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Kana オリビエ
Romaji Orivie
Casual Name Olivier
Personal Profile
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Brune
Status Alive
Occupation Knight of Navarre Knights
Position & Rank Vice-Commander (Former [1])
Commander (Current [2])
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Yasuaki Takumi

Olivier is the current commander and former second commander of the Navarre Knights and a friend of the leader, Roland.

Character InformationEdit


Olivier is as a tall man who often seen equipping his armor. In the manga version, Olivier is seen wearing his helmet with wings at his sides. In the light novel and manga edition, Olivier's eyes are often seen shut and only open a little in certain occasion.

In his anime counterpart, while opened, Olivier's eyes are revealed to be green colored.






Orders to Suppress the InvadersEdit

In Brune's western borders, Olivier and the Navarre Knights were repelling the invading Sachstein Army with his 2,000 troops, which they succeeded. However, even in victory, Olivier worried over Roland who was agitated over Brune's turmoil while blaming Brune ministers's sloppiness and negligence while his army constantly repelling their western enemies.

In their camp, Olivier learned from Roland request to return for Brune to kill Tigre, who was said to be "defected" to Zhcted and he had to lead the entire Navarre Knight. Olivier expressed his worry over Roland's decision for being too reckless but he later learned from Roland that because Tigre received support from a Vanadis and Zhcted's 500 strong army, he cannot afford to underestimate the Alsace Earl.

First Feud with the Silver Meteor ArmyEdit

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Second Feud with the Silver Meteor Army and DefeatEdit

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Becoming Navarre Knight's New LeaderEdit

Prior Roland's demise by Ganelon's trap, Olivier succeeded Roland as the new leader of the Navarre Knights while pledging his loyalty to Queen Regin. Currently he and Navarre Knights fate was unknown on Sachstein's invasion, either he was withdrawed to the capital by request of Queen Regin's order or holding the battle lines at the western Brune against general Schmidt.


  • As far as the story progressed, Olivier was the only known knight in the Navarre Knights Army and the only successor of the late Roland as the knight squadron's leader.


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