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Olmutz is one of Zhcted's province/territories in South-western part of Zhcted. It is the primary territory of Ludmila Lourie and also her birthplace, since most of her female family members were (her mother, grand-mother and great-grandmother) all being Vanadises of Olmutz.


Olmutz is located in the Tatra Moutains of Southwest of Zhcted. The location however was surrounded by mountain range and frigid weather, where only the strong stays in the snowy territory. Thanks to the geography and frigid weather however, Olmutz is a highly defensive and having plenty of natural advantages for defense especially the weather and the region itself.



Olmutz Flag (with white background)

The main flag of Olmutz is cyan-blue color with a white cross of the middle, with double Lavias (in a blue hue forming cross) acted as the center and white as a base colour of the flag.



Leitmeritz SiegeEdit

Main Article:Siege of Tatra Fortress

Place of InterestEdit

  • Tatra Fortress - The sturdiest fortress/citadel that is located in Tatra Mountains. Its defense is impenetrable and not even a Vanadis can ever lay a siege on it. The defence of this reputed impregnable fortress is later broken by Tigre during the Siege of Tatra Fortress where the Tornado Arrow from the Black Bow manages to punch a hole in the sturdy defenses of the gate of Tatra Castle.
  • Olmutz Imperial Palace - The palace where Mila and other Olmutz officials reside.
  • Fort Fordney - One of many forts in Olmutz that is located at the riverside of Molave River. Much like forts in Agnes, in Zhcted (earlier in Brune), Fort Fordney is also near to the South-Eastern borders between Zhcted and Muozinel.



  • Olomouc (German: Olmutz) is a city situated in the east of Czech Republic. Located on the Morava River, the city is the ecclesiastical metropolis and historical capital city of Moravia.
  • Olmutz battle flag was similar to Finlandia flag if it was turn 90 degrees.


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