Episode 5: A Cute Teddy Bear and That Special Soft Spot is the fifth episode of Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu flash anime series. This episode featured about the relationship between Lim and Titta, and they both teased by Elen.


  • Elen tells Titta that the bear doll is for Lim
  • Elen recounts Tigre saving Lim by sucking the poison
  • Lim imagining Tigre's face before he sucked the poison from her breasts

The episode starts off with, Titta giving a stuffed bear doll made by Titta to Lim and shows Lim's cute and adorable soft side. Although, Lim lies to Titta about the stuffed bear to be given to Elen's retainer (servant) though it is actually for herself.

They are joined by Elen who realizes the motives behind Lim's actions and Lim's embarrassment. To change the topic, Lim asks whether Ludmila will attack them. Elen replies affirmative but Lim considers the possibility of her not attacking since Mila helped them during the attack by Seven Chains assassins (Serash). On that note, Elen reminds Lim about Tigre sucking the poison from Lim's breast and informing the details of it to Titta teasingly, and then Tigre joins the three and asks what they are discussing. Lim and Titta embarrassed rebuke him.


ティグルくんとヴァナディーちゅ 第5話「可愛いくまとやわらかい何かと」02:31

ティグルくんとヴァナディーちゅ 第5話「可愛いくまとやわらかい何かと」


  • This is one of two episode where Titta gets jealous because of Tigre's action towards other girls.

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