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Muozinel Invasion Arc
Part of Arc One

Location Agnes, Brune
Side Silver Meteor Army; Muozinel Army
Result Invasion failed
Regin was found by the Silver Meteor Army
Agnes was abandoned
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes Volume 4
Manga Chapters/Volumes CH 30 (Prologue), CH 31, CH 32 ,CH 33, CH 34, CH 35, CH 36, CH 37, CH 38, CH 39
Anime Episodes Episode 8 (Second Half), Episode 9, Episode 10
Light Novel Chronology
Roland Arc ←Muozinel Invasion Arc→ Regin Arc
Manga Chronology
Roland Arc ←Muozinel Invasion Arc→ Regin Arc
Anime Chronology
Roland Arc ←Muozinel Invasion Arc→ Regin Arc

Muozinel Invasion Arc is the forth story arc of Arc One from Madan no Ou to Vanadis. This arc focuses Muozinel Army's massive invasion towards Brune with 50,000 strong army. Despite outnumbered by an overwhelming enemy without help, courtesy of both Thenardier's and Ganelon's scheme, Tigre had to lead the Silver Meteor Army alone to fend off their massive foe without Elen, who returned to Zhcted in order assist her friend Sasha to defeat her fellow Vanadis, Elizaveta Fomina.


Muozinel Invasion on AgnesEdit

Muozinel invasion to Agnes

Muozinel Army's atrocities in Agnes

Ten days after Roland's death, Muozinel Army launches a massive invasion towards Brune via its south-western territory Agnes. With 3,000 Brune's boarder soldiers (who either being killed or forced to flee away) are overwhelmed by Muozinel Army's 20,000 troops, Agnes is fallen with more than 20 villages are deprived and looted while the villagers [Notes 1]are taken as prisoners for slavery.

In Thenardier Mansion, Thenardier is still agitated over Roland's death and learns Muozinel Army's atrocities in Agnes and it's now marching for Nemetacum[Notes 2]. Still blaming Tigre for ruining his plans for domination, from Seven Chains Assassins's demise and Mila's neutrality to Roland's defeat, Thenardier begins his preparations for his counterattack attack against the southern enemy: He will lead his 7,000 troops for Agnes to lure Muozinel Army towards him, while Steid will lead the remaining 13,000 to protect Nice while contain Ganelon's movement[Notes 3][1]. Steid further asks the Duke if Roland's death was resulted from Ganelon's secret conspiracy with Muozinel, to which Thenardier initially denies[Notes 4]but urges his adviser to stay alert towards his rival.

Meanwhile, Drekavac is investigating a dragon corpse that was retrieved from Molsheim Plains and discovers a bizarre wound, which looks different than a regular Vanadis's Veda. Intrigued, Drekavac asks Vodyanoy again for his help but this time he requests the Frog Demon to retrieve "Bow"[Notes 5][2] for him. Vodyanoy asks Drekavac if he needs the target to be killed but Drekavac instead wants Tigre to be captured alive. After Vodyanoy departs from the mansion, Drekavac begins to wonder the winner of the Brune's civil conflict.

2,000 Silver Meteor Army vs 20,000 Muozinel ArmyEdit

Tigre's Preparation for Repelling Muozinel ArmyEdit

In the Silver Meteor Army's camp, Tigre also learns Muozinel Army's invasion and plans to repel them as well. However, due to his limited military force and supplies, he had to conserve as much as possible since most Leitmeritz Army's soldiers (except Rurick) under Elen were pulled back for Leitmeritz to reinforce Legnica. Titta enters his camp to ease his worries by serving some meals before Tigre tells her to go for Territoire with Mashas and Bertrand. When the housemaid asks if he will return safely, Tigre promises that he will return safely. Whilst walking to the Commander Camp, both Tigre and Rurick are chatting about their upcoming battle but even with Rurick's reassurances, Tigre still worries their overwhelming odds by claiming that not everyone believe him even if he proposes his strategy, though Rurick remains supportive to the Alsace Earl.

In the meeting, Tigre informs everyone that he has decided to march for Agnes and repel their southern enemy, much to Mashas's worry as he asks Tigre the reason behind his resolve. Tigre simply answers that he will fight to ensure his survival while protecting his people around him, of which Hughes concludes that they also need to increase Territoire's defense while persuade more knights for their cause. When Mashas wonders if there is any reinforcement, Hughes denies as he claims that since they are labeled as "traitors" under Thenardier's and Ganelon's scheme, they are in crossroads between harsh criticism by many or exhausted themselves for Thenardier's benefit, of which both could ends up in a horrible defeat before the Silver Meteor Army could even reach Nemetacum. However despite the handicaps, Tigre remains optimistic as he suggests a plan to both Mashas and Hughes, which required a teamwork from anyone including 600 Brune soldiers. [Notes 6][3] Before going to Agnes, Tigre bid farewell to his allies (Bertrand, Titta, Mashas and Hughes)[Notes 7][4] and he is told to be wary in this battle.

Mysterious Girl named ReginEdit

Regin meet Tigre

Tigre met Regin

Under Tigre's lead, the Silver Meteor Army of 1,700 march for Agnes without Elen and the Leitmeritz Army. Before the battle, Tigre first lead the army's scout team to navigate Agnes's valleys and, to their horrifying discovery, they witness Muozinel soldiers holding 2,000 captured Agnes residents as prisoners while marching down for Nemetacum. Aram suggests to strike the enemy and rescuing the prisoners, though Tigre declines because of the gust so he plan to ambush the enemies later. Before the scout team's return to the camp, Tigre suddenly see a girl who is pursued by several Muozinel soldiers and when she fell down and surrounded, Tigre snipes down the soldiers and successfully rescues the girl. When Tigre slowly approaches her, the girl remains hostile until Tigre tell her his name, given her a sense of security before finally collapses in Tigre's arms. Tigre tells Rurick and others to take her into their camp.

Silver Meteor Army vs Kashim Advance ArmyEdit

Battle for agnes

Silver Meteor Army's first ambush towards the Muozinel Army

In late evening, Kashim receives a report from his scout about 200 enemy soldiers's presence at the hills and dispatches 3,000 men to pursue and decimate them. Despite the scout views the plan exaggerated, Kashim insists the command and reminds that their mission is to eliminate any enemy they find and assuming the main force is actually consists 2,000 soldiers. Under Tigre's strategy, 200 Silver Meteor Army soldiers manage to lure Kashim's 3, 000 soldiers into a valley where they confront "6,000" enemy soldiers from the cliff, though the actual numbers were less than that due to sun angle that provides illusion sight to confuse Kashim's soldiers.[Notes 8] [5] [6]With Muozinel Army is demoralized and trapped in the valley and unable to retreat, Tigre commands a full assault onto their enemy and easily decimates them with ease, resulting the Silver Meteor Army's initial victory.

After their first battle, Gerard congratulates Tigre for his success while reports a war report. When Tigre informs that he will launch another two attacks before leaving Agnes, however, Gerard opposes Tigre's plan as he viewing the repeated tactics would only speeding their demise due to their limited manpower and Agnes's inhabitable environment. Tigre tries to reason with Gerard via a fable of the "Rabbit and Bear" [Notes 9], only to hear Gerard's sarcastic reply through the story's alternative ending; metaphorically implying the enemy will never fall the same trick again in their next battle. Moreover, Gerard also warns that because of their disadvantages of lack manpower and Agnes's inhabitable environment, the Silver Meteor Army might face its defeat against their massive foe. Rurick retaliate as he asks Gerard for better opinions, to which Gerard replies that it is his most humble opinion but later to both Tigre and Rurick as Tigre urges him not to bicker with his new ally .[Notes 10] Rurick then asks Tigre about the girl they saved who Tigre deems to be weaken by exhaustion and her only activities are drinking soup and sleeping in a camp. Nonetheless, he commands his army to take a rest for another ambush.

The defeat of his 3,000 soldiers frustrates Kashim but remains confident that his army remain superior. The next day, Tigre launches another ambush towards Muozinel Army in the valley, reducing them gradually from 20.000 to 18.000 soldiers.[7] First Tigre used ambush by disguising as Muozinel Soldiers and wreak havoc among Muozinel ranks then withdraws after he deemed it was enough. To counter Tigre's ambush, Kashim commands his executioner to bring ten slaves-both men and women alike [Notes 11] [8][9]-and beheading them to provoke Tigre and his army. [Notes 11] [10][11]

Tigre vs Muozinel

Tigre confronts the Muozinel Army

In response to the slaves' execution, Tigre and 600 Brune soldiers confront Muozinel Army, much to Kashim's disappointment as he realizes that an archer, a belittlement subject by Brune's nobles and citizens alike, is the leader of the army. To Kashim's and his army's surprise however, Rurick leads Zhcted Army [Notes 12] to launch an ambush from the cliff. Whilst attempting to recuperate the army's morale, Kashim witnesses Tigre fires his arrows at him from afar, fatally shoot to his forehead and resulting his instant death. [12]. With Rurick announcement of Kashim's death, Muozinel Army becomes disoriented and nearly half of the soldiers are routed by the Silver Meteor Army. Tigre further commands Rurick to lead a pursue unit to find any surviving Muozinel soldiers for more information about their invasion.

Unexpected Help from LudmilaEdit

Unnamed Agnes girl

A girl thanking Tigre for avenging her father

Even after being rescued by the Silver Meteor Army, one of Agnes prisoners berates Tigre for unable to save his fellow prisoners in time. However, just as Gerard is furious for his "ungratefulness", Tigre stops Gerard while apologizes to the man for unable to prevent the tragedy while commands his men to provide food and clothes for the freed slaves. He also confronts a little girl, who thanks him for avenging her father by killing Kashim and his soldiers.[Notes 13][13] Tigre later expresses his gratitude to the girl for her compliments.

At night, the Silver Meteor Army decides to take a three-day rest after the battle whilst Gerard reports to Tigre their army casualties and the freed prisoners's condition[Notes 14] [14], which greatly concerns Tigre. To ensure both his army's and rescued slaves' safety, Tigre decides to have Gerard to arrange their evacuation to Territoire for refuge. However, Rurick reports to both Tigre and Gerard a shocking news: Kashim's Army they faced was merely Muozinel Army's advance unit and the real army of 30,000 troops are marching towards them.[Notes 15] When Tigre is stunned to hear it, Gerard snaps the archer by asking him the next move. Even when Rurick disapproves Gerard's tone towards Tigre, Tigre instead listens to Gerard's opinion. [Notes 16] Gerard asks Tigre about other people's view about him, from a Brune archer who was captured as Zhcted's prisoner to a wanted rebel who fought against Brune's powerful aristocrats. Tigre simply answers that the people would considered him to pick a fight, prompting Gerard to laugh. Nonetheless, due to his army's exhaustion and the enemy army's overwhelming numbers, Tigre reluctantly orders in tighten the battle lines and a temporal retreat from Agnes along with 2,000 Agnes residents.

Mila riding horse

Mila's appearance in Agnes

On the next evening, the Silver Meteor Army escorts freed 2,000 Agnes residents for Territoire but because of the soldiers' injuries and fatigue, the march is moving in a slow pace. Even worse, 3,000 to 4,000 Muozinel's soldiers are pursuing after the Silver Meteor Army from behind, forces Tigre to leave Rurick in handling the march while he leads his to stall their advance. Still, not even Tigre's archer unit's gallant efforts manage to stop Muozinel Army's persistent pursue until Mila and her 4,000 Olmutz soldiers arrive to save the day. With the help from an unexpected ally, the Silver Meteor Army safely retreat to their camp and while Muozinel Army soldiers also retreat and (momentarily) abandon their pursuit.

Alexandra Alshavin, the Living Legend of ZhctedEdit

Sasha talked with Elen

Elen with Sasha

At Legnica's Imperial Palace, Elen and Lim are escorted by the Imperial Palace's veteran servant to Sasha's room, and they are informed about the time-limit for their visit (half koku) to speak with Sasha due to her illness. Sasha welcomes both girls with a smile and apologizes to Elen for dragging her here, but Elen tells her not to worry by saying that she would arrive to help her anyway.[Notes 17][15] Putting the casual conversation, Elen asks Sasha about the situation, Sasha hesitantly answers the perpetrator's name: Elizaveta Fomina of Lebus. Hearing a familiar name prompting Elen's anger but she refrains herself under Lim and Sasha's advice to listen to the entire story.

Sasha's Past Summer

Sasha retells her story to Elen and Lim

According to Sasha, she and Liza were working together in subjugating the pirates near Zhcted's northern territory, but because of her absence due to her illness, Sasha sent her military and Liza brought her military. [Note: Due the enemy being pirates the war was not only fought with the army but also the navy] Consequently, Liza accused Legnica's military for leading the pirates towards her position and demanded a higher portion from the distribution of the spoils as compensation for her efforts, though the Legnica soldiers denied her allegation and Sasha herself couldn't find any evidence to support either side and Liza eventually broke off the discussions before reaching an agreement and attacked Legnica before the latter retreated to Boroszlo Plains.[Notes 18] While she wonders Liza's aim but urged by Sasha not to make rash judgement, Elen promises her friend that she will defeat her opponent for Sasha's sake. The girls then discuss Elen's involvement in Brune, where Lim blushes after being teased by Elen over Tigre's helping Lim after the bite from a venomous snake.[Notes 19] Astonishes over Elen's decision to aid Tigre, Sasha asks Elen if she like the archer that much, to which the Wind Vanadis suggests her to meet him in person and while attributes him as an interesting man despite his flaws, further garners Sasha's anticipation to meet him (Tigre) someday. The girls' chat however is interrupted by a servant who reminds Elen and Lim that their visit is over, prompts both Elen and Lim to bid their farewell to the Fire Vanadis and leave her bedroom. Afterward, Sasha turns her attention towards Bargren while remarks its persistence and decides to live on for Elen's and Bargren's sake.

Elen and Lim then stay in Legnica Imperial Palace's guest room for a day. Prior their preparations, Lim reports to Elen that Legnica will provide approximately 17,000 (14,000 from Legnica while 3,000 from the temple) soldiers to combat Liza's 4,000 soldiers. Suddenly, four men (one old servant and three soldiers) visit both girls and tell them that Sasha wish to meet Lim. While busy in her preparations, Elen tells Lim to visit Sasha. Under the Chamberlain's guidance, Lim reaches and enters Sasha's room.

Sasha Sick 2

Sasha pleads her request to Lim

Sasha requests Lim to protect Elen in her place, which surprises Lim as she replies that she has always been with Elen's side. In spite Lim's reassurances, Sasha still worries about Elen due to her opponent is Liza, whose bitter rivalry with Elen began since the past incidents: from a burned plague-infected village[Notes 20][16][17][18], Liza's father's execution[Notes 20][19][20][21], and a duel where Liza defeated by Elen [22][23][24]. While Lim assumes Sasha (who also blamed Liza for her attack onto Legnica) did not yearn to support Elen, Sasha explains that because of her illness she is unable to stop the Vanadises' (Elen and Liza) feud and even if she did respect Elen's bravery, she fears her boldness would eventually cause unwanted consequences; furthermore, Sasha assets her skepticism towards Tigre because of his position as an outsider to Zhcted despite the girls' stories about him. As Lim becomes speechless after hearing Sasha's insecurities, Sasha further states that even a Vanadis such as herself is unable to predict Elen's rage and impatience whenever she confronts Liza, so she urges Lim to protect Elen. With her devotion to defend her friend from harm, Lim promises Sasha to protect Elen with anything she has, even if she had to sacrifice her life to achieve her objective.

Before Elen's departure from Legnica, she pays her last visit to Sasha by informing her (Sasha) that she will be back after defeating Liza. Sasha requests Elen not to stay in Legnica if she has any hesitations and advises her to focus her priority as foremost. Nevertheless, Elen laughs as she tells Sasha to take a rest while awaits for her victory over Liza.

Kureys Shahim Balamir, the Commander of the Main Muozinel Army Edit

Kreshu anime II

Kureys the Muozinel Commander in Chief

In Muozinel Camp, Kureys Shahim Balamir receives a report about Zhcted Army's interception and an unlikely alliance between the Silver Meteor Army and Mila's Olmutz Army. [Notes 21][25] Intrigued over the sudden turns of event, Kureys request his messengers to deliver a message to Zhcted Army and his suggestion a truce with the Vanadis and forming an alliance to attack Brune. [Notes 22][26]In addition, he adds that if the Vanadis did accepts the invitation, he willing to even return for Muozinel empty handed before laugh any further.

Back at the Silver Meteor Army's camp, Mila scolds Tigre by telling him "Minus One" for not thanking her for the earlier rescue and even informs him that she could even spill her tea to him should he disrespects her during a negotiation. When Mila offers him 4,000 Olmutz Soldiers and Tigre immediately accepts the offer without thinking, she further scold hims "Minus two" for being too greedy and exposing his weakness of negotiation. Nevertheless, Mila discusses with Tigre regarding the previous battle in Tatra Mountains, where she reveals that she noticed the broken gate that was resulted from Tigre's assistance to Elen.[Notes 23][27]

Mila and Black Bow

Mila is holding the Black Bow

Unable to defy such fact, Tigre tells Rurick to bring his Black Bow and shows it to Mila. While Mila examines the Black Bow and claims it as "unrefined", Tigre explains the Black Bow is his family's precious heirloom and urges her to be respectful to his family treasure. Nonetheless, Mila informs Tigre that the alliance would be different than Elen's and he had to listen to her if he wants to build an efficient army, which Tigre agrees. [Notes 24] As the result, the alliance between Silver Meteor Army and Olmutz Army is forged.

Later, Tigre meets Gerard who was waiting for him from outside the tent and, in sheer curiosity, sarcastically asks Tigre why the Vanadises such as Elen and Mila are willing to see him, to which Tigre simply replies that it is because of his virtuous nature. Gerard then informs Tigre about the girl Tigre rescued, whom he claims she fears even Tigre's subordinates. When Tigre asks if any soldiers did anything suspicious, Gerard denies and tells him that soldiers have treated the girl kindly with soup, only to receive the girl's hostility in return. Tigre takes a bowl of soup and snacks and decides to see the girl himself.[Notes 25] [28]

As Tigre enters the girls's camp, the girl finally stays calm and the two begins their dinner. [Notes 26] During their conversation, the girl tells Tigre her name as Regin and reveals that she knows him as Alsace Earl, much to Tigre's a shock and embarrassment. Their conversation is interrupted by Gerard who asks Tigre if he need some help, which Regin replies that she wants only a pail of hot water and towel. Gerard asked Tigre if the girl did any harm upon him but Tigre denies so. Whlie sarcastically complementing his "talents"[Notes 27][29] , Gerard gives a pail of water and towel as Tigre requested before he warns the archer not to cause any trouble.[Notes 21][30]

Regin Bath

Regin during her bathe

Back in the camp, both Tigre and Regin are enjoying their meal where Regin asks to drink his soup. While Tigre gives his soup to her, Regin tastes the soup as warm while remembering some nostalgia moments of her past, which arouses Tigre's curiosity as he begins to wonder her background. After their meal, Regin requests Tigre to wash her back much to Tigre's embarrassment. Yet, Tigre reluctantly helps her while try to stay focused in order to avoid possible seduction. After finishing Regin's bath, Tigre immediately going out from the camp while wondering what was Regin thinking. Anyways, Tigre maintains his focus for his next battle against Muozinel Army.

Battle of Boroszlo: Bitter Rivals' Hostile ReunionEdit

The following dawn, Leitmeritz-Legnica Coalition Army are marching for Boroszlo Plains and before the battle, Elen orders Lim to lead the Coalition Army's 2,000 troops against Lebus Army while she will duel against Liza alone, despite Lim's worries over Boroszlo Plains's geographical disadvantages and Elen's rage and impatience. Nevertheless, Lim relents and tells Elen to take care of herself. Meanwhile, Liza stares at the sky while lying on a horse saddle and mumbles about her eyes, though the latter being interrupted by a soldier who reports an arrival of Leitmeritz-Legnica Coalition Army. Anticipating Elen's arrival, Liza also orders her army to face the Coalition Army.

Few minutes later, both armies confront each other in Boroszlo Plains where Liza tells Elen that she is happy to see her again, though Elen retorts that she doesn't recalled of giving her "permission" to call her casual name and orders her to apologize to Legnica soldiers, an order Liza refuses to comply and the battle between both armies quickly ensues.
Wind vs thunder

The duel between Liza and Elen in Boroszlo

While Lim leads the Leitmeritz-Legnica Coalition Army to combat Lebus Army, Elen and Liza fight in a duel elsewhere where Elen is initially overpowered by Liza's unknown power. When Liza mocks Elen's insecurity, Elen instead asks Liza about her power and her reason to attack Legnica, but Liza digress Elen's questions and retorts back to Elen with sarcastic remarks[Notes 28][31]over her alliance with Zhcted's "enemy". Nevertheless, Elen warns Liza not to gloat her victory too early. Both Vanadises unleash their Veda against each other and during the collision, Liza is pushed back by the impact, resulting her defeat.

Surprisingly, Liza nonchalantly admits her defeat but Elen tells her that their duel is not over until Liza informs her two pieces of crucial information: Thenardier and Ganelon had already made their moves[Notes 29][32] and Muozinel Army had began its invasion onto Brune via its southern boarders.[Notes 30][33] As Elen remains dubious about Liza's claims, Liza adds that she will declare a one-year truce between Lebus and Legnica and a renegotiation with Sasha in subjugating the pirates. Elen reluctantly accepts Liza's truce before adding one more condition: Liza must apologize to Sasha and immediately return her land. With Liza agrees on Elen's terms, the battle in Boroszlo Plains is over.

Ludmila's One Battle Plan Edit

One Battle Plan

Mila's One Battle Plan

Back at Agnes, Mila proposes "One Battle Plan" to beat Muozinel Army in just one battle, which initially confuses both Tigre and Rurick, much to Mila's dismay. When Rurick asks if they even win this battle, the Ice Vanadis replies that they need to win at any cost since the Silver Meteor Army suffered its extreme exhaustion from the previous battles. For this reason, Mila tells Tigre that she will buy Silver Meteor Army some time for reinforcement by trying to besiege the enemy and holding out the battle as long as they could. Whilst planning to initiate an initial plan, which is similar to the previous battle against Kashim and 20,000 Advance Army, Mila supposedly aiming the provisions but rather think otherwise due to high risk that Silver Meteor Army will be defeated before they managed to attack the enemy supply lines as she know the opponent is none other than the Red Beard of Muozinel himself.

Meanwhile, thanks to Kashim Army's intellect, Kureys split his army in seven parts to avoid ambush: If Silver Meteor Army attacks the middle of the convoy then the group ahead and the back will eradicate the ambush unit before returning to position.

Battle of Ormea: Muozinel's Last Confrontation to the Silver Meteor ArmyEdit

After several discussion with Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army generals, Ludmila begins to deploy 2.000 soldiers behind two hills while the configure of the battlefield is changed to a snowfall weather. To prevent ambush from the Silver Meteor Army's ambush attacks, Kureys split 40,000 troops into seven divisions to annihilate the Silver Meteor Army if they ever attempting to ambush on the middle of the convoy.

Prior the battle, Muozinel scouts navigates their enemies movements Kureys's order and according to their search, there is a small stronghold on the left hill which allegedly belongs to their enemy. Kureys commands the First to Fourth Division to besiege the "stronghold" where Silver Meteor Army suppresses them with arrows and rocks to prevent them for advancing further. Later, he commands the Fifth to Seventh division to pursue a fleeing "refugee", which is actually Rurick's unit. While the "refugee" manage to lure them away from the group, Mila and Tigre immediately annihilating the Fifth Division. When Rurick Unit witness their commanders attack their commanders attack, they quickly join the war along with Brune Soldiers, which means the actual refugees were at the small stronghold where only guarded by few soldiers. Regardless, Kureys continues to observe the battle behind the seventh division.

It is reveals two nights before the battle, Tigre visited the refugee camp and requested everyone to participate the battle. Due to their limited resources and inability to defend themselves, the refugees initially objected Tigre's proposal until one refugee, the one who berating Tigre earlier, accepted his proposal as he explained everyone that following Tigre's instructions, not only help them to survived the battle, but also save more peoples without suffering the same fate as theirs. Knowing than running away would put them in more danger, the refugees decided to put their faith upon Tigre.


Muozinel Army's counterattack

Utilizing Mila's strategy, the Silver Meteor Army manage to break through the Sixth Division while pursuing the enemy commander, only to be lured and surrounded by both Sixth and Seventh Division instead. To make matters worse, Silver Meteor Army's 1,000 Brune soldiers (Flying Column unit) , who supposedly intercepting Muozinel Army's Sixth Division from behind, are fallen due to their extreme fatigue while being slaughtered by the Muozinel Army, leaving only a few hundreds to keep up. This unusual outcome frustrates Mila as she deems her tactic come close to drive off the Muozinel Army had they managed to catch up with Seventh Division. Surrounded, the Silver Meteor Army had to scatter into smaller groups and fight as many enemy as they could while surviving their relentless waves. While he watches his enemies' struggle from afar, Kureys is impressed over the Ice Vanadis's strategy while looking forward to capture her for Muozinel.[Notes 31]

Tiger and Mila danger

Tigre and Mila during the Battle of Ormea

Despite cornered by overwhelming enemy waves while facing exhaustion and supplies shortages, both Mila and Tigre continue to fight due to their principles: Mila's pride as Olmutz Vanadis and Tigre's mettle for his people. Just as they are on a verge of defeat for holding the battle lines too long, reinforcements [Notes 32]from Territoire make their timely arrival to repel their massive enemy. This unexpected outcome is beyond Kureys's expectations because he doesn't receive such information from his scouts but he remain calm as he remarks Tigre's and Mila's charisma that draws many allies for their aid. Seeing the prolonged battle will eventually destroy his army, Kureys orders a full scale retreat from Ormea Hills as he need further intelligence from his navy unit that was attacking Brune's southern port. As the result, 6,000 Muozinel soldiers were dead in the battle and total deaths from Muozinel Army reaches 16,000.

The next day, Kureys receives news about Thenardier Army's victory over his navy unit. Even he still has 34,000 troops remaining in his army, Kureys decides to make a full scale withdraw from Brune since he can't fight both armies in his army's current condition. [Notes 33]Besides, as long he did not suffers the defeat alone Kureys wouldn't mind to fight for another day. In Kureys's further remark, he claims that even after Roland's passing, Brune's dignity is still alive due to Tigre's performance in the battle despite outnumbered by his (Kureys) army. With Muozinel Army's full withdrawal, the battle in Ormea Plains is finally over.

Silvrash the Star ShooterEdit

After the war, Tigre is relieved to see his allies in well condition while watching Muozinel Army's retreat from Agnes. At the same time, he is summoned into a meeting with a Muozinel messenger who is sent by Kureys to deliver his compliments on Muozinel behalf. According to the messenger, Muozinel Army salutes Tigre for putting a worthy fight and become popular among Brune's noblemen and warriors; furthermore, while claiming Brune's mistake for condemning his archery skills, he continued to praise Tigre's skill that resembles Muozinel's own legendary archer named Silvrash. After the Muozinel messenger leave the camp, Mashas taps Tigre's shoulders while congratulates him for the victory.

Sleepy face

Mila see Tigre's sleepy face for the first time

As Mila tells Tigre that her army will prepare for their journey home, Tigre's body suddenly leaned next to her, pinned her onto the ground and quickly fell asleep, much to Mila's staggering shock. Regardless, Mila forgives Tigre's "rudeness" by looking at his sleeping face while remarks his hard work since their battle in Agnes. As a soldier asks her about her yell from her tent, Mila simply replies that it was nothing while continues to look at Tigre's sleeping face and remarks his shown mettle in the battlefields. After calling Tigre's casual name, Mila also fall asleep.

A quarter koku later, Gerard arrives to the tent while trying to speak with Tigre about their next plan, only to find Tigre and Mila sleeping together. Instead, Gerard leaves the tent and while decides to pretend not to see anything, he also commands the guard not to wake Tigre up until the next morning before he happily walks away.

Vodyanoy the Frog Demon Edit

Waking up from his slumber and being asked by an annoyed Mila for touching her for too long, Tigre immediately apologizes for the awkward situation but Mila forgives him as she too apologizes for being careless. Outside the camp, Tigre asks Mila about her next move, to which Mila replies that she will confirm her army's condition and might reconsidering to stay should Elen and Leitmeritz Army haven't return yet.

Vodyanoy manga

Vodyanoy the Frog Demon

Suddenly, Tigre and Mila see an ominous shadow watches them from afar but slips away into the depth of the forest, prompts them to follow suit until they confront Vodyanoy, a frog demon who demands Tigre to follow him before charging towards him. Mila intervenes by attacking Vodyanoy but he manage to hold off even after receives Tigre's arrow shot, which he finds disappointing as he flipping backwards. Vodyanoy's demonic introduction gives Tigre and Mila shivers as they hear notorious tales about him via folklore, thought it doesn't stop Mila from fighting against the frog demon despite her exhaustion. After saving Mila via his three arrows, which are dissolved by Vodyanoy acid spit, Tigre notching his arrow at the Frog Demon again but Vodyanoy finds Tigre's stance boring and while taunting the archer for unable to use the Black Bow "properly", he also informs Tigre that he will leave Mila alone if he agrees to come along with him.

Mila interrupts by rejecting the offer on Tigre's behalf whilst using her Veda to trap Vodyanoy. Just as he feels irritated over Mila's interference, Vodyanoy is shocked to witness Tigre's charged arrow shot-where the Black Bow absorbs Lavias's power, fires towards him and freezes and shatters the Frog Demon, seemly killing him. The attack however severely costs Tigre's stamina as he barely stands up, prompting Mila to support him by holding his shoulder while asks him about the Black Bow's power, to which Tigre nods as affirmative reply but he claims not serious than the previous battle in Orange Plains.

Upon Leitmeritz Army's return from Zhcted, Elen is furious to see Mila holding Tigre in her arms. To add fuel to fire, Mila provokes Elen by asking Tigre to call her casual name, igniting a small quarrel between both Vanadises. After separating Tigre from the Vanadises' argument, Lim angrily asks Tigre to explain the situation where Tigre reluctantly tells her everything, especially Muozinel's attacks onto Agnes and his alliance with Mila. Nevertheless, Lim is relief to see Tigre as she praises him for holding off the behind their absence.

Regin, Brune's Lost PrincessEdit

In the commander's camp, Mashas tells Lim and Tigre that he heard rumors regarding someone who resembled "Regnas" in Agnes. However, a soldier enters the camp and informs Tigre that Regin wants to see him immediately, to which Tigre complies. Regin requests Tigre for a private talk but as his reassurances to the girl, Tigre tells Regin that Lim and Mashas are trustworthy people and because of Elen's and his generals' trust upon him, he don't want to keep it a secret because it would strain their friendship. Regin reveals herself as Prince Regnas of Brune who rumored to be "dead" at Dinant Plains. Her stuuning revelations shocks the trio, especially Tigre who suddenly remembers her in their first encounter at Vincennes six years ago. As both Elen and Mila enter into Tigre's camp, they angrily stare at Tigre where Elen asks rudely towards Regin whilst Mashas immediately passess out due to his shock after learning the truth about Regin.

Silver Meteor Army Meeting

Regin and the Silver Meteor Army's Generals

Even after learning Regin's real identity, both Elen and Lim demand the princess for more explanation but it only make Regin even more anxious. Through Tigre's reassurances, Regin explains to everyone about her survival at the Dinant Plains and her reasons to hide her true identity.[Notes 34][34] When Mashas wakes up from his unconsciousness, Tigre asks Regin if Ganelon knew her survival to which Mashas interrupts by telling Tigre that Ganelon already knew her secret identity. Still, Elen remains dubious as she explains that even if they wish to help her, Regin would drags them into unwanted troubles. However, a word about Faron's critical condition from Tigre's mouth risen Regin's anxiety as she asks both Tigre and Mashas over such rumor, which unfortunately Tigre replies with an affirmative answer.

Regardless, Regin requests Tigre for the Silver Meteor Army's protection since she discovers the Earl's desire in defeating Thenardier. Due to her exposed identity and even risking attempted assassinations, her life would be in jeopardy so she asks Tigre if he can protect her until the end of the civil war. Seeing the request from the princess, the only heiress for the throne and the only one who can convince Faron to clean his name, Tigre accepts her request and decides to help the princess. [Notes 35] When Tigre asks Regin if she can prove herself as Faron's legitimate kin, Regin mentions Lutetia in front of everyone which surprises Mashas due to a fact that Lutetia is also Ganelon's province. The princess explains that within the territory resides an underground shrine that could only be accessed by Brune's nobility and as her proof, as she asserts that Badouin should know the Holy Grotto's secrets. [34]Finding the princess's claims as interesting, Elen replies that she might rally her troops to the said destination should Regin's statement is true. After the revelation, Elen then asks Tigre whether they going to defeat Thenardier in Nemetacum or going towards Artishem to beat Ganelon. After mulling for a while, Tigre opts to march for Lutetia.

Thenardier's Five DragonsEdit

At Brune's southern wilderness, Thenardier is waiting for Drekavac regarding his dragons since he already requested one right after hearing Zion's demise in Molsheim Plains.

Thenardier and Dragons

Thenardier and the dragons

When Drekavac arrives however, he instead brings five dragons with him: Three Earth Dragons, One Fire Drake and One Double Headed Dragon. Despite Drekavac's lateness, Thenardier is pleased to see the mystical creatures while noticing long chains that warp around the dragons's bodies, something which Drekavac attributes as their special protection to help them in killing the Vanadises with ease.[Notes 36] With Drekavac's reassurances, Thenardier smirks violently as he finally able to annihilate the seemly unbeatable War-Maidens. Vodyanoy silently appears for Drekavac and reports his battles with Tigre and Mila, especially the archer's instant recovery and his Black Bow's power which greatly concerns the Frog Demon. Nonetheless, Drekavac rewards the Vodyanoy with a coin and tells him to standby momentarily, further stating Ganelon's extreme disadvantage before walking away.

A Night Before Journey to Perche FortressEdit

In nighttime, everyone are preparing for their travel to a nearby castle in Ormea Plains. Rurick commands Gerard to quickly handling the supplies but Gerard retorts that Rurick and Zhcted Army should patrol around the area. [Notes 37]. Mashas, Hughes and Auguste would control the refugee population while Titta and Bertrand return to Orange Plains and meet the heroes. [Notes 38][35] After several meetings with prominent figures, Mila invites a tired Tigre for her tea but Elen pulls Tigre away for a chat instead. Both Vanadises then argue with each other while pulling Tigre's arms[Notes 37][36] until a soldier comes by and asks Mila to check the supplies. Tigre thanks Mila for the invitation and he might visiting Olmutz for another time, much to Mila's delight before she leaves the camp.

TIgre Elen Lying down

Tigre and Elen lying down

At night, Tigre and Elen walk to a nearby prairie for their late picnic. During the picnic, Tigre bows and apologizes to Elen for losing her men during his battle against Muozinel Army. However, Elen instead calls Tigre to raise his head and tells him to lie onto the ground and looking to the starry night. She then touches Tigre's hand and tells him not to feel remorse and pray for the fallen soldiers who put their lives for him. At the same time, Elen ask Tigre what would he going to do if she is captured by the enemy. Tigre's first respond is that he will immediately rushes for her and rescue her, much to Elen's satisfying relief. They continue to watch the starry skies until the next day.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • In the manga 31st chapter, Thenardier's ambitions are fully detailed as he plan to dethrone Faron, eliminating Ganelon and using his wife's regal status and other ministers support to enthrone Zion as Brune's next king.
  • In the manga 33rd chapter, Kashim feel the chill that he was marked by Tigre at the start of the battle and start to slightly panic despite the range between him and Tigre is 300 alsins while on Light Novel he only hear some kind of evil spirit spoke to him.


  • The civil rivalry between Rurick and Gerard was passive than Light Novel and Manga counterpart.
  • Gerard's hair was longer than his Light Novel or Manga counterpart.
  • Tigre's speech to 600 Brune soldiers was not present in one anime episode.
  • Regin's attire was completely revamped from the short shirt (Light Novel and Manga) to a dress, though her scarf was remained unchanged.
  • Due to Vodyanoy's absence in the anime, neither Tigre nor Mila fought Vodyanoy in Ormea. Thus, the battle with the frog demon did not happened.
  • Tigre haven't explained Elen yet about what happened in Ormea and Ludmila's retainer calls her for advising on supplies when both are fighting over Tigre.

Notable EventEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • Muozinel is introduced as the enemy kingdom to both Zhcted and Brune. Their purpose of its invasion towards both kingdom was to capture more slaves and its ambiguous ambition: conquering the southern part of the continent.
    • Later, Kureys also want to capture Central Brune (Nice as a Capital) but only to be foiled by discovery of Tigre and his new Army, Moonlight Knights.
    • Despite his action of capturing Nemetacum succeded, he was forced to withdraw later after he heard about his brother's demise and Tigre's valor for defending Brune prior to their showdown at Severack.
  • Two more Vanadises are introduced in this arc, Sasha and Liza. Contrasted to Sofy or Mila, both Sasha and Liza play a greater role in Elen's life in differ perspectives, especially Liza whose rivalry against Elen foretelling Tigre's significant role in both Vanadis's life.
    • Sasha is a Vanadis from Legnica whom Elen respected dearly. Due of her fatal illness, Sasha forced to relinquish her position as a Vanadis mediator but continues her duty to observe Zhcted from her sickbed. Additionally, both Vanadises were sworn to look out at each other whenever dangers befalls them, even if Elen had to leave her post to do so. [37]Elen's stories about Tigre intrigued Sasha. who wishes to see him personally before she entrusting Elen's happiness to the archer. She eventually see Tigre before her passing.[38]
    • Liza is a Vanadis from Lebus and also Elen's arch-nemesis. Unlike her rivalry with Mila[Notes 39], Elen's rivalry against the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis was personal and their animosity against each other were so intense that their argument almost turned violent. While responsible for Elen's departure from the Silver Meteor Army, Liza also seeks her interest upon Tigre as she predicts that neither Thenardier and Ganelon could win the civil war, resulting her indirect support for Tigre.[Notes 40][39]
  • Elen's bond with Sasha is fully explained in this arc via her flashback. Once a mediator, Sasha has continuously mediated both Elen and Mila from fighting and ordered them to make up, of which both Mila and Elen begrudgingly complied despite the traditional feud between Leitmeritz and Olmutz.[40][41]Due to her best friend's sickness, Elen vowed to protect Sasha at all cost.
    • Because of her severe sickness, Sasha is unable to stop Elen's fierce feud against Mila or Liza. The only people who can stop them on Sasha's behalf are Sofy[42] and Tigre[43][Notes 41].[Notes 42]
  • The battle in Boroszlo Plains did little in settling the fierce rivalry between Elen and Liza, despite the Thunder Vanadis's suggestion to hold a truce between Legnica and Lebus after her army's defeat. In fact, it further fuels Liza's desire to defeat and surpass Elen for Lebus's sake. [44]
    • It is in fact Boroszlo Plains becomes the key place for Tigre and his allies to travel to Zagan in order to defeat Ganelon once and for all.
    • The true reconciliation was finally made during TIgre's amnesia and when after he rescue Liza from Fine at Silesia.
  • The reinforcement army from Territoire revealed to be Brune's elite knights under Mashas's and Hughes's request. Like Roland, they are all leaders in their respective knights squadrons and also patriotic upon Brune.
    • Emile is the commander of the Perche Knights and a longtime acquaintance of Mashas. He led his 1,500 soldiers to aid Tigre.
    • Scheie is the commander of the Lutece Knights and a longtime acquaintance of Hughes. He led his 1,500 soldiers to aid Tigre .
    • Auguste is the commander of the Calvados Knights and a longtime acquaintance and follower of House Vorn. He led his 2,000 soldiers to aid Tigre. As Urs's former follower himself, Auguste also wrote letters to the late Roland about Tigre before the Black Knight's last battle against the Silver Meteor Army to explain Tigre's intention of inviting Zhcted Army into Brune.
    • In addition, Territorie and Aude also send their own reinforcements which was total of 8,000 soldiers to aid Tigre.
  • Vodyanoy is officially introduced since his cameo appearance in Roland Arc and becoming one of the series' recurring enemy since his effort in capturing Tigre and the Black Bow, despite being (apparently) defeated by Mila and Tigre via the Blizzard Arrow but miraculously survived and report his encounter to Drekavac. His information steepen Drekavac's interest upon Tigre but decides to watch him from the shadows, foretelling Tigre's ambiguous role for the Demons's wicked plot[45].
  • Muozinel's invasion give a strong impact to almost anyone who involved in this conflict. At the same time, it also triggering events that will end the brutal civil war in Brune,
    • Through Tigre's performance and charisma in Ormea, Kureys meets his first toughest challenge in his life. Even after losing Kashim and 16,000 men in Muozinel's failed invasion, Kureys is impressed to learn Tigre's caliber and as his compliment to his rival, even dubbing the archer as the Star Shooter because of his genius marksmanship for sniping Kashim from 300 Alsins.
      • This nickname of the Star Shooter is so prevalent at that time it even garnering Steid's attention.
    • With Muozinel Army's retreat from Brune, the three way conflict between Thenardier, Ganelon and Tigre continues with Thenardier finally decides to settle a final showdown with Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army, with 5 dragon as his prime asset in battle.
    • With two Vanadises (Elen and Mila), a recovered Regin and other Brune Knights as his additional support, Silver Meteor Army's base strength increases from 6,000 to 20,000 due to their heroic deeds for repelling Muozinel's invasion. This army's new founded status not only helped Tigre stood against Thenardier or Ganelon, its even brought the Brune Authority's attention which many nobles are willing to join Tigre's cause after his effort of repelling Muozinel on Agnes
    • Since the Dinant Plains incident, Regin has been hiding in Agnes until Muozinel Army's invasion reached to the wasteland and reunited with Tigre. With Regin's revelation of her true identity as the supposedly deceased "Regnas", including her childhood past with Tigre, she become the Silver Meteor Army's vital element to turn against Thenardier and Ganelon. Regin's reappearance alone marks the civil war's turning point where Silver Meteor Army become the main attention of Thenardier.
    • Under Mila's direction, Tigre learns every siege and defense strategy from Ludmila that proven to be very useful in his future wars. On as such when he was at Asvarre during a siege in Fort Lux at Asvarre, which turns out to be very effective than he could have imagine.[46]
    • Kureys will bring three times than usual army, from 50,000 on this invasion to 150,000 in future in order to challenge Tigre again for the next invasion to Brune. Little did he realized though that Tigre was suffering an amnesia at that time.
      • Later, the second invasion itself was far more worse as Kureys manage to seize Nemetacum and attempt to seize Nice as well which repelled by Tigre and his new Army, Moonlight Knights and will settle the showdown on Severack which mainly the duel between Supreme Commanders will be settled there.
    • With Agnes abandoned by Brune after the invasion, the land itself is ceded to Zhcted as an agreement of truce between both kingdoms, with Regin enthroned as Brune new sovereign while Tigre (along with Titta) returned to Leitmeritz.
    • Prior the civil war's final chapter, Badouin decides to pay a visit before Tigre's final battle Thenardier in order to confirm Regin's presence on Silver Meteor Army, whilst at the same time he also learns the truth about Tigre's true intentions of his reason for inviting Zhcted Army.
    • Titta become a personal maid for Regin due to her job as Tigre's maid since childhood, prompting Regin to know more about Tigre via Titta as she is the only one that she can be trusted to take care of her. Soon they developed a friendship that remained mutually good even after the end of Brune's Civil War.
  • Sasha's advice to Elen and Lim was later comes into the play as the Vanadises shows their true value as a warrior on the battlefield during Lord Marksman Arc.
    • Her indoctrination of not relying on the Viralt at all times during battle is finally taken deep into the Vanadises heart during battle of Zamberk except for Tina who continue to rely on her Viralt which eventually become her downfall when Valery was kidnapped by Miron.


  1. Muozinel soldiers only picked the villagers who can handle the labor of slavery, regardless their gender differences. Anyone who deemed unfit for slavery, especially children and elderly, were mercilessly slaughtered. Their bodies were put into the stone house as their warning to those who defy them.
  2. Muozinel has recently attempting to invade both Brune and Zhcted in various tactics, from kidnapping citizens to looting their cities. The invasion's main motivation was to gain more slaves and even attempting to conquer the western part of the continent. Invading Brune and Zhcted was their supposed stepping stone for its ambiguous ambitions.
  3. While it was Thenardier's original plan, Tigre made his first move before him by intercepting the Muozinel Army straight at Agnes.
  4. Due to his rivalry with Ganelon, Thenardier actually also suspected Muozinel's invasion was resulted from Ganelon's conspiracy for his ambition.
  5. The "Bow" Drekavac and the demons mentioned was referring to Tigre, the Earl of Alsace and also the owner the Black Bow, which seemly related to their devious plans.
  6. Tigre once gathered 600 Brune soldiers in an assembly and convinced them to join him in a battle to protect Brune from Muozinel. When he mentioned that Zhcted Army will fight to the last man and he would provide some strategy, all Brune soldiers were agreed to join him. In the anime however the assembly was entirely cut.
  7. Tigre allies would depart to Territoire. Before departing, Titta wishes her master good luck while Mashas urges Tigre not to exhaust himself.
  8. The "massive" army Tigre used is actually shadow army by using puppets and sunset's light to duplicate its shadows, creating illusion that confuse their enemy. This tactic often used when their army facing a larger enemies.It also once used to fool Zion and his soldiers during his battle in Molsheim Plains.
  9. According to the story, the rabbit outwitted the bear numerous times and forced it to give up. Gerard however explained the story's alternative ending: the bear would eventually exact its revenge should the rabbit became overconfident and let its guard down.
  10. Despite his humble apology, both Tigre and Rurick remained suspicious about Gerard due to his crude personality that steeply contrasted to his benevolent father. Still, because Gerard was Hughes's son and his talents in logistics was required in the army, Tigre had to trust him.
  11. 11.0 11.1 Kashim swore to execute the women should Tigre and his army did not arrived to face them in another one koku after executing male slaves. To provoke their enemy further, the Muozinel executioner also mocked the Silver Meteor Army as despicable cowards.
  12. Neither Kashim nor any of the Muozinel Army's advance unit ever anticipating that Tigre is the leader of his army and his army also includes some of Zhcted Army's soldiers despite he know some rumors about a minor noble invite Zhcted army in but he never expected it was Tigre.
  13. The little girl was one of many people who witnessed the execution ten prisoners, whom among those was her late father.
  14. According to Gerard, because Muozinel Army destroyed their homes the freed slaves were homeless and by calling them to return home in winter, it would meant rebuilding their home.
  15. 40,000 if including surviving Kashim Army's soldiers.
  16. In one conversation between three men, Tigre once complimented about a contrast personality between Gerard and Hughes. Gerard admitted about his difference and even he knew that he would be punished by his father for his crudeness, he stayed true to himself.
  17. Because of her inactivity, Sasha is often seen wearing either white or black clothes. Depend on her schedule, her attire would also changed.
  18. Also Bargren did not leave Sasha despite her crippled condition and her desire to retire as a Vanadis. Elen somewhat aware of this, assuming Bargren was actually worrying its user.
  19. Elen continued teasing Lim and as she saw the food on Sasha's table she used it to metaphorically describe anything about Tigre in general.
  20. 20.0 20.1 The plague-infested village that Liza burned was once related to Elen and despite having infected villagers isolated without Elen's or even Zhcted's permission, Liza didn't apologized as she claims that she did so to prevent the plague from reaching Lebus. To make things worst, Liza claims that she wouldn't need Elen help for the village.
  21. 21.0 21.1 Tigre's reputation for his alliance with Zhcted Army has spreed even to Muozinel. Due to this, Kureys took interest of his new enemy.
  22. Kureys's goal for his invasion was actually targeting Nemetacum, Thenardier's home territory. He also claimed that if Zhcted was going to attack other regions, they would not interfere their wars. However, if they shared the same goal, he would gladly to invite them for a drink.
  23. In her evaluation from her previous battle against Tigre and Elen, the fortress gate was supposed to be sturdy enough against all kinds of siege attacks, including Viralt attacks. It was enforced with sophisticated design with components of three plates of iron and each plate at least consists oak planks set between them. It remained unbreakable until a combination powers between Black Bow and Arifar managed to punch a hole on the gate.
  24. In the anime counterpart, Mila further asked Tigre why he did not used the bow's full power despite its status as the House of Vorn's most powerful heirloom. Tigre answers plainly that because even himself is unable to comprehend its true power and the only thing he know is he sometimes going black out after he used it in full power. Because of this, he only used it as a last resort. Mila understands that and she return the Black Bow to Tigre but she was looking forward for Tigre to using the power of Black Bow in exchange of the wages and expenses that she considered it as a loan to Tigre.
  25. The soldier who sent Regin a soup was actually a kind person. Due to her cautious personality however, Regin didn't take his generosity kindly except to Tigre. Although Tigre is the only person whom Regin trusted that time, Gerard warns Tigre that even he was fine to be virtuous he still has to ensure that the army has enough food supply by claiming even one grain would effecting the army's morale.
  26. Because of her chase by her enemies, including numerous attempted assassinations, Regin constantly stayed alert of all times even to her allies. The only person who can approach and interact with her directly was Tigre.
  27. Gerard has a memo about Tigre's relationship with women, including Elen and Titta.
  28. In one of Liza's mockery, she once ridiculed Elen for helping Tigre to retake Alsace without the King's authorization. In a twist of irony however, Liza would be helping Tigre (who would suffer his amnesia) throughout Urs Arc until her second battle against Baba Yaga, where his would regain his memories.
  29. Liza further told Elen that while both Ganelon and Thenardier kept themselves in check, Ganelon already made his first move before Thenardier. Despite being an ally to the two infamous Brune's Dukes, Liza herself didn't know who Ganelon would going to attack.
  30. To add insult to the Wind Vanadis, Liza told her that even if she is defeated her army was not easily to be beaten.
  31. In one of Kureys's remark, he also planned to "treat" her as a guest considering her position is just a rank below King of Zhcted itself.
  32. The reinforcements were consisted with 5,000 troops from Lutece, Perche and Calvados Knights Squadrons combined, including Mashas led 3,000 strong troops from Territoire itself leaded by Mashas and Hughes, making a total of 8,000 soldiers.
  33. Even if he had a chance to defeat the Silver Meteor Army, Kureys believed that he unable to reach Nemetacum since his goal was originally capturing Brune's southern port. After all, he claimed that fighting both armies unprepared would risk his army's instant annihilation, a risk he rather not to take.
  34. According to Regin, due to Brune's previous rulers were all kings, queens who bore only a daughter would be scorned by Brune's peers. Even worse, the chances for a queen to rule Brune was extremely low despite her regal status or credibility.
  35. The reason behind Regin's faith upon Tigre was because his ability to make Zhcted as his ally through his relationship with the Vanadises; furthermore, Tigre's motivation to defend Alsace from total destruction also prompting Regin to defeat the same enemies that conspired to assassinate her.
  36. These special chains were revealed to be a special protection to nullify even the Vanadis's strongest and deadlier Vedas, just like Roland's Durandal.
  37. 37.0 37.1 Even after repelling Muozinel's Invasion and Thenardier's death in Mereville Plains, Rurick and Gerard's uneasy friendship remains unsettling until the Silver Meteor Army's dismissal. Their uneasy friendship continued even after six month.
  38. In an anime exclusive episode, Titta would distribute food to Agnes refugees.
  39. Unlike the feud between Elen and Mila which happens due to tradition of Feud between Leitmeritz and Olmutz. The feud between Liza and Elen already happens even before both has become a Vanadis.
  40. Despite she heard about Tigre, Liza was disappointed to hear over his "death" in Asvarre Seas, where he was ambushed by Torbalan and sea dragons. However, Liza would officially met and picked amnesiac Tigre (as Urs) to Lebus.
  41. Despite Sofy can stop their feud, it was a temporary halt but when Tigre was involved with the feud, the feud itself was no longer active as every problem that makes the feud between Vanadises has turn to the more passive feuds such as they are trying to harbor their romantic feelings to Tigre which they are competing against each other to gain Tigre's affection.
  42. The Vanadises crush on Tigre prompts them not to fight against each other in front of him in order to prevent him from getting involved into their internal affairs. Slowly Tigre's affection taking effect on them, making the Vanadises effectively stopping their feuds against each other.


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