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Kana ルスラン
Romaji Rusuran
Personal Profile
Age 30's
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Silesia, Zhcted
Status Alive
Occupation First Prince (Former)
King of Zhcted
Position & Rank First Prince{Former)
Head Monarch

Ruslan is the elder son of King Viktor and one of member of Zhcted's Royalty. Whilst supposedly chosen as one of eight candidate as Viktor's successor, Ruslan was allegedly succumbed to a heart attack and his body was sent to the Imperial Palace's shrine. After being "cured" by a medicine courtesy to Valentina however, Ruslan returns to Silesia and under King Viktor's last decree before his passing, he replaces his uncle Eugene (Earl of Pardu and the original heir) as an official new King of Zhcted.[1]

Character InformationEdit


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Ruslan was King Viktor's first son and he was beloved by nearly most Zhcted aristocrats due to his charisma in politics, including the Vanadises such as Tina, who was the new Vanadis of Osterode. For unknown reason however, Ruslan "died" in a heart attack but kept way from public. In reality though, he was so distraught to learn his disease that he became insane and nearly burn down the Imperial Palace, although he later taken into . [2].

In a wake of his apparent "death", Ruslan's only son, Viktor's grandson, who was also one of eight candidate for Zhcted's succession line, was pulled out due to his father's incident and rarely to be seen in public ever since. The reason behind his "demise" remained unanswered however, so Tina began her investigation and assumed Zhcted's hidden conspiracies were somewhat responsible. One year later however, the investigation itself was dropped and Tina concluded Ruslan's "passing" to be caused by "natural causes"[3].


Role in Valentina's SchemeEdit

Main article: Showdown Arc

Several years have passed sine the incident, Ruslan's case is brought up by Tina again as she asked Charon Anquetil Greast (former Brune Marquis) who she allegedly knew the truth about Ruslan's "insanity".[4]

First ReignEdit

After the Viktor's and Ilda's funeral, Ruslan succeeds his father as the new King of Zhcted.[5]



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