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Episode 11 is the twelfth episode of Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu flash anime series. This episode featuring an interaction between Tigre, Regin, Elen and Lim.


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ティグルくんとヴァナディーちゅ 第11話「明かされてしまった真実」03:01

ティグルくんとヴァナディーちゅ 第11話「明かされてしまった真実」


Difference between Anime and Light NovelEdit

  • Whilst not shown in the anime's first episode, Lim's encounter with a naked Tigre eventually displayed in this anime specials.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • At the ended of the episode, Tigre gave Lim a teddy bear to save him from Elen's wrath.

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