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Sachstein is the one of five major kingdoms in Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. It is a rival kingdom to its neighboring kingdom, Brune, and used to allied with its another neighboring kingdom Asvarre.


Sachstein is mainly comprised of mountains and forests, and received its nickname "The Nation of Mountain and Forests" because of this feature. Due to the geographical separation, Sachstein used to be divided into numerous small countries, with local lords being the "king" of their countries. It wasn't until 250 years ago the kingdom was united under one king, however, many local lords still treat themselves as the decedent of their ancestral kings, and hold low royalty to their actual king.

The symbol of Sachstein is a huge white eagle, it appeared on every of Sachstein's war banner. Their believe system is based on Germanic Norse Mythology, with gods such as Wotan or Thor to be worshiped. Many generals also wear winged helmet to resemble war maiden Walkure.


Feud with Muozinel and DefeatEdit

Sometime before the actual plot began, Sachstein feuded with Muozinel by launching a navy invasion against Muozinel with its 1000 ships against Kureys's 200 ships. Unfortunately, even with its far superior number, Sachstein Army was outwitted by Kureys's cunning war strategy[1][2] and defeated. Due to this Sachstein nicknamed Kureys as the Red beard.

Border Harassment to BruneEdit

While feuding with Brune, Sachstein Army made numerous time to invade Brune's western boarders and battle against Brune's elite knight squadron, the Navarre Knights, which were quickly outmatched by Roland and his knights's might.

Large Scale Invasion on BruneEdit

Main Article:Battle of Plainville

However, the truce between Brune and Sachstein was short lived when Thenardier met his demise in Mereville Plains. Three years after the death of Brune three heroes (Faron, Roland and even Thenardier), Sachstein resumed its invasion towards its Eastern kingdom with 70,000 troops to take Nice and Nemetacum however later it was foiled by new Brune heroes Tigre and his new army, Moonlight Knights along with betrayal of Asvarre led by Tallard Graham.

Sachstein-Asvarre War Edit

After the defeat on Prowirl because of Tallard's betrayal by attacking the supply troops that was raiding the village. Leonhardt return to Sachstein and later he was promoted as Sachstein Supreme Commander to invade Asvarre and King Augusto warn Leonhardt that he will not allowed to set foot on Royal Palace until he can bring Tallard's head. Thus, war between Sachstein and Asvarre begins.

Prominent FigureEdit

Current FiguresEdit

  • Augusto Benedikt von Rothschild Sachstein (King of Sachstein)
  • Leonhardt von Schmitt
  • Simon (Mercenary that was hired by Ludra on Asvarre Civil War)

Former FiguresEdit

  • Hans von Klugel

Other FiguresEdit


Main TerritoriesEdit

Other LocationEdit

Neighboring KingdomsEdit

Kingdom Location Description
Far East
Zhcted is not directly neighboring to Sachstein. However, its's recent invasion towards Brune has inadvertently involved Zhcted due to their fresh truce between both kingdoms.
Sachstein had attempted to invade Brune despite repeatedly repelled by Roland and the Navarre Knights. In one occasion, Sachstein also momentarily accepts a "truce" with Brune through Thenardier's letter of cease fire. However, it only took Sachstein another three years to resume their invasion towards Brune after Thenardier's demise.
North and west
Sachstein was once united with Asvarre to jointly invade Brune. Some of its mercenaries were also involved in the Asvarre Civil War. In one point, Asvarre also once Sachstein's target for its invasion which only to canceled due to its complicated highways.
Far southeast
Munozinel occasionally raid Sachstein for slaves, however, both kingdoms never seem to officially declare war on each other.


  • According to the author, Sachstein is based on Germany[3].


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  2. Anime Episode 9


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