Kana サイモン
Romaji Saimon
Personal Profile
Age 30
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Sachstein
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary Leader
Army Simon's Mercenary Group

Simon is aleader of his mercenary group of Sachstein who hired by Tallard Graham in his participation in a civil war in Asvarre.

Character InformationEdit

Appearance Edit

Simon is a veteran mercenary whose possessed a medium body height and a study body figure. While possessing a black hair and sharp eyes, he also has a baby face which most people found it cute, especially the women. However, he also has a scar on his left cheek.

Personalty Edit



Role in Asvarre Civil WarEdit

Simon and his mercenaries were hired by Germaine to combat Eliot and the pirates during the civil war. [1] Prior the battle's preparation, Tigre visited Simon and requested him to have 300 Sachstein mercenaries work under him, with two pieces of silver coins as their lucrative pay. Simon however found the request skeptical as he asking Tigre regarding his relationship with Tallard, to which Tigre replied that despite he has just acquainted with Tallard as a foreigner, it was the mercenaries's distrust upon Tallard that brought him here. Intrigued by the archer's word, Simon decides to listen to Tigre's story but before he could do so, Tigre asks Simon that since he is proficient in archery, he needs five of his men for a test and if one can shoot an arrow farther than himself, he would add ten pieces of copper coins as their allowance. In sheer minutes, Tigre's archery skills eventually earns the mercenaries trust.

Simon also participated in a a battle in Salentes where he followed Tigre to combat the pirates.

Civil War AftermathEdit




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