Kana シャイエ
Romaji Shaie
Casual Name Shaie
Personal Profile
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Brune
Status Alive
Occupation Elite Knight
Position & Rank Leader of Lutece Knights
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Binbin Takaoka
English Voice Greg Dulcie

Scheie is the leader of the Lutece Knights and an ally to the Silver Meteor Army during and since Brune Civil War. He is also one of the seven founders of the Moonlight Knights prior Tigre's homecoming from Zhcted two years later[1].

Character InformationEdit


Scheie is depicted as a medium-built man with longhair and a beard, and often seen wearing a yellow headband around his forehead.


As one of Brune's elite knight, Scheie is a loyal and brave knight who has pledged his fidelity to Brune and its rulers. He is also willing to accept change and didn't seem to mind Tigre and his use of bow in battle, so long as the Earl leads them to victory despite the kingdom's hatred of archers.


Role In Brunish Civil WarEdit

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Under the reinforcement letter by Mashas and Hughes, Scheie, Auguste and Emil came to aid the worn-out Silver Meteor Army to repel the invading Muozinel Army. With the help from the upcoming Earl Mashas Rodent's Army and Viscount Hughes Augre's Army, the Silver Meteor Army narrowly repelled Muozinel Army from Agnes.[2][3][4]

Brune Civil War Heroes

Auguste was among of Brune Civil War heroes.

During the twilight moments of the Civil War, Scheie also participated in Tigre's intense battle against Thenardier in Vincennes Plains and Mereville Fields, where Tigre eventually killed Thenardier with his arrow, and thus the gruesome Civil War ended. Like most Silver Meteor Army's generals and supporters, Scheie was lauded as one of the war heroes by Nice residents.

Wars in Plainville HillsEdit

Main Article: Battle of Plainville

Two years after the civil war, Scheie led 4,000 Lutece Knights to participate Bouroullec 's campaign in repelling Sachstein Army from Plainville Hills, which was led by Nemetacum Invasion Unit's leader Hans von Klugel. For eight days, Brune Army initially gained a momentum when Sachstein Army retreated to Fort Hill, though it didn't ease Scheie's worry as he suspected a possible ambush. Just as Scheie has feared, Brune Army fell into Sachstein Army's trap and with the help of Scheie and others, Brune Army narrowly escaped but was severely defeated with only half surviving the onslaught but roughly 2,000 remained active.

Audience in NiceEdit

Among the 50 Moonlight Knights' heroes, Scheie was one of many who returned to Nice and received an audience with Regin. However, prior the night where an uprising occurred, he did not

Battle of ProwirlEdit



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