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Kana ミロン
Romaji Miron
Casual Name Miron
Personal Profile
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Zhcted
Status Deceased
Position & Rank Chamberlain

Miron was a Chamberlain who vows his loyalty for Zhcted's nobility, specifically King Viktor and Ruslan who he see as the sole ruler for the crown of Zhcted. However, during Zhcted Civil War he sided with Ruslan and his supporters (including Vanadises such as Tina and Fine) while possessing an antagonistic hatred towards those who opposes Ruslan's reign, especially Eugene Shevarin and ironically his lord's son Valery, all the while too oblivious to realize that everything is according to Tina's scheme for her quest to becoming the Queen of Zhcted.

Character InformationEdit


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Tigrevurmud's entry into SilesiaEdit

As the following incident at Silesia, Miron is among of many who hears Tigre's interaction with Ruslan during the latter's (alongside with Lim) visit onto Fine, the new Vanadis who attacked Liza before her house arrest.

Role Prior to Zhcted Civil WarEdit

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Eugene's Arrest and DemiseEdit

Main article: Eugene Rescue Mission

Sometime after Tina's takeover of Silesia, Miron is extremely anxious over the trials of Eugene and even urging Tina to take over Silesia while executing the "traitor" immediately. To his dismay however, Tina told Miron to at least wait until the trial comes in the right time.

During his stroll, Miron meets up with some "new soldiers"-who are actually Tigre and his allies' in disguise- in regards of Eugene's execution only almost being captured by Naum hostage but he slips away and calls for reinforcements. During the scuffle however, Miron is furious to see Eugene again to the point charging towards him and stabs him with the sacred dagger before fleeing away. What he doesn't know however that despite his injuries, Eugene narrowly escapes Silesia and heading for Pardu with Tigre and Gaspar.

Betrayal Against Valentina and DeathEdit

While Valentina Army went to Zamberk Plains for their battle against the Black Dragon Army, Miron meanwhile kidnapped Valery and taken him at the walls of the imperial palace. During his confrontation with Tina while holding Valery as hostage with the dagger, Miron claims that since the Black Dragon Army is on its way to the capital, he is planning on delivering Valery's head to Tigre so he can "protect" Ruslan. He then urges Tina to surrender her Ezendeis only to be shocked when Tina retort that she will have his own head as a "present" so she can protect Ruslan. Miron become insane after hearing this to the point he charges towards Tina and stabs her while she protects Valery. The murder of Tina have driven Miron into insanity as he has finally slay the enemy of Zhcted Nobility, only to be stunned by Tina's glare that opting him to step back until the edge of the walls, causing him to fall down.


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