Tigre's Mother
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Kana ティグルの母
Romaji Teiguru no Haha
Personal Profile
Age Unknown
Gender Female Female
Birth Place Nice, Brune
Status Deceased
Territory Alsace, Brune (Former)
Voice Actors

Tigre's Mother is the late mother of Tigrevurmud Vorn and wife of Urs Vorn. She also a daughter of Nice Royal Palace's gardener under an unknown House.

Character InformationEdit


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She was a gentle, talkative mother. Her body was weak and she didn't go out of the mansion much. She liked to talk about fairy tales and folklores. When Tigre was a child, he was told various stories until he fell asleep while having his mother sleep together with him in the same bed every night. More than 90% of the fairy tales and folklores that Tigre knew were those he heard from his mother and Mashas. From the stories he heard from his mother, there was a story about a bow user and also stories about heroes fighting against demons. But, he has never heard a story concerning his heirloom, the black bow.

Tigre thinks that, maybe his mother has some kind of relation to the Black Bow (maybe someone in his mother's family is a priest and is connected to the Goddess "Tir na Fal"), because his father has no relation with the Black Bow or the Goddess Tir na Fal.[1]


She lived in Nice, and worked in the Royal Palace of Brune as a gardener. Not much is currently known about her past which seems to be shrouded with mystery. She was born and raised in Nice, but she did not talk about the capital nor the life she lived there nor about her family. She met Urs Vorn after she had lost all of her relatives and was alone.[2]

Urs met her and took her to Alsace where their marriage took place and gave birth to her only child, Tigre. In one occasion, she also welcomed the young Titta to the Vorn Manor and often rewarded her (Titta) with some sweets for volunteering as maid of House Vorn, something that was strictly opposed by Titta's mother out of her reputation as Alsace's Shrine Maiden.[3]

She died when Tigre was 9 years old.

Eugene Shevarin, the next King of Zhcted, during his meeting with Tigre informed that he was acquainted with Tigre's father (and probably mother as well) and has visited Alsace during his time as Zhcted's messenger and envoy to Brune.[4]


Even after her death, the only people who remembered her was Tigre, Urs (who later succumbed into illness one year), Hughes and Auguste. She was never to be mentioned again until the Vanadises asked Tigre about her as they assumed her as a link to Tir Na Fal after their encounter with the Demons (barring Drekavac)[5].


  • Of all people who knew her shrouded mystery, only Ganelon (allegedly) know the truth behind Tigre's mother's origin. [6]


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