Orgelt Kazakov
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Kana オルゲルト=カザコフ
Romaji Orugureto Kazakofu
Personal Profile
Age 35
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Polus, Zhcted
Status Deceased
Occupation Lord of Polus
Position & Rank Earl
Army Polus Army (Former)
Kingdom Zhcted (Former)

Orgelt Kazakov was one of Zhcted's aristocrat as the Earl of Polus. Once known as "Bloody Kazakov" for his highly proficiency in his mace. Kazakov had extreme animosity against Elizaveta Fomina for her infamous Rainbow-Eyes, whom he believed to be a evil and also considered them the main reason for Rodion's downfall.

Character InformationEdit


Kazakov appeared to be a man in his 30's who possessed with short brown hair, sharp piercing eyes and his facial rich beard from the cheeks to the chin. He also had bulky body figure with huge shoulders and a large build body figure. Like his nickname, Kazakov is seen yielding a mace at all times in every battlefield he participates.


As one of the most ferocious warriors in Zhcted, Kazakov is a brave, intimidating and bold general who wasn't afraid in battlefields. Due to his regal heritage as a nobleman, Kazakov is also a proud warrior who ensures victory at his hands. According to some peers, including the Vanadis, once he raised his army it was hard to stop Kazakov from advancing' furthermore, due to his confidence in his judgment, Kazakov would also planned to subjugate his enemy instead of negotiations even if he had to inflict harm to do so.

Behind his bold and bravery however, Kazakov wasn't a bright or opened mind person. For instance, his extreme hatred against Liza just because of her Rainbow-Eyes, which he believed to be the source of Rodion Abt's corruption. Additionally, because of his hot-headed personality, he was easily swayed by petty words from without making a steep investigation.


Meeting with Meyer TyurinaEdit

Upon Ilda Kurtis's surrender to Lebus-Leitmeritz Coalition Army, Kazakov was grunting over the outcome while wondering why Liza stopped Ilda from killing Eugene Shevarin, whom he assumed as "coward" for almost poisoning his idol. Suddenly, he was visited by Meyer Tyurina who requested him to rescue Tigrevurmud Vorn, who was rumored to become Liza's "prisoner" and used him to spread her power across northern Zhcted. Kazakov was furious to listened to Meyer's "news" about Ilda's struggles against Liza but remained hesitant despite rescuing Tigre might might helping him to spread his influence across northern Zhcted. When Meyer told him that he would ask someone else if he didn't want to, Kazakov immediately replied to Meyer by stating that he was not afraid of the Vanadis and he would going to investigate Tigre's whereabouts in Lebus with his 2,000 troops.

War for Tigre and DeathEdit

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Kazakov's death brought doom to Polus and his House altogether. Not only his family was fallen apart, all of his former supporters and subordinates shifted their allegiance for Valentina Glinka Estes. The following months after his death, Kazakov's son allying himself with Valentina and Figneria in a rebellion in Silessia not only voicing against Eugene Shevarin, but also fighitng against Liza.

Abilities Edit

  • Immense Strength