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Kazakov's FamilyEdit

Kazakov's family that consists of his wife and daughter. After his death and Polus's fall however their status is unclear.

Rodion AbtEdit

Liza's father who was infamously known for his greed by raising taxes even towards his own people. For this reason,. When he faced trial however, Rodion attempted to escape only for him to be slain by Elen, resulting a bad feud . Since his demise, his House also abolished after Tina investigated his corruption.

During Liza's face off against Baba Yaga, Rodion was one of many illusions that taunted the Thunder Vanadis for not avenge him before he eventually bushed by Liza.


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Unnamed Former Lebus VanadisEdit

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Leitmeritz MaidsEdit

The maids who works under Elen in her Imperial Palace in Leitmeritz by doing daily chores.

Sasha's ServitorEdit

One of Legnica's physician who was observing Sasha's health. As her personal servitor, he often reminds the Fire Vanadis to be wary towards her deteriorating health despite Sasha wishes to do more than just sleeping in her sickbed.


One of the workers of Lebus Imperial Stable and Tigre's coworker under his amnesiac moniker Urs. Unlike most Lebus resident who were hostile against Tigre (Urs) out of jealously, most because his friendly relationship with Liza despite his unknown origins, Mark was one of few people who befriended with Tigre (Urs) before the latter eventually joined Lebus Army under Liza's decree.

Minor Silver Meteor Army MemberEdit

Unnamed Leitmeritz SoldierEdit

This unnamed soldier who was dragging Elen when an earthquake shaken Saint-Groel. He is also one of few survivors of the Saint-Groel incident along with Elen, Regin, Rurick, Tigre and Thenardier.

Legnica SailorsEdit




Liza's Childhood BulliesEdit

A group of children who bullied Liza due to their superstitions towards her Rainbow Eyes that rumored to bring bad luck to the community. Their constant bullying forced Liza to cover her left eye with her eye-patch for her safety before being rescued by rescued by Elen, who was working as the Silver Gale Mercenary at that time. These bullies also returned as a hallucination to trick Liza during her battle against Baba Yaga.

Lippner Shore VillagersEdit

The residents of the nearby village in Lippner Shores of Legnica who were responsible to find an amnesiac Tigre (whose name only known to be Urs) drifting to the shores. Throughout Tigre's stay in the village, the chief provide him some food and shelter before his encounter with Lebus Vanadis, Elizaveta Fomina.

Among villagers, one girl from the local village once accidentally throw away the Black Bow into the seas, which resulting Tigre's amnesia.

Sasha's MotherEdit

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