This page is about minor characters from Brune.


Augusto's QueenEdit

King Augusto's wife and the current queen of Sachstein. Like most of Sachstein aristocrats and civilians however, the queen is easily intimidated by her king.

Augusto's SonEdit

The prince of Agusto and his only son who was still in his infancy.




Hans's father who appeared to be a local carpenter in Hans's village. His craftsmanship has inspired Hans to fulfill his dream to build an impenetrable fortress, which would protect his homeland from any kingdoms's invasion.

Paul Co-WorkersEdit

Mercenaries Edit

Simon Edit

A Mercenary Captain that was hired by Tallard on Asvarre Civil War. He was originally from Sachstein but he was quite fluent on several languages such as Brune and Zhcted language due to his experience as a mercenaries on multiple battlefield.


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