Rodrick is one of the villages in Madan no Ou to Vanadis series.


Rodrick is described to be a remote town which is located near to a riverside in Voyes Mountains. Because of this, there are little roads that could be access into this seemly humble villages. Unlike most villages however, Rodrick is much bigger and populated and becoming a great tourist attraction for its open-aired marketplace and the hot-spring bath house.[1]

Place of InterestEdit

  • Rodrick Marketplace-Rodrick's open market where stalls are everywhere in the town. It sells almost great variety of items.
  • Hot Spring Bath House-One of Rodrick's specialized attraction is its hot spring bathhouse.


Strolling in Rodrick

Mila, Elen & Tigre in Rodrick


  • Frankly enough, this town is where Tigre got beaten up twice and first time beaten up by Vanadis (Mila). First is because of Elen's trap that Tigre mistakingly enters bathroom where Mila is and second is when Tigre fondle Lim's breasts during his sleep after Serrash ambushes and rescuing Lim from snake poison..


  1. Light Novel Volume 2

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