Olga Tamm
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Kana オルガ=タム
Romaji Oruga Tamu
Vanadis Nickname Moon Princess of the Roaring Demon (Bardiche) (羅轟の月姫 (メバルディッシュ) )
Casual Name Olga
Personal Profile
Age 14 (Arc Two)[1]
15 (Arc Three) [2]
Hair Hazel
Eye Pulm-Purple
Birth Place A horserider tribe east of Brest, Zhcted
Status Alive
Vanadis Profile
Weapon Muma
Element Earth
Territory Brest
Occupation Lord of Brest
Position & Rank Vanadis of Zhcted
Lord of Brest
Army Brest Army
Kingdom Zhcted

Olga Tamm is one of the seven Vanadises of Zhcted. Unlike other Vanadises, Olga travels around the continent to seek adventures and experience, and due to her frequent absence, she is known as the "Wandering Vanadis". Like Tigrevurmud Vorn, she was one of the few foreigners in Asvarre who were involved in it's civil war, and where she also fought against Torbalan in Fort Lux and rescued her fellow Vanadis, Sofya Obertas from Eliot and his pirates.

Character InformationEdit


Olga bears an appearance of a little girl. She has short hazel hair and almost anyone might mistake her as a teenage boy. Olga often has her signature pink ribbon on her head and a ruby necklace around her neck.

On her clothing, Olga is often seen in a pink bra that barely covers her upper body and has pink gauntlet on both the elbows. These clothing however are not native to neither Zhcted nor Brune. She also wears a pink ribbon around her waist, a fishnet stockings on both legs as well as spiky shoes.[3]

A few years later, her hair has turned blonde and she now wears a Horse-rider Matriarch Tribe Uniform with White Cap covered with Red Bandana and a Rose on her forehead. Her clothes have also changed with Red and Yellow line with short skirt and Black Boots. Wearing White Cape as a sign of Horse-rider Matriarch.


As the youngest of all Vanadis, Olga is a brave yet inexperienced Vanadis who never experienced the battlefield. Whether in equestrian skills, aptitude at hunting, or in combat skills, Olga's capability could not be underestimated. She is also seemed to be a stubborn girl as she wished to be independent. Before she met Tigre, she was wary about her surrounding as everyone could be considered as threats. Because of her stubbornness and boldness, Olga has a tendency in making rash actions without even thinking about the possible consequences befalls her.

Despite her stubbornness and bravery, Olga is a hardworking and sincere Vanadis who will do her best to help out whatever she could for her friends, including her fellow Vanadises. She did so in order to gain approval of her strength to protect anyone she hold dear the most. She is also a curious Vanadis, wishing that someday she could travel around the world without any restriction.

Because of the life style of her people, Olga also practice hunting techniques, and practicing her trap making skills when have time. She also do embroidery that being passed down on generations, and singing folk songs and ballads (however, this doesn't mean she is good at both).[4]


Olga was born as the granddaughter of a patriarch ruled family from Brest's Horse Rider Tribe. Due to everyone's expectation of her position as her tribe next healer, Olga had to learn as much knowledge or skills as possible. On one summer night at her age of twelve, Olga saw a bright light and encountered Muma, a Viralt which was passed from an unknown former Vanadis and chose her as the next Vanadis instead, making Olga as the youngest Vanadis from Horse Rider Tribe[5]. As a newly chosen Vanadis, Olga departed from her home territory in order to report herself to King Viktor and meet other Zhcted Vanadises, ministers and aristocrats in Silesia. However, despite her prestigious title, Olga was anxious and distrustful due to her inexperience social skills with anyone outside her tribes people; moreover, due to Brest's smaller geographic size and her lack of experience (or interest) in ruling a territory, she decided to travel across the continent in order to extend her knowledge and experience to be a ruler in Brest. She also seemly an admirer of Elen of Leitmeritz despite her upbringing as a mercenary, but their relationship wasn't close due to a distanced location between Brest and Leitmeritz.

Olga leaves Brest

Olga travels across the continent.

Throughout her journey to find a definition as a King, Olga often dressed as a boy to hide her identity while avoid contact with nearly anyone, though her absence was somewhat belittled by Vanadises-especially Liza who deemed her absence as if abandoning her duty as a Vanadis. Due to her absence for her trip across the continent, Olga was Zhcted's only Vanadis did not participated the events of Brune's Civil War [6]


Meet Tigre in AsvarreEdit

In most travel, the Earth Vanadis disguises herself as a boy while trying to avoid contact to any stranger. In one of her journeys, she was being chased by three strangers at the Port Lippner until she bumped onto Tigre, who later rescued her from them. Olga thanked Tigre for the rescue yet she was too shy to introduce herself. Despite so, Tigre's kindness has prompted her to join him into Proud Beluga (Górdyj Beluga), which it sailed to Asvarre. Even in the ship, the Reverse Moon Vanadis remained shy while chatting with Tigre after she was invited in her room. As the ship depart from Port Lipper, Olga would meet Matvey, the captain of the ship.

Through the journey, Olga and Tigre listened to Matvey's stories about the legends of Asvarre, though she could not exactly comprehend the stories while Matvey himself was asked by Sasha to be translator for both Tigre and Olga when they are at Asvarre.

Tallard's Coup And Involvement in Asvarre Civil WarEdit

---Coming Soon!---

Battle of Fort LuxEdit

Since Tigre and Matvey obtained information about Torbalan who likes girls, Olga volunteered herself to be drawing attention at Fort Lux from inside out by giving herself to Torbalan.

Rescue Sofy from Eliot and PiratesEdit

Several days after retaking Fort Lux, Olga explained to Tigre her reason for her assistance in a battle against the monster was to prove her strength. After Tigre forgave Olga, she joined once again with Tigre and Matvey into a mission to clash with Prince Eliot within the shores of Asvarre.


Olga with Tigre and Sophie.

Ever since the rescue, Olga would have her eagle eyes as Sofy would shows her "gratitude" through her seduction and tends to keep the her at bay from Tigre. Ironically, even with her jealousy about Sophie's relationship with Tigre, she quickly befriends with her.

Tigre's Sudden DisappearanceEdit

Main Article: Torbalan Ambush

Miraculously, Olga, Sofy and Matvey survived the shipwreck where she saved Sofy from drowning whist putting her at one of the ship's floating debris. However, Olga didn't see Tigre nor Torbalan in the sea and whilst being rescued by sailors, the Earth Vanadis urged them to find and rescue Tigre before being stopped by Matvey who was trying to calm her down, despite his uncertainty towards Tigre's survival chances. After Sofy recuperated herself from the near drowning experience, the trio began their search for Tigre but failed since neither corpses nor the survivors bore any resemblance of Tigre.

With little option left, Olga went to Lippner with Sofy and Matvey to safety after surviving the shipwreck. At the same time, the Earth Vanadis also met Alexandra Alshavin in Lippner and reluctantly reported about Tigre's disappearance and Torbalan's ambush. In the aftermath, Olga blamed herself for not keeping an eye on Tigre and she should have protected him if she had paid attention. Even after all the incident, Olga received condolences from Sofy and Matvey as they too concerned about Tigre. While feeling sad and remorse over Tigre's disappearance, Olga decided to return to Brest to resume her duty as the Vanadis with Sofy as her company.

Sun FestivalEdit

Several months after Tigre's disappearance in Asvarre Seas, Olga attended the Sun Festival and reunited with Tigre and the Vanadises (Sofy, Elen, Mila and Liza). Upon her reunion, Olga reveals her two-year journey to the Vanadises and deemed Tigre as the "king" she was looking for, much to the girls (Limlisha, Titta and the Vanadises) shock. Olga then boldly proposed a wedding proposal to Tigre in front of the girls and even wished to be his wife, much to everyone's shock. Due to difference of the status, Olga used an approach based on her tribe tradition in order to propose him rather as a Vanadis which she want to invite him to her tribe homeland to introduce Tigre to her tribe that he will be her husband in the future.

On the second day of the Sun Festival, Olga was among of many to learn Sachstein's invasion towards Brune but she was tasked by Viktor to act as Mila's backup support in repelling Zhcted's another enemy: Muozinel of the South. Before Tigre depart from Silesia for Brune, Olga wished him luck in his battle against Sachstein Army. During the battle on Severack, Olga did not make in time to reinforce Tigre and Moonlight Knights despite they got a full day of siege for around more than 40 days.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Geokinesis: As the Earth Vanadis, most of Olga's powers are based on earth elements which allows her to generate earthquakes.
  • Superhuman Strength: Even with her small body, Olga is capable in lifting anything that is heavier, larger and even taller than her own body size without any difficulties, including Muma.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Olga can fight many enemies in succession without losing too much of her Stamia, this was showed in Battle of Salentes.
  • Excellent Equestrian Skills: Due to her heritage as the Horse Riders Tribe member, Olga has no problem in riding any horses she could find.
  • Animal Tamer: Due to the very heritage as the Horse Rider Tribe member, Olga is also capable to herd the animals.
  • Wrestling: She has an expertise in wrestling skills, even with her seemly childish body figure, she can fight enemies that are much larger than her barehanded by cause her opponent to lose balance.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Muma: Earth type Vralt(Dragonic Weaponry) is Olga's primary weapon. This Viralt can change to several shapes and sizes, as well as control earth-related elements. It's basic form is a delicate short axe that can be wielded easily, but can grow as large as Olga's own body size, or even larger. When Muma's earth power is combined with Tigre's Black Bow, it can generate a giant shockwave that can shatter the earth and slice the enemy.


  • Of all the Vanadises in the series, Olga is the youngest and only child figured Vanadis. And because of her misleading figure, Olga is often misunderstood as a boy by most peers in the series, even with Tigre's sharp mind has trouble to see her real gender as a girl.
  • There is a running gag about Olga's jealousy upon Sofy's buxom bust (fan service joke) which seemly got attention from Tigre. Additionally, Olga's short and seemly childish body figure makes her the only Vanadis with flat chest and easily prone to jealousy whenever Sophie tends to seduce Tigre to "repay the favor" after his rescue from Price Eliot's pirates.
  • While she is only appears as cameo Anime's both Opening (where she easily killed two Muozinel soldiers with her Muma) and Ending Song (where she traveled past by a single column formation of Zhcted knights on the road), as well as a mentioned silhouette one anime episode, Olga ultimately does not actually appear in the anime itself.
  • Olga is the first Vanadis and the first girl in the series that proposes marriage to Tigre despite being rejected and wait for another four years. The second that proposes marriage was Regin who confess to Tigre as a Queen of Brune.


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