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Charles Saint-Groel, or simply known as Saint-Groel, is Brune's Holy Grotto which is located within Artishem, Brune. It possessed ancient archives that are related to Brune's ancient history, from King Charles origins to even Ganelon's ancestry. This place is so sacred that is could be only accessed by House Charles members (Faron or Regin) and Prime Ministers (such as Badouin).


Saint-Groel is described to be the oldest underground building that yield artifacts about King Charles and Brune related archives. Through the cavern's passageway, there are many stairways and tunnels that go beneath into the Holy Grotto. There is also a large mural that is drawn about some legends and events that happened even before the very foundations of any kingdoms in the continent. For instance, a mural drawing regarding an unknown knight who notched his bow to an unknown three-headed monster, which presumably baring resemblance to Zhcted's own lore about the Black Dragon King and the King of the Magic Bullet.

To truly accessing the temple was not easy and even until today, it's mere existence remained a secret. According to Regin, there are three ways to enter the Holy Grotto: The first entry is within Artishem's Central Square. The second entry is through the Mosha Temple, where the entrance could be only be opened by a hidden switch and after pushing statue that covered it. The third and last entry would be at Artishem's Cemetery, where is located far away from Artishem itself.[1]

Ancient MuralEdit

Vol9-MN-Chapter 45-Saint Groel Mural

The Ancient Mural in Saint-Groel.

The Ancient Mural stood in a passageway between Saint-Grotto's main entrance and passageway from the Mosha Temple. According to the myth that allegedly took place before Brune's establishment, the Dragons revolted against the Deities.

Relevance with the Myth and Legends of King CharlesEdit


  • By far, Elen is the first and only Zhcted's Vanadis to enter the Saint-Groel.


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