Song of Lumiere is a song/poem that is sung by Nice's residents in praising Tigre for ending the Civil War in Brune.[1]


The song pays tribute towards Tigre's chronicles during the Civil War, especially facing various enemies he faced whilst saving Regin in regaining her right as heiress from then Dukes Felix Aaron Thenardier and Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon. It also seemly praising the Tigre's archery skills, which rumored to be unstoppable despite being supposedly a discrimination subject by Brune's aristocrats and warriors-who deeming archers were inferior subjects.


When the battle flag of a meteor flutters in the battlefield
The Goddess of wind and storm snuggles up to him with a smile

No matter the season or the sky

If the Knight of Moonlight draws his bowstring
It’s impossible to escape from his arrow

There are no means preventing it no matter the armor or the shield

He defeats the most ferocious enemies
And drives away the disaster to befall

He saved the Princess held captive by evil soldiers
And becomes an arrow promising victory

Oh, Knight of Moonlight
Your bravery is for justice

Your benevolence is for the people
Your loyalty is for the Princess……

—Nice choirs sing to praise Tigre after Hans's defeat in Plainville Plains.


  • According to Gerard, this poem is one of Brune's rare poems that praise the archer's heroism.


  1. Light Novel Volume 12 Chapter 1

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