Seven Chain Assassins

The Seven Chains Assassins, or also known as Sherash, are one of the assassin groups in Madan no Ou to Vanadis. These notorious mercenaries were employed under Felix Aaron Thenardier to assassinate any targets deemed threatening to House Thenardier.


These assassins are described to be a notorious group of seven killers who worked as contracted- assassins by their clients. Most of them are covered by hoods and their identity remained hidden from public. The only way to identify these assassins are their giant chain tattoos that is hidden within thier body, from arms, torso to even their faces.


Mila Vanadis power

Mila's Vanadis power seemly killed the assassins.

Under Thenardier's command, the Sherash Assassins were ordered to assassinate his enemies Tigrevurmud Vorn and Eleonora Viltaria because of Zion's death by their hands in Molsheim Plains. When Tigre and his group returned from Rodrick, they managed to lure them in a dense forest and began their ambush. Despite the efforts of Tigre, Elen, Lim and Mila, the assassins were relentlessly attacked the group from all sides until Lim was poisoned by a snake. While Tigre was sucking the venom from Lim via her right breast while Elen is shocked to see her poisoned friend, the assassins made their timely move to kill their targets. Sadly, Ludmila Lourie (Thenardier's ally) used her Veda to annihilate all the assassins in one swoop, seemingly bringing down the notorious mercenaries for good.

Last Seven Chain Assassin

The last Seven Chain Assassin.

However, unlike his six deceased colleagues who were slain by Mila's Veda, the last Sherash Assassin managed to survive the fatal attack and fled away from the trio.[1] During Elen's siege to Tatra Castle, he blended into Leitmeritz Army and "participated" into the battle without anyone's notice about his presence.[2] When both Vanadis were too exhausted to fight and the duel resulted to a stalemate, the assassin made his last attempt to kill both Elen and Mila by slipping through a crowd of soldiers and made his surprise attack upon them. However, Tigre managed to save both Vanadis by sniping him down and the assassination was foiled.

Since the Tatra Fortress incident, the Seven Chain Assassins were entirely decimated and their failure leading to Mila's declaration of neutrality from Brune Civil War and even cutting ties from House Thenardier, forcing Thenardier to summon Roland to beat Tigre and his allies in the field of battle.


  • Stealth: They can stealthily move past the opponents and hide from their plain sight until the opportunity to kill has opened.
  • Superhuman Speed: They possess inhuman speed in order to catch their foes of guard in a blink of an eye when going in for the kill.
  • Blending: They are capable of blending in among crowded areas, thus allowing them to pose as one of the civilians or soldiers until the right moment to strike their targets.



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