with Liza despite the Thunder Vanadis's warning that the war would going to kill him. As his respond, Tigre told Liza that he would not take back his promise to protect Liza, with Elen, Lim and Mashas also volunteered to help her as well. Through the death of Kazakov by Elen's blade, Tigre's mediation lead a reconciliation between Elen and Liza, seemly buried their two-years long of hatred.

Reuniting with ElenEdit

After Lebus Army's victory over Kazakov, Tigre and his allies returned to Lebus castle where he reunited with Naum, Lazarl and Titta.

Sun FestivalEdit

Several days later, Tigre and Mashas went to Silesia to meet Viktor regarding the incident within the Asvarre Seas, which resulting his early return to Brune. As his apology, Viktor suggested Tigre to stay and celebrate the Sun Festival before his departure for Brune which Tigre accepted.

Months passed by until the Sun Festival, Tigre, Lim and Titta were participating the festival in Silesia while Mashas returned to Brune before the festival to deliver the report to Regin. At the festival, Olga proposed her marriage proposal to Tigre as he managed to bargain Olga in order to reconsider it for the next four years which ended up in new rivalry between all Vanadis except Valentina.

During the banquet, Tigre was informed by a servant that Viktor wished to meet him in private. Despite the Vanadises (barred Valentina) anxiety, Tigre reassured them that their conversation will be short and followed the servant to the king's room. During the walk, the servant praised Tigre for being beloved by the Vanadises, to which Tigre admits as he claims that he will looked "unreliable" if he was left unchecked by either one of them. After escorted by the servant to the room's door, Tigre entered the room and saw Viktor who was drinking his wine while waiting for his arrival. After a talk regarding Asvarre's affair, Viktor apologized while thanked Tigre to bring closer relationship with Asvarre and Zhcted and attempted to give him a reward, which Tigre still being hesitated despite the reward could be anything he wants. To Tigre's surprise however, Viktor suggested him to be Brune King due to his friendlier relationship with Zhcted's Vanadises and if he still hesitate, he would serve under his reign. Despite the benefit of the lucrative offer, Tigre initially declined the old king's offer out of his fidelity to Brune and his satisfaction as Alsace Earl, much to Viktor's disappointment as he forewarned Tigre that humility and selflessness of a renowned hero could resulted unwanted consequences, such as igniting other people's suspicions over his/her hidden motives. When Viktor asked the archer about the reward, Tigre could only requested several golds instead and before he leave the room, he was asked by Viktor to visit Eugene.

Discussing Demons with the VanadisEdit

One night after the banquet, Tigre and the Vanadises were holding a meeting in a nearby mansion regarding the demons and their vile aim for Tigre. Whilst the Vanadis (barred Valentina) shard their encounter with the demons before their demise, Tigre also explained about the description of the Black Bow power and Tir Na Fal, which prompting all Vanadis frowned in suspicions. When Mila asked if his family practiced sorcery, Tigre denied as he explained that his House's founder earned Alsace Black Bow's power that rescued them in numerous times. As Tigre tells the Vanadises> about the Black Bow and Tir Na Fal, Mila asks Tigre if his family practiced sorcery, to which Tigre denies as he explains that his House's founder was a hunter and gained Alsace after he rescued the king. When Mila asks him about his mother, Tigre simply described her as Nice Palace's Gardener's daughter and passed away when he aged nine, garnering Mila's and other Vanadises' sympathy. Nevertheless, Tigre told everyone that he will investigate his mother once he returns to Brune, with Sofy urges him not to overwork himself.

Homecoming to BruneEdit

On the next day, Tigre was horrified to learn from Viktor's announcement that Sachstein was invading Brune and when the old king asked if he could stay longer, Tigre requested Viktor for his earlier return for Brune immediately after the Sun Festival. As Zhcted's response to the invasion, Tigre was received (originally) 5,000 Zhcted soldiers (2,000 from Leitmeritz and 3,000 from Osterode) and Elen's and Valentina's assistance to repel the massive invasion. Even received an unexpected help from Valentina, Tigre' felt something unease about the Void Vanadis as he walked for the Valentina and gave his gratitude for her support. After learning Valentina would use a sea route for Brune, Tigre bid her farewell before reunited with the other Vanadises.

Return to AlsaceEdit

Several days after the Sun Festival, Tigre and the Leitmeritz Army departed from Zhcted and return to Alsace. During their journey, Tigre tells Titta that they are almost reach their destination while wondering if anything changed in Alsace. Upon he and his allies arrival to the gate, Tigre was greeted warmly by his people despite the Earl himself was blaming himself for his one-year absence. Nevertheless, Tigre was hold tightly by Titta who urged him not to blame himself before reaching to Vorn Manor. In his greeting to his people, Tigre also met Elvin-a Brune official who was dispatched by Regin for Alsace- and learned that he has been tried to keep Alsace's peace behind his absence. When Elvin stared at Elen and the Leitmeritz Army with a suspicious look, Tigre convinced Elvin that his Zhcted Army were his and Alsace's ally. In Vorn Manor, Tigre also learns from a local representative that 60 Alsace men would fight under his banner. Instead, Tigre urged the representative to defend Alsace instead, stating that he and his allies could fight against his enemies without worrying Alsace's safety.

At the same time, a modest feast was held in Alsace to celebrate Tigre's homecoming. During the feast, Tigre talked to Elvin and the representatives and indulging the banquet (even Tigre didn't drink too much wine) until nightfall. At the end of the feast, Tigre and Elen were staring at the starry night and he was told. When Elen muttering about hometown, Tigre asked Elen about her hometown which Elen replied that she don't know. He also learned from Elen about her past, where she was adopted by the Silver Gale mercenaries ever since she was an infant and she felt that Leitmeritz was not her hometown despite she loved her territory and her people.

Moonlight Knights vs Klugel ArmyEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Plainville

First RoundEdit

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Meeting ValentinaEdit

Prior his preparation, Tigre met Valentina in her horse carriage with Elen and Lim whilst thanking her for her participation and asked her about her arrival, to which Valentina replied that she came to their headquarters by sheer"coincidence". After listening to Valentina's first plan, which involving deception by making a fake meeting whilst slaying the enemy commander, he instead rejected the plan before accepting Valentina's another plan. After the meeting, Tigre explained to Elen and Lim that he rejected Valentina's first proposal simply because he disliked it and claimed it didn't matched his style, much to Elen's and Lim's relieve. Whilst still having some antagonism towards Valentina and her tactics, Tigre walked to the river for his bath where he saw and picked up an artificial rosebuds, which he felt like a small stone. Just as he was investigating the object however, Tigre stumbled upon a naked Valentina who rushed to retrieve her item from the shrubs, prompting Tigre to turn around while apologizing to her. However, he was hold by Valentina whose Ezendeis's blades was pointing at his chest and even he admitted his mistake, Tigre was stunned when he was almost threaten by Valentina to "cut" him down as her "punishment", which she revealed to be a joke requesting Tigre to hand over the artificial roses.

Second RoundEdit

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Third RoundEdit

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Quelling Rebellion and Saving Regin in NiceEdit

Main article: Melisande's Uprising

At one night after his bathe, Tigre lied on his bed but unable to sleep as he was thinking about Brune's affairs that affecting both him and Alsace's future. However, his instincts overwhelmed Tigre as he prepared himself while hearing footsteps that heading to the door, assuming them as assassins. In an ensuring battle, with the help of Rurick and Gaspard Tigre managed to kill the assassins with ease.

In their rush for Mashas's room, Tigre and his allies mustered as much allies as they could while confronting Ganelon, who came to see Tigre's Black Bow's power, confused Tigre even further but attack Ganelon with his arrow shot, which was broken by Ganelon himself. In a brief duel, Tigre had to dodge Ganelon's darkness shock-waves. Just as he was about to be killed by Ganelon, Tigre was rescued by Valentina who the later fought against Ganelon in an intense duel.

Hours later after his duel against Ganelon, Tigre and his allies, now joined by Elen and Lim, arrived to Regin's Bedroom but he was shocked to see Auguste's blooded corpse. Saddened over his old acquaintance's death, Tigre vowed to avenge Auguste by killing Melisande and Armand before being calmed by Mashas who tells him to focus on Regin's whereabouts. With Tigre's hunch that Regin and others might be hiding at the Audience Room despite Elen's initial doubts, said destination. With the help of Elen's wind, Tigre barely got up over the Royal Palace's walls.

The next day since the aftermath, Tigre and Titta attended Auguste's funeral in Nice Royal Graveyard alongside with other Calvados Knights. After the funeral however, both Tigre and Titta instead took a stroll in Nice's city.

Moonlight Knights vs Sachstein Cavalry ArmyEdit

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Vorn-Greast ConflictEdit

Separation from Moonlight KnightsEdit

Main article: Greast Army's Ambush

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Saving ElenEdit

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Moonlight Knights vs Greast ArmyEdit

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Muozinel's Second InvasionEdit

Promotion as Brune Supreme Commander Edit

Preparation for the CounterattackEdit

Part 1Edit

After his conversation with Regin, Tigre then met Mashas, Bouroullec, Olivier, Elen, Lim and Mila to discuss their next phase in defeating Muozinel Army. To Tigre's shock and worry however, he hears Mashas's bad news that despite their initial victory from the skirmish, they were still lack of supporters and generals from Massilia forts (Severac, Gregovia, and Vierzon) are still fighting just to buy Brune Army's preparations, despite Regin's order about them evacuate their fort and regroup at Nice.

In spite his shock, Tigre regained his composure and asked Bouroullec about the generals of these fort. Bouroullec firstly talked about Kovern of the Severac Knights Squadron, an overly emotional leader of the knights brigade which too sacred to fight against Sachstein Army's recent invasion, much to Olivier's frustration. Next, the Earl further mentioned Gastaldy of the Gregovia Knight Squadron who believed that defending the fort and surrounding was his main priority but neglecting situations outside his fort. Their last resort was having them take 4 days to reach Fort Vierzon and if they unable to persuade its commander persuade its commander, because they would lose 8,000 soldiers before the war could even begin. At they same time, they also had to understand that neither three fort commanders have resentment against Regin or Brune as they were simply fulfilling their duty. Mashas wondered Muozinel Army's motivation for the capture forts which Lim replied that, since the enemy's aim is only Nice, these forts will be guarded by some units as the main force keep on advancing towards Nice. Mila further enforced Lim's statement by mentioning that the worst threat they were worrying about the advancing Muozinel Army itself was not Brune's resistance but their allies' possible fall to the invading army's reinforcement and possible blockade of its allies' escape route.

To repel the invasion while cutting off the enemy's reinforcement route, Tigre has planning on splitting Brune Army in 2 units: The Defending Unit will protect Nice while the Assault Unit will circle the enemy and ambush them from behind in order to free Fort Severac, then have the army to pretending on heading to Massilia whereas their real direction would be north towards Kureys instead. Tigre then decided to have only 20,000 men with the Assault Unit. As Bouroullec was shocked to hear this, Tigre explained that Nice will be defendless if all units attacking Muozinel Army, and they needed to be as stealthy as possible in order to catch the enemy with surprise. Lim however suggested on heading for Fort Gregovia instead because of it's near to Nice than Severac, with Mila support because it makes their chance of defeating Muozinel Army more easier despite the reckless nature.

Olivier then asked about who will lead the assault, to which Tigre responded by volunteering himself along with Elen and Bouroullec for the Assault Unit while the rest including Mashas and Mila will be staying at Nice instead. Lim also vocally volunteer to go along with Elen. Olivier however remained skeptical as he wonder if Kurey's defeat could cause Muozinel Army to fall apart, to which Tigre immediately replied that because Kureys was a key for Muozinel Army's invasion and his defeat should demoralizing the enemy. Others asked the last question if they can call out more reinforcement but Tigre opposed it because Asvarre was warring against Sachstein on the west while Zhcted has delivered enough aid to help Brune, which means they were on their own now.

Part 2Edit

Part 3Edit

Defense of NiceEdit

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Battle of SeverackEdit

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Ruslan the New King of ZhctedEdit

Return to SilesiaEdit

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Imperial Garden IncidentEdit

Main article: Silesia Imperial Garden Incident

Friendship with RuslanEdit

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Valentina's Revelation For the PlotEdit

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Zhcted Civil WarEdit

Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

Main article: Tir Na Fal's Descent

Foundation of the Black Dragon ArmyEdit

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Path to Kingship of Both Zhcted and BruneEdit

Eugene Rescue Mission and FailureEdit

Main article: Eugene Rescue Mission

Eugene's Dying WishEdit

Having escaped Silesia, Tigre and Gaspar were tending Eugene and sought a physician to check on him. Unfortunately, the physician concluded that Eugene's life will not lasted more than ten days, prompting Tigre to blame himself as if losing Eugene has lost the trust from Elen, Lim and those who were highly supported Eugene. As the trio settled down at a local inn, Tigre told Gaspar to go to Litomyšl while he stayed behind and accompanying Eugene. Whilst ensuring Eugene that his family will be coming soon, Tigre also begrudgingly told Eugene about his reason in leaving Silesia. To his confusion, his stories has prompted Eugene to conclude that Tina was trying to fulfill her vile ambition to be Zhcted's ruler before napping.

Two days later, Tigre saw Gaspar has returned alongside with Eugene's family and, to his surprise, Elen and Lim. Just as he was about to leave, since he has no part of it, Tigre was told by Eugene to stay with everyone. Afterwards, Tigre was shocked to hear Eugene's request to make him the King of Zhcted but becoming hesitated because he wasn't even the citizen of Zhcted, not to mentioned he also feared about bad things will change him once he sit on the throne. Even after Eugene explained his reason to entrusting the throne to him, specifically due to the Vanadises's trust upon him, a feat not even Zhcted aristocrats can achieved, as well his long, Tigre's doubt was still proven to be overwhelming as his only reply was to think about it. Whilst recalling his journey he has made so far and his worry about his uncertain future, Tigre was approached by Elen who told him that only he can made that decision. As Tigre remained hesitant, he was eventually persuaded by Elen via her whisper to his ears for thinking too much.

After hearing Elen's persuasion, Tigre returned and declared not only he will become the King of Zhcted, he also refused to abandon Brune either. Seeing the young earl's resolution made Eugene smile and entrusts his family and Pardu to him. On the next day, Eugene takes is last breath and passes away and his body will be sent back to Litomyšl via horse carriage.

Feud Against Valentina For the CrownEdit

Ruslan's SuicideEdit

King Tigrevurmud of Zhcted and BruneEdit


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