The Silver Gale Mercenaries is one of the renowned mercenaries group in Madan no Ou to Vanadis. It was also where Elen and Lim worked before Elen's rise as Leitmeritz's Vanadis.


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Eleonora and ElizavetaEdit

On one occasion, the Silver Gale Mercenaries once visited a village in Lebus where Elen rescued Liza from the local bullies.

Relationship with Fine and DownfallEdit

In one battle, Vissarion invited Figneria Alshavin into the Silver Gale Mercenary's camp doe shelter.

Two years later however, the Silver Gale Mercenaries became Fine's enemy in one battle. Tragically however, Vissarion's death by Fine's blade caused the Silver Gale Mercenaries's defeat and it was disbanded.[1]


Since the Silver Gale Mercenary's dissolution, most of its former members (even women) went separated ways or went back to their homelands. A year after its dissolution, Elen and Lim later arrived in Leitmeritz and became the two vital figures: Elen became the Vanadis of Leitmeritz after being chosen by Arifar and appointed Lim as her adjutant. The two later under Eugene Shevarin learnt courtesy & etiquette and more about politics and military affairs.

However, Elen and Lim weren't the only people to carry Vissarion's vision. Fine, who recently was chosen as Legnica's new Vanadis by Bargren, also carries Vissarion's will to fulfilling his dream despite she once had little to no interest to that vision in the beginning.. However, the animosity between Elen and Fine were yet to be ceased as the former still hated her for killing her father-figured mentor.

Prominent MembersEdit


  • Of all former mercenaries shown in the series, Elen is the only Vanadis who represents the once renowned Mercenary.
  • Coincidentally, Elen uses the first name of the Mercenaries at first coalition Army that was formed by Tigre and Elen, Silver Meteor Army.


  1. Light Novel Volume 12 Prologue

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