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Olga anime pre
Kana ムマ
Romaji Muma
Nickname Moon Princess of the Roaring Demon (Bardiche)
Weapon Profile
Type Axe
Owner Vanadis of BrestOlga Tamm
Kingdom Zhcted
Status Active

Muma, Viralt of Earth element, is used by the Vanadis of Brest.


Muma is shaped in the form of a small axe. Usually it remains as a small axe so the user is able to easily carry it around when traveling without being too conspicuous. The weapon is embedded with a fist sized topaz and engraved with delicate patterns.


As a Viralt of earth-element, Muma can absorb sands, change its size or shape to suit any kind of fighting needs. Under this condition, Muma possesses enormous power to break anything that stays in its path.

Veda (Dragonic Arts)Edit

  • 牙崩の壱 (アジンクリーク) (The First Fang of Slicing (Odinklyk (одинклык))) - Muma absorbs the sand from the surrounding and changes its shape to a long saw, and slices the target into pieces.
  • 角貫の弐 (ドゥヴァローク) (The Second Horn of Piercing (Dvarog (дварог))) - Muma absorbs sands from the surrounding and enlarge its size and its devastating power can break even the sturdiest object, or uplift the earth and send everything on its path flying.


  • Olga Tamm - The current Vanadis of Brest is currently the user of Muma


  • Along with Lavias and Valitsaif, Muma is one of the few Viralts to have a shape shifting ability.

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