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Navarre Knights
Navarre Knights



Navaaru Kishidan

Army Profie




Military Strength

5,000 (Brunish Civil War)

  • 3,000 (Post-Battle Orange Plains, current number)


Diplomatic Faction Alignment
Light Novel Debut

Volume 3

Anime Debut

Episode 6

The Navarre Knights, or also known as Navarre Order[1] or Navarre Knight Brigade[2] is one of prestigious knights army from Brune. Led by Roland, the Navarre Knights were considered as Brune's strongest elite army and possessed an undefeated streak. Prior Roland's death, Olivier succeeded Roland as the squadrons leader and served under Regin, who later became the Queen of Brune prior the end of Brune's civil war.


Little was known about the group, but they were the elite forces of Brune that is entrusted by its king. Their main duty was to secure Brune's western border from the invasion from two western kingdoms:Asvarre and Sachstein. In courtesy of Roland's and his army's ferocity and valor, the Navarre Knight's defenses become a watertight and impenetrable forces on the western border.


Feud with Silver Meteor ArmyEdit

Main Article:Battle of Orange

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Six Months LaterEdit

After Tigre's disappearance and dispatching Mashas to Zhcted for Tigre, Regin planned to revive the Navarre Knights under her command in order to suppress Melisande's activities. Unbeknownst right now where Navarre Knights is currently at right now ever since the news of Sachstein invasion has reaches Nice, either they are redeployed to Navarre Fortress at Western Border to delay General Schmidt and fifty thousand strong Army or being called to the Nice to fortify the defenses of capital.

Role in Repelling Sachstein InvasionEdit

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Prominent MembersEdit

Main ArmyEdit

  • Roland-Commander
    • Oliver-Vice Commander (Arc One)/ Commander (Arc Two onward)

Military ExploitsEdit

Roland single handedly defeats hundreds and distracts the Sachstein Army before Olivier and the Navarre Knights go to ambush them with no casualties from the Navarre Order.

No casualties when fighting the Silver Meteor Army on their first Battle in Orange Plains, dealing a heavy blow on Tigre and demoralizing the Silver Meteor Army's morale.


  • The surrender of Roland to Tigre during Second Battle of Orange Plains marks the end of undefeated Streak ever since Roland takes command of Navarre Order.


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  2. Manga series

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