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Melisande's Uprising Arc
Part of Arc Three

Alternate Title Melisande's Revolt Arc
Location Nice, Brune
Western Brune Territories, Brune
Side Regin's Faction
Melisande's Faction
Result Uprising Fails
Melisande's Death
Tigre clears his name
House Thenardier is Wiped out
Sachstein's Invasion Fails
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Volume 12
Light Novel Chronology
Homecoming Arc ←Melisande's Uprising Arc→ Greast Arc

Melisande's Uprising Arc is the second story of Arc Three from Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. This arc primarily focuses on Melisande Thenardier and her supporters' uprising against Regin after Tigre's return after defeating Han's army in the south of Brune. This arc also introduces Figneria, Zhcted's new Vanadis and also an acquaintance of Elen and the once renowned Silver Gale Mercenaries.


Figneria and the Silver Gale MercenariesEdit

Eight years ago, Fine participated a losing battle and met Silver Gale Mercenaries's leader Vissarion who invited her[Notes 1] [Notes 2] in escaping the battlefield together. Upon her arrival at the Silver Gale Mercenaries' camp, where her presence[Notes 3] gained everyone's attention, Fine encountered young Elen and Lim who greeted her with courtesy before Vissarion told t them to leave. During a discussion about trade for gold and horses, Fine asked Vissarion about Elen since she had never seen a child apprentice like her. Vissarion attributed her as his crown jewel. Even as she wasn't an official member,[Notes 4] Fine occasionally cooperated with the Silver Gale Mercenaries in numerous missions due to her growing friendship with Vissarion. At one point, Fine also learned Vissarion's vision to build a kingdom where people could live a peaceful lifestyle despite that being belittled even by his fellow mercenaries. [Notes 5] Two years later however, Fine and Silver Gale Mercenaries became enemies in one certain battle where she fought and killed Vissarion in a duel, causing the Silver Gale Mercenaries to be disbanded. Since the dissolution, all former members including Elen and Lim went separated ways.


Moonlight Knights' Triumphant ReturnEdit

After the Moonlight Knights's reached to Nice from Plainville fields, Tigre and Mashas about Gerard visit on Regin's instructions. During their reunion, Gerard informs Tigre and Mashas two critical news: [Notes 6]
Firstly about the Royal Capital holding a celebration for Tigre's homecoming and glory under Regin's and Badouin's arrangements;
Second about the circulation of the rumor of Tigre being Zhcted's "puppet general" within Nice, much to a dismay of both men.[Notes 7] [Notes 8] Fortunately, the news of (Southern) Sachstein Army's defeat by the Moonlight Knights' Army somewhat eased the tension as Regin used it as a propaganda to accentuate Tigre's importance in Brune and instructed Tigre and his army to defeat Sachstein Army's Western invasion, all to counter the rumors about Tigre's "treachery". To prove his innocence for Regin's and Brune's sake, Gerard urges Tigre bring the Vanadises and 50 horsemen for an audience with Princess Regin. Tigre and Mashas further ask Gerard about Melisande and Armand, who he informs are acting suspiciously despite their arrest. [Notes 9] [Notes 10] Before leaving, Gerard further asserts that Tigre will receiving approximately additional 20,000 to 30,000 troops as support to repel the remaining Sachstein Army.

While Mashas musters any troops available, Tigre calls out Elen, Lim and Valentina for a meeting. Even after listen to Tigre's explanation, neither Elen nor Lim give Tigre an immediate reply [Notes 11] while staring at Valentina, who indulges her wine and requests Titta for more. After Tigre informs that Moonlight Knights will be staying in Nice for three days, Elen and Lim finally agree to come along with Tigre to Nice. Valentina also volunteers herself to Nice in order to see Regin despite facing Elen's sarcastic remark[Notes 12] against her. Therefore, 50 horsemen that consist 28 Brune's soldiers (under Tigre) and 18 Zhcted's soldiers (under Elen and Valentina), which also include Titta and Bouroullec's attendants, are going to Nice Royal Palace.

Upon their arrival, all Nice residents cheer [Notes 13] for the Moonlight Knights' victory and welcome their march with with open arms. During the march, Tigre also hears an poem about himself [Notes 14][1]from one of the crowds, much to Tigre's dismay while looking at Luberon Mountain from the town.

Finé, The New Vanadis of ZhctedEdit


Fine bows for the first time.

Elsewhere, Fine arrives to Silesia after her seven-days long journey and despite witnessing the city's lively society, she fells herself as an outsider [Notes 15] instead. When she displays her Viralt to the Imperial Guards, Fine is surprised to learn that she is given a prepared guest room for her arrival[Notes 15]. Regardless, she follows the attendant to see King Viktor in the Throne Room anyways. In her audience with the king, Fine kneels [Notes 16]and reports herself as the new Vanadis of Legnica, hence receives the tittle from Viktor. However, just as Fine begin to ask question about Bargren's choice of choosing her as a Vanadis, Viktor claims that even he doesn't know since the Fire Viralt has already chosen her, much to Fine's confusion. Before the meeting's end, Viktor introduces Eugene to the new Fire Vanadis and having him to inform more details about her duty as a War-Maiden.

In her guest-room, Eugene visits Fine and offers her a drink but she rejects as she want to listen an important business without getting drunk. When Eugene explains her role as a Vanadis and their privileges, Fine remains dubious as she asks him on regards her consequences (such as sending troops against her or forcing her in resignation) if she does anything without thinking Legnica. To Fine's shock in disbelief, Eugene replies that only the Viralt decides her fate because it doesn't receive orders from even Zhcted kings themselves, and it could only be transmitted to its master. As Bargren begins to resonate heavily with fear and distrust that garners Fine's attention, Eugene explains Viralts' possession with supernatural powers that made them legends in folklore. Fine further asks Eugene about other Vanadises, specifically Elen who Eugene suspects as her acquaintance but Fine denies because of her former position as a mercenary[Notes 17].


Fine is testing Bargren.

After mulling for a while, Fine requests Eugene to escort her to a nearby courtyard-which is also Zhcted soldiers's training grounds and located not far from her own guest room-in order to test her new weapon, to which Eugene complies and leads her to the said destination.[Notes 18] Prior Eugene's departure from the courtyard, Fine begins her training by testing Bargren as a weapon and swinging it around, only to be astonished by Viralt's abilities to absorb her memories, experience and even ability from her past battles as their own, further emit their brightness and engulfing a bigger flame on both blades. Finding her new weapon interesting, Fine smiles as she accepts the weapon's "challenge" and proceed her training by fighting and swinging the blade around her, only to stop in merely a quarter of koku as she breath heavily from her training. Despite her displeasure, Fine reluctantly accepts Bargren as her new weapon and decides to pave her path as a Vanadis of Zhcted.[Notes 19]

Audience with Regin: Brewing Conspiracies and MotivesEdit

At Nice Royal Palace, some nobles- who detested both Tigre[Notes 20] and Regin out of their jealousy and skepticism-are exercising their plot to assassinate [Notes 21] both Tigre and Regin while rescuing Melisande from her arrest[Notes 22]. Meanwhile, Moonlight Knights heroes are greeted by Celpet[Notes 23] and other Brune's figures in the Audience Room including Hughes, Badouin and Regin. As Regin congratulates Tigre for quelling a Civil War in Asvarre[2] and repelling Sachstein Army from Plainville Hills, Tina suggests the princess to retaliate by launching an invasion towards Sachstein. Regin however put the invasion attempt aside as she has other plans that deems confidential, something that would affecting Brune's politics before the meeting ends under the announcement of an night banquet.

After escorted by Celpet to his room and lying down for a break, Tigre is suggested by Titta to drink a cup of tea that are given by Mila before bedtime, though both are interrupted by a chamberlain who informs Tigre that Regin need to see him at the palace's balcony, which Tigre relents. Upon meeting Regin, Tigre retells his story about his life outside Brune, from his participation in Asvarre Civil War to his life in Zhcted, where the stories about Tallard and Guinevere garners Regin's interest[Notes 22]. Regin also tends to reward Tigre as his honor for Brune and despite his initial refusal[Notes 24], Tigre reluctantly receives it. Upon hearing Tigre's story about the battle in Plainville Fields in repelling Sachstein Army, especially with the Vanadises[Notes 25], Regin offers Tigre to work at the Royal Palace after the battle against Sachstein Army but Tigre declines due to his humble position, though Regin insists as she tells him that she allows him to return Alsace in Summer and Winter, all to yearn Tigre as her company. Hearing her answer prompts Tigre to request Regin to think about the decision, to which Regin permits while apologize over her sudden call for him.

At the palace's ground, Elen is strolling[Notes 26] at the Royal Garden and catches Celpet[Notes 27] for sneaking behind her. Celpet asks Elen about her relationship with Tigre and her reason to help him quashing the civil war, as well their "motives" behind their cooperation. As her cautious response[Notes 28], Elen says that not only because she was under Viktor's decree or witnessed Tigre's care for his people, but also most Brune aristocrats and ministers were gutless to defy Thenardier and Ganelon. Her answer however hardly convinces Celpet as he still finds her words skeptical but Elen cuts him off and continues her stroll.


Elen and Tina.

To Elen's further annoyance, Tina appears [Notes 29] behind her after eavesdropping their conversation while asking her true relationship with Tigre. Elen clarifies that they are just comrade-in-arms by trust but the Void Vanadis teases that she wouldn't mind to have a relationship with Tigre, further infuriates Elen. Regardless, Tina urges Elen to utilize an opportunity to take Tigre back to Leitmeritz-something which Elen refuses-and warns her that she might lose him should that relationship persists. When Elen become speechless after listening to her words, Tina continues that she will do anything in order to get what she yearns due to her "limited" power and inability in making choices. Before Elen could say anything, Tina tells her that she will be leaving to her guest room for a rest, leaving Elen silently watching her walks away without knowing or understanding her hidden agenda[Notes 30].

At the Banquet Hall, a feast is held despite Mashas's and Tigre's worry over Durandal's disappearance. During the banquet, after Regin delivers a toast to congratulate his recent achievement, Tigre reunites with Hughes and Auguste and asks them about his late mother. Both men however only attributing her as merely a gentle woman who Urs loved, further increasing Tigre's frustrations but requests Hughes to investigate on his behalf. Meanwhile, Gerard and Rurick are discussing possible conspiracies within the palace and attempts to prevent it from harming both Tigre and Elen.


Regin helps in washing his back.

A half koku later, Tigre leaves the banquet under Mashas's suggestion and decides to take a bath in the Royal Bathroom. During his bath however, Regin enters into the bathroom and helps him wash his back [Notes 31] while calling his name without formalities, much to Tigre's surprise but[Notes 32] Regin insists to stay. After reluctantly complies the Princess's request, Tigre then hears Regin's story about Brune's aristocrats' and ministers' prejudice against him despite his accomplishments.[Notes 33]. After recalling their encounter in Agnes two years ago, Regin tells Tigre that while she hasn't witnessed events outside Brune, from Asvarre Civil War to Sachstein invasion, she reveals her dream as to establish a more stable and prosperous Brune and she needs his help to fulfill that dream. When Tigre remain hesitant, Regin have him to reply his answer after the war and leaves the bathroom, prompts Tigre to suffer his dilemma between Regin's offer and his lifestyle[Notes 34].

Melisande's Uprising In NiceEdit

Celpet Failed Assassination AttemptEdit

After his bath, Tigre lies onto his bed but unable to sleep because of his thoughts about Brune's future affairs that affect both Alsace and himself. However, instinct quickly drives Tigre to prepare himself as he hears dozens of footsteps coming to his room. In a short skirmish, with the help of Rurick and Gaspar, Tigre manage to kill all ten assassins who Gaspar identities as noblemen, prompts Tigre to call out Celpet who then comes out and scornfully glaring at the trio. Tigre asks Celpet why did he want to kill him, to which Celpet accuses Tigre for his "treachery" against Brune and proclaims his act will preserve Brune's "justice". Celpet's answer however doesn't received well from Gaspard and Rurick as they condemn Celpet as a coward. Nevertheless, Tigre suspects something suspicious has happened at the Royal Palace and asks[Notes 35]Celpet if he has any allies, which the Baron timidly replies that he has none, just as Tigre predicted. In order to find and save Regin, the trio immediately rush for Mashas's room under Gaspar's lead[Notes 36] whilst leaving Celpet behind whereas the latter then shouts in frustration.

At her dungeon cell, Melisande is grunting at her "humiliation" by Regin's hands to the point prompting her to have a morbid imagination about Regin's torture as her retribution. To her surprise and relief, Armand and his soldiers arrive and free her whilst and apologize for their lateness but Melisande easily forgives him. When Melisande asks the situation inside the Royal Palace, Armand reports that 50 soldiers (Steid's former soldiers) have already on their way to Regin's bedroom and the palace soldiers were asleep under the effect of the poison[Notes 37]. Without waste any time, Armand and his men lead Melisande out from the dungeon and assists her coup against her cousin.

Tigre and Valentina vs GanelonEdit

Elsewhere, the trio barely muster any available soldiers[Notes 38] but before they could even reach Mashas's room, they are shocked to confront Ganelon (who infiltrated into the Royal Palace by killing off the guards) who then demands Tigre to display his power. Despite Tigre and his allies' best efforts, Ganelon is unscratched as he easily breaks Tigre's arrow's and parries Gaspar's and Rurick's attack. Initially disappointed, Ganelon nearly kills Tigre until Tina arrives [Notes 39] just in time to save him. Ganelon asks Tina about her rescue to which she replies that she is ordered by King Viktor to ensure Tigre's safety. The fight between Tina and Ganelon ensues and it almost resulting a stalemate until Tigre notches a Charged Arrow as the Black Bow absorbs Ezendeis's energy. This further garnering Ganelon's interest towards Tigre as he remarking the young Earl's late parents and readily to embrace the attack. On a forth count, the arrow is fired and flies in random dimensions and hits a confused Ganelon, creating a huge hole that extends to the Royal Garden but also allows Ganelon to retreat. Tina is astonished by such scene and asks Tigre about this bizarre power, something even Tigre unable to explain. Regardless, Tina smiles and tells Tigre that she will chase after Ganelon via teleportation, much to Tigre's dumbfounded reaction until Mashas-who is awaken from the noises outside his room-demands an explanation of this commotion. Despite his worries about Tina and Ganelon, Tigre regains his focus and tells Mashas everything about his near assassination by Celpet. With Mashas joins the group as their vanguard, Tigre and his allies continue their way for Regin's bedroom.

Auguste's SacrificeEdit

While that's going on, Regin is awaken by Auguste who informs her about the uprising and have her bodyguards Serena and Claude to escort the Princess and Titta [Notes 40] away to safety via an underground passage, which is located under Regin's bed. After the four enter the hidden passage, Auguste had to fend off the rebels by himself since half of his men were poisoned by Melisande's loyalists. However despite suffering extreme fatigue, lack of manpower and severe injuries, Auguste continues to fight until he finally succumbs to his wounds and collapses 20 seconds later. In his final moment, Auguste not only he blames himself for unable to protect his men but also laments for his inability to serve Tigre in the future. Hours later, Tigre and his allies-now joined by Elen and Lim-have arrive to Regin's Bedroom and become horrified to see Auguste's blooded corpse. This both saddens and angers Tigre as he vowing to avenge his longtime friend by killing Melisande and Armand, though fortunately Mashas manage to calm him down. The group later move on to find Regin and Titta as Tigre suspects that they are hiding at the Audience Room.

Royal Cousin's Violent ReunionEdit

At the palace's corridors, Melisande learns from her messenger that Regin was not in her bedroom but remains optimistic as she orders to go for the Audience Room instead, further asserts that she knows that her cousin is using a secret passage[Notes 41] for her escape. Meanwhile, Regin and her company travel within the underground passage until they stumble upon a crossroad, but Titta warns not to use the right route as she feels ominous hunch[Notes 40] of the path. So they use to the left passage instead and climb the ladder that lead them to the Audience Room.

Just as they find an exit however, the group are immediately surrounded by Melisande and her faction's supporters and subordinates. Regin asks her cousin about her next move after becoming Brune's new ruler, to which Melisande states that she will restore Brune's "former" glory by breaking ties with Zhcted and reclaim Agnes and other provinces from Regin and Ganelon, all for the (self-proclaimed) pride and prestige of Brune's nobility. To add her insult to her cousin, Melisande holds a fake Durandal in her hands and continues to aggravate Regin. Just as Regin is about to speak with Melisande any further, an arrow flies pass though Regin and kills a soldier besides Melisande with sharp precision, much to everyone shocks. To everyone's further surprise, the attacker enters into the room and revealed himself to be none other than Tigre[Notes 42].

Melisande's Desperation and DeathEdit


Melisande's shocking meeting with Tigre.

After recognizing her family's murderer, Melisande frantically orders her soldiers to kill Tigre and Regin but despite its overwhelming numbers, Melisande Faction's morale is dwindling because of Elen's arrival and Armand's death by Tigre's arrow shot to his forehead. Still, the battle continues as the Royal Cousins fighting against each other where Melisande uses the fake Durandal to kill Regin, who then defends herself with a torch. During the duel, a fire burns Melisande's clothes that causes her to panicked and run around to put it off, only to fall into a nearby hole that turns out to be a secret passage between Regin's bedroom and the Audience Room.

Six people (Tigre, Elen, Titta, Regin, Claude and Serena) immediately check on Melisande but just as Regin and Serena reach her however, it's already too late as Melisande suffers a broken neck and an extensive bleeding from her chest's stab wound by the fake Durandal. Melisande tells her cousin that all she ever wanted was to restore her family life she once had and finally succumbs to her fatal injury, garnering Regin's sympathy. Badouin and Hughes, who are awoken from Tigre's Charged Arrow shot, immediately rushes for Regin's Bedroom to find Regin and apologize for their lateness. Regin then orders an announcement of Melisande's death to quell the overall revolt and despite Badouin's plea to reconsider, the Princess's decision stands firm as she deems defiance will be considered as an insult to the fallen who sacrificed their life to protect her from the usurpers.

While Tigre and others had to sleep in another room, palace soldiers had to clean up the palace and bury the deceased that including Melisande's former soldiers. Celpet and involved ministers are arrested and imprisoned into an Underground Prison. To a surprise from Mashas and Badouin, Earl Delbord, one of Nice's veteran minister and also their old friend, is revealed to be the uprising's ringleader and when Mashas asks him why, Delbord replies that he simply unable to comprehend Regin and Tigre before being taken to his prison, leaving the Chancellor to wonder if anyone in Brune are still defying Regin's rule. Nevertheless, Melisande's death has effectively quashes the uprising in one night.

Valentina's and Ganelon's Remark of the Black BowEdit

Outside, Ganelon and Tina are talking about Melisande's failed coup which Ganelon views it as too "small". As Tina explains her story in aiding Tigre, Ganelon laughs as he reveals that he also yearned to see the Black Bow's power himself, further raises her suspicions. When Tina asks if he intended to kill off Regin, Ganelon denies by claiming that the Princess isn't to be concerned by the Vanadises, Demons and even Goddess; furthermore, because of the Royal Palace's complex secret passages, ambushing the Regin is nearly impossible. Just as Tina assumes that Ganelon came for Tigre with an ambiguous motive, Ganelon requests her to bring Tigre to him in an exchange of his protection on her behalf, which she declines by claiming her fellow Vanadises are planning to protect Tigre. In the meantime, Ganelon (silently) curses Tir Na Fal for her interference.

War Council in Resuming Halting Sachstein's InvasionEdit

The next morning, Calvados Knights, Tigre and Titta are attending Auguste's funeral at Nice Royal Graveyard and pray for the other fallen soldiers. After the funeral, both Tigre and Titta decides to go for a stroll in Nice's southern streets. During their stroll, Titta tells Tigre that Auguste entrusted Regin to her. After recalling everything about with Auguste, from his childhood to the events of Brune Civil War, Tigre mutters his thanks to his late friend before leaving for Elen and others.

A war council begin where everyone are discussing about Sachstein Army's western invasion. Tigre also informed by Gerard that the Moonlight Knight will receive additional 28,000 soldiers from Nice, making in total 38,000 strong army for the Moonlight Knights[Notes 43]. The council proceeds where Gerard reveals two bitter revelations: Leonhardt and his 50,000 cavalry horsemen managed to slip past the Navarre Knights -who was repelling Sachstein Army's continuous invasion at that time-at night and used unknown wasteland to reach Brune, somewhere even the Navarre Knights' least expected. Even worse, not even 30,000 strong Brune Army were capable enough to halt Sachstein Calvary Army's advance due to the latter's decisive tactics, resulting 10,000 men casualties from Brune Army while Sachstein Army suffered only 1,000, much to everyone's frustration.

As their counterattack, Tina initially suggesting to poison a river in order to cripple the Sachstein Calvary Army's morale. Not everyone is pleasant to hear it[Notes 44] however, and Mashas begin to question Tina's agenda before being stopped by Tigre. Throughout their discussion, Elen suggests to use the Fire Trap just like their battle against Klugel Army in Plainville Hills[Notes 45] Nonetheless, Tigre suggests to prepare the plot before their departure from Brune and everybody agrees to help out. The meeting ends after Tigre thanks everyone's participation to the upcoming battle against Sachstein Calvary Troops with Fire Trap.

Eleonora's Vision and DreamEdit

As the meeting conjured, only Tigre and Elen stays behind the room. To Elen's unease, Tigre tells her that he decides to work at Nice Royal Palace after the war, prompts her to assume the final battle against Sachstein could be their last cooperation. Still, Tigre promises Elen that he will rush for her regardless the circumstances, much to Elen's relief. In their talk about their rise as their kingdom's respective province's ruler, Tigre claims that he became Alsace's Earl through his peers' support and his desire to boost Alsace's economy, while Elen says that she became Leitmeritz Vanadis under Lim's guidance and her dream to establish a kingdom. As Tigre is surprised to hear her dream, Elen tells Tigre her origins and upbringing under the Silver Gale Mercenary's care until its dissolution after Vissarion's death, whose dream was to build a kingdom where everyone live peacefully without conflict. For this reason, Elen tells Tigre that she need to fulfill that dream to honor her late guardian. Astonished, Tigre thanks Elen for their fateful encounter that opts Elen to laugh and deem his words as his flattery. Two days later, 38,000 strong Moonlight Knights leave Nice for Prowirl Plains while Regin could only watch the army's departure from the palace's balcony and hoping for their safety and glory.

Battle of Prowirl: An Unexpected Chance of ReunionEdit

First Engagement: The Battle for EnduranceEdit

Somewhere in Western Brune Territories, Leonhardt reorganizes his army after learning Southern Invasion Division's defeat and Hans's death. When his adjutant Birnbaum concerns his war against the Moonlight Knights, Leonhardt replies that it is a necessary battle in order to avenge Hans and Sachstein Army's dignity despite their past differences [Notes 46];moreover, Birnbaum initially belittles the Moonlight Knights as "inferior" due to their "defeat" twice via encirclement, further motivate Leonhardt's desire to crush his enemies. Under Leonhardt's order, 50,000 strong Calvary Army march for Prowirl Plains.

The next morning, both Moonlight Knights and Sachstein Calvary Army confront each other in Prowirl Plains and the battle initially begins when Sachstein Calvary Army shoot volleys of arrows and bolts at the Moonlight Knights, who try to defend themselves the attack with long shields. The real battle however begins where both armies charge and neither soldiers from both sides willing to retreat. The initial yet violent battle however halted by the respective armies' horn blows, forcing both armies to (momentarily) retreat from battle. The battle then proceeds where despite Brune Army's best defense, Sachstein Calvary Army topples them with their ferocity that forcing the Moonlight Knights retreat into the marshlands, prompts the latter to give chase from behind [Notes 47].

Vorn Inferno Plan vs Schmidt Detached ArmyEdit

At the marshlands, both main armies exchange their respective counterattacks but because of Sachstein detached cavalrymen's ambush, both Zhcted Army (Leitmeritz Army and Osterode Army combined) and Lutece Knight Squadron had to retreat from battle. To further pressure the retreating enemy despite Birnbaum's warning about the enemies' trap, Leonhardt orders a full assault onto the Moonlight Knights. Little does Sachstein Army expects however is the Moonlight Knights archer unit (lead by Gaspar) ambushes them by shooting flame arrows and javelins towards them, causing a fire that burns the marshland which not only halting their advance, but also disorientating their ranks. The Moonlight Knights then seizes this chance for their counterattack.

Leonhardt however sees through Tigre's plan and deploys his army's ultimate trump card: his 4,000 Detached Cavalrymen[Notes 48]. Meanwhile, Tigre splitting the Central Unit into two to surround the inferno but the tactic is later scrapped as the Left Wing unit in under attacked by the surprising Sachstein Detached Cavalrymen. Nevertheless, under Mashas's advice Tigre orders the Left Wing unit's retreat that leave the Central Unit to be exposed for the Detached Cavalrymen's attack. In a twist however, the battle cripples the Detached Cavalrymen not only facing simultaneous counterattacks from Central Unit's two units, they are also annihilated by an incoming Leitmeritz Army. Even Birnbaum's pleas him to leave, Leonhardt refuses to comply until Elen breaches his army for him but unable to slay the general because of the persistent defense from Sachstein guards who try to protect him from her.[Notes 49]

In the midst of the battle however, Tigre and his allies are shocked to hear Asvarre Army's arrival via a messenger's report about the Red Dragon Flag, forcing the Moonlight Knights retreat from Prowirl Plains immediately. Leonhardt also reluctantly orders Sachstein Calvary Army's withdrawal [Notes 50]after hearing his "reinforcement's" arrival. In just one day after the battle, Moonlight Knights suffers more than 4,000 men casualties while Sachstein Calvary Army suffers roughly 6,000.

Asvarre Army's Arrival: Secret Meeting Between Former AlliesEdit

At the Moonlight Knights camp, a war council is held where five generals (Tigre, Elen, Lim, Mashas and Tina) are talking about Sachstein Army's strength and Asvarre Army's unexpected arrival at Brune. When Tina asks for a plan to counter to counter their deadlocked position, Tigre replies that he would negotiate with its commander but nobody know who will they send as their messenger. Lim volunteers herself for the task but despite Tina's "approval" because she represents the friendship between Brune and Zhcted, which causes Elen's displeasure, Tigre disagrees by stating that Brune will lose Leitmeritz Army's trust if Lim meets any mishap. Lim's decision however stands as she assures Tigre that she will not die due to her position as Zhcted general, who Asvarre Army would not kill. With even Mashas supports Lim's decision, Tigre reluctantly sends Lim for Asvarre Army and hopes for her safe return.

Hours until midnight since Lim's departure, an Asvarrian messenger come to Tigre and reveals their supreme commander as Tallard Graham, the Duke of Asvarre who wishes to see Tigre alone in secret[Notes 51]. While an agreement between both sides are underway, Elen finds the meeting skeptical but the messenger informs that the secret meeting's purpose was to avoid Sachstein Army's detection. Confirmed Lim's safety while brings a Brunish wine with him and Asvarre messenger agreed to bring Asvarrian cup for both of them, Tigre begins his preparations to meet Tallard and Lim at a nearby hills. However, everyone (Elen, Mashas, Rurick, Gaspar and Gerard) except Valentina worry about Tigre and Elen ask her if she approves his leave, in which Valentina answers that as much as they wish to help Tigre, they had to refrain themselves from interfering Tigre's own war. Hearing the Void Vanadis' words prompts Elen begrudgingly agrees to her opinion but still keeps a close watch onto the Void Vanadis to avoid further complications. After biding his farewell to his allies, Tigre rides his steed for Tallard via a detour.


Secret meeting between Tigre and Tallard.

Half a koku later, Tigre arrives and meets Tallard and Lim (who later leaves) beside a big tree. After toasting for their future success. Tigre demands Asvarre Army's withdrawal from Brune and asks its involvement in Sachstein's invasion, to which Tallard replies that doing so would increase Asvarre's achievements and gain Brune's northern and western territories if the invasion succeeds, much to Tigre's worry as he suspects that Tallard is actually strengthening his position. [Notes 52]Despite Tigre's plea, Tallard initially refuses and "urges" him to lose and be his prisoner [Notes 53] because he heard stories about him from Lim and the Moonlight Knights' possible dissolution. Without hesitation, Tigre boldly persuades Tallard to break away from Sachstein Army and join the Moonlight Knights, while making a deal (in a foreign accent) that he will live on without confront him. Surprisingly, Tallard laughs[Notes 54] and accepts Tigre's proposal on several conditions: The Moonlight Knights will provide Asvarre Army some supplies and allow them to step into Brune's soil for a secret through Brune's northwest that normally stationed by Navarre Knights, which Tigre immediately realizes that Tallard is planing to invade Sachstein. For the Moonlight Knights' safety, Tigre had to agree [Notes 55]Tallard's terms and the secret meeting is ended in one night.

Asvarre's Betrayal and Sachstein's RevengeEdit

The next day, Leonhardt reorganizes his troops to defeat the Moonlight Knights again at Monde Plains but the latter become furious to learn Asvarre Army's betrayal before the battle could even begin which took up position at the north of Sachstein Army[Notes 56]. Nevertheless[Notes 57], Leonhardt reluctantly orders a full withdrawal from Prowirl Plains, ending Sachstein Army's invasion. Eight days have passed after the retreat, Leonhardt's intuition is confirmed when a messenger reports that their army was under attacked by 10,000 Asvarre cavalry army and 5,000 Navarre Knights, as well the damages and loss of their supplies that they pillaged from the destroyed towns in Brune, further angers Leonhardt as he curses Asvarre Army's betrayal.

Meanwhile at Sachstein, King Augusto is also shocked to learn Sachstein Army's failure due to Asvarre's betrayal and begins an emergency audience with Leonhardt and other Sachstein's aristocrats in Sachstein Royal Palace. Instead, Augusto forgives Leonhardt [Notes 58] and gives him three-days of rest to reorganizes Sachstein Army as fast as possible, though he further warns that he would not set foot in the royal palace until Tallard is killed[Notes 59]. Given a second chance for redemption, Leonhardt accepts the king's orders and swears to crush Tallard and Asvarre Army for Sachstein's pride and glory.

Notable EventEdit

Light Novel And Manga DifferencesEdit


  1. The events in this arc only appear in the manga's bonus chapter. Unlike the Light Novel counterparts however, the battles in Sachstein Invasion are entirely skipped until the mid-battle of Melisande's Uprising, making Melisande's first meeting with Tigre as the only scene in the manga.

Story ImpactEdit

  • Fine makes her official appearance as the eighth Vanadis (chronologically if includes late Sasha) in this arc since her teasing cameo in Homecoming Arc.[3] Before receiving Bargren, Fine was a renowned wandering mercenary whose professional fighting skills and distrust tendencies preceded her reputation. Her encounter with the once renowned Silver Gale Mercenaries and its three former members (Vissarion, Elen and Lim) changed her life forever,
    • Fine's past relationships with Elen and Lim are briefly explored where she seemly friendly towards Elen and Lim, though she was more fond towards Elen as she was eager to befriend even a stranger like her and told her about Vissarion's dream to build his ideal kingdom. Elen's position as Leitmeritz's Vanadis and Bargren's decision in choosing her as Legnica's new Vanadis further motivating Fine to reunite with Elen and Lim, despite her hesitant decision due to the Silver Gale Mercenary's dissolution.
    • Even as one of Silver Gale Mercenaries occasional ally, Fine ironically became their enemy and caused the Silver Gale's dissolution by slaying Vissarion. However, Fine still remembered Vissarion's ambition but she has little intention to proceed his legacy.
  • Elen's backstory and upbringing under the Silver Gale Mercenaries are briefly explored ten years before the series' beginning. Even after the former's passing, Elen continues Vissarion's legacy as she vowed to build a kingdom he envisioned in his stead.
  • Vissarion makes his brief appearance where he acted as Elen's and Lim's father-figured mentor and Fine's friend (later rival), and his teachings later shaped the girls' future success as one of Zhcted's best warriors. Even as one of the series' posthumous characters, Vissarion's legacy greatly influenced Elen's and Fine's life respectively.
  • Fine's position as Legnica's new Vanadis begins to change her life from a wandering mercenary to a full-time War-Maiden, meaning she will yield responsibilities and duty as both warlord and ruler of Legnica.
    • Fine enters Silesia Imperial Palace and meet King Viktor for the first time, though she has troubles in adapting her new life due to her doubt as one of Zhcted's War-Maidens and sudden change of life without any preparations.
    • According to Viktor, Vanadises' selection is solely based on Viralt's judgement towards some of its criteria, something that not even past Zhcted Kings has such authority to do so, further implies the Dragonic Weapons are more than meets their eye from the suggested lore.
    • Eugene will be acting as Fine's Vanadis Mentor prior her path as a Vanadis and his experience as a Vanadis Mentor.
    • Fine will not only practice to handle Bargren and its fire-element powers, but also learns to gain its trust despite her displeasure towards it.
    • Fine's ultimate test will be taken when she have to gain the trust of Bargren and if her trust issue is stronger than her resolve, Fine could be the first Vanadis to be disqualified and rejected by Bargren in the future if her trust issues remain unsolved. Encountering Tigre is also a part of her trust issue trial whether she decide to trust the Earl that earn the trust of the Five Vanadis or not trusting him.
  • Tigre's return in Nice Royal Palace brings mixed feeling by most Nice residents. While many are joyful for his heroic deeds in defeating Sachstein Army's Southern Invasion unit, some detests Tigre out of spite and skepticism due to that very rumor about his treason against Brune, something that is made up by one of Hans's subordinate that was originally came from Valentina's plot.
    • Regin's resolution is shown where she is determined to establish a more prosperous and peaceful Brune, all to honor and preserve House Charles's prestigious lineage. Her feelings towards Tigre also displays where she worries about Tigre and plans to use Asvarre's returning peace as an example to strengthen her reign and Brune's stability.
    • Tigre himself is cornered by both backlashes from Nice aristocrats and ministers and Regin's pressure as a Brune hero and her minister, which forces him to question his own future that is already asked by Viktor beforehand prior to the Sun Festival.
      • This will make Tigre immediately makes his decision to work on Royal Palace due to his reputation and influence in Brune and his relationship with other nations such as Zhcted and Asvarre. While this prestigious offer such may not be the first, with Tallard himself already offered him to be one of his ministers in Asvarre in a wake of the civil war's aftermath, which he ended up rejected, it also put Tigre into a much difficult spot. Unknown to Tigre himself however, this is part of Badouin's plan to make Tigre as the King of Brune as fast as possible[4].
    • Elen begins to question her own feelings with Tigre after being asked by Celpet and Valentina despite her denial, though Valentina's "advise" prompts her to think over their real relationship until the next arc.
    • Rurick and Gerard had to put their uneasy friendship aside again for the sake of both Tigre and Elen due to their suspicions towards nice's growing conspiracies. This will be their first returning cooperation since Brune Civil War.
  • The aftermath of an unsuccessful uprising brings significant effects to those who are involved in this skirmish. Not only the Moonlight Knights successfully quells the uprising, it also strengthen Regin's resolution to establish a more stable and peaceful Brune by any means necessary, even she has to compromise with her opposition.
    • After witnessing the Black Bow's power, both Ganelon and Valentina become more determined to obtain Tigre and the Black Bow for their respective goals. At the same time, Ganelon displeasure towards Tir Na Fal might indicate his bitter relationship with the Goddess of Night and Death.
      • The Black Bow's destructive power is further displayed where it caused a powerful damage to the Royal Palace, from a destroyed corridors to a huge hole in the Royal Garden. These damages however are largely ignored as nearly everyone is busy on checking Regin's safety.
      • Due to Titta's bond with Tir Na Fal (Titta was getting chilled when Regin want to take the right path to the Royal Garden by Tir Na Fal during Melisande's Uprising from Regin's chamber) it will foreshadow further story between Titta and Tir Na Fal as Titta was the only person that was able to be possessed by supernatural beings.
    • Melisande's death not only results House Thenardier's downfall and her former associates' arrest, it also makes Regin as a sole survivor of House Charles's member and Brune's nobility on royal family lineage.
      • Nemetacum itself would become vulnerable and defenseless against foreign invasion, specifically from Muozinel Army where the invasive army would eventually subjugate its capital Rance in Greast Arc. Its would be fall would also pave the invading army's path to capture Nice.
      • In addition of Regin as a sole survivor of House Charles member and Brune Royal Family Lineage, Tigre's title of Knight of the Moonlight was already ensured and guarantee his position as the Next King of Brune but he has yet official to be a part of Royal Family lineage despite he "officially" become the next heir of Brune's throne.
    • Ganelon's unexpected return later brought up by Hughes in the following arc. For now, there are currently eight people (Tigre, Rurick, Gaspar, Valentina, Hughes, Mashas, Lim and Badouin) knows Ganelon's true self as the demon.
    • Auguste will be forever remembered by Calvados Knights, Tigre and Titta but unlike Bertrand, Urs and other fallen Alsace soldiers, his body is buried within Nice Royal Cemetery on the grave of the heroes which joins Roland and the other famous Brune figure. The former's passing then leads to Tigre's decision to stay in Brune and work at the Royal Palace in order to help Regin's ambition and protect Brune.
      • Elen herself feels so sad about Tigre decision that she assume their comeback battle could be their last. She is relief to hear Tigre's reassurance however, as he promise her that he will rush to aid her should dangers befall onto Elen. This kind of promise deemed to be similar to Elen's own to Sasha, as she also promised her late friend her protection even if she had to abandon her duty for her sake.
    • Earl Cotillard, House Thenardier's last active loyalist, decides to seek Greast to topple Regin for Melisande's name without knowing the former's death and the uprising's failure. Greast's sole reason to "help" Cotillard to kill Tigre and topple Regin however is to obtain Elen since their last battle two years ago.[5].
  • For the first time since its Civil War, Asvarre Army launch several campaign outside its kingdom under Tallard leadership.
    • Miraculously, Asvarre makes its quick recovery within six months of the aftermath, unlike Brune who continue to face its internal affairs even after its own two years long civil war.
    • Asvarre Civil War was more ease and smooth as Eliot was relied on pirates and Tallard only use less than ten thousand while the Civil War itself did not cost many of Asvarre's Soldiers unlike Brune that was far more worse due to feud between Thenardier and Ganelon which costs approximately around a quarter of Brune's total Army, making Brune more longer to recover from the civil war two years ago.
  • Through Lim's account, Tallard learned Tigre's relationship with Zhcted and its Vanadises (barring Figneria) as Tigre threaten him that he will not hesitate to retaliate even confronting both Sachstein and Asvarre. Knowing attacking Tigre will give him some trouble because of Zhcted's possible invasion upon Asvarre, Tallard had to change the negotiation that benefits him while also avoiding any fight against Tigre and his allies. This alone marks a brewing yet hidden rivalry between Tallard and Tigre.
    • Ten years from current story, both men's possible rivalries will be foreshadowed in the later arcs that reveals their respective fate, even though both Tigre and Tallard don't wanted to be enemies in their next encounters: Tigre was hunted by the demons for the Black Bow's power while Tallard still pursue his ambition to become King of Asvarre even it forsake his own people.
    • It is possible that both will be face head to head again as a Head Monarch of each country. Tallard pursue his ambition to become king officially while now he doesn't satisfied just to be de facto due to Guinevere was recognize as a ruler of Asvarre officialy[Notes 60] while Tigre was always offered prestigious positions by his peers and his allies (Regin offers Tigre to be her minister and Tallard offers Tigre to be his minister).
      • Tigre's title of Knight of the Moonlight already guarantee him to become the next King of Brune, Badouin will make Tigre work at Brune Royal Palace in order to prepare Tigre in order to be ready to ascend as a next King of Brune either when he marry Regin or she abdicate the throne to him.
  • The aftermath in Prowirl Fields temporarily ends Sachstein's overall invasion attempt towards Brune and possibly other nations, which considered as a humiliating defeat by most Sachstein's citizens after they learned Asvarre Army's betrayal due to a secret meeting between Tigre and Tallard.
    • After holding a "truce" between Asvarre Army and the Moonlight Knights with an exchange of gaining access into Brune's soil, Tallard shifts his focuses on invading Sachstein.
      • In addition, Brune's Western Border is temporarily secure as Asvarre uses Brune's soil to attack Sachstein via the north. This somewhat give Regin enough time to muster nearly all available knights including Navarre Knights that led by Olivier to join Moonlight Knights in order to defeat Muozinel Army.
    • Augusto becomes increasingly aggravated over the defeat of Sachstein Army at Brune, thus he ignited the Sachstein-Asvarre Campaign by placing Leonhardt as a Supreme Commander of Asvarre Campaign itself.
    • Ten years from now it will foreshadow a story about Tigre and Tallard as they will not engage a battle against each other until their next encounter either within ten years or around ten years of that time.
    • Sachstein possibly will not go on offensive after twenty-two years full of offense[Notes 61], this is the first time in the story Sachstein will be put on defensive.
  • Kureys and Muozinel Army manages to slip past through Ludmila's defenses by keeping her occupied at Fort Forney through skirmishes. Due to her ominous hunch regarding the demons'presence via Lavias's light, Mila had to ride off to Brune alone.
    • With Brune has yet recovered from Sachstein Invasion, Regin have to muster every strength on Brune in order to repel Muozinel Army by placing every soldiers in Brune under Tigre's command. All of Brune knights would join the Moonlight Knights to defend Nice from the Muozinel Army.
    • Zhcted replied by sending reinforcements to reinforce Moonlight Knights. It is unknown that Zhcted troops led by Olga and Sofy as both are tasked to support Mila to repel Muozinel manage to reach Moonlight Knights before main battle.
    • Kureys is highly hope to fight Tigre again as both Supreme Commander will make another showdown on Severack to settle the duel once and for all.
      • Additionally, Tigre will be able to use his army's full might unlike his battle in Ormea hills, where Elen's absence for Legnica and Brune soldiers' exhaustion caused the Silver Meteor Army barely withstood against Muozinel Army. Aided with a whole Officers on Moonlight Knights and in a battle-ready condition, Battle of Severack would be Tigre's best time to utilize Moonlight Knights's full potential to defeat Kureys.


  • If you includes the late Sasha, Fine is actually the eighth Vanadis to be introduced in the series.
  • The food-poison effect by Melisande's faction makes the soldiers either suffer headache or stomachache, which most of them are non-lethal.
  • The first phase of battle at Prowirl is similar to Battle of Ormea where Silver Meteor Army will also have to break their limit of endurance to survive the relentless attack of Muozinel Army until reinforcements arrived from Territorie.


  1. Even as Vissarion asked her with a calm and friendlier manner, Fine remained cautious since it was a battlefield, meaning that anybody could be her potential enemies.
  2. For the defeated mercenaries, they were often sold as slaves while they were in good condition. In Fine's case because of her gender, her fate could be worse.
  3. In most mercenary groups, women acted as entertainers and nurses in the camp while performing other chores, all to boost the mercenaries morale for the battles. For Fine's case, female mercenaries were rare and because of her distrust of anyone, she would either knock out any men who attempted to get close to her with ulterior motives, or chose to ignore those who belittled her with loathsomeness and animosity.
  4. Because she often going on her missions by her own, Fine rarely associated or affiliated to any mercenaries group.
  5. Aside from Fine, even Silver Gale's veteran mercenaries who Vissarion trusted took his dream as a joke. The only people who truly admired Vissarion's vision were Elen and Lim.
  6. Tigre was once originally thinking on inviting Elen to listen to Gerard's news due to its importance to both himself and the Vanadises. With Valentina around however, since giving an information to Elen was unfair on one side, Tigre decided not to call her.
  7. Even after the aftermath of the Civil War, Brune's discriminating perspective upon Tigre and the Vanadises remained unchanged despite the Tigre's contribution in quelling Civil War. Ironically, because of Tigre's involvement in ending the Civil War and defeating Sachstein Army, some Brune ministers had to swallow their hatred and pride and let it pass.
  8. Surprisingly, of all people who heard the rumor, only the ministers and nobles (specifically Melisande's sympathizers) believed the rumor while the majority of Brune's citizens ignored it.
  9. According to the current situation, if Melisande is executed by Regin, it will only further deepen the infractions and distrust over Regin among the Brune aristocracy and the ministers.
  10. Even during his confinement within Royal Palace (for making the disturbance during the Halo Festival), Armand was permitted to roam freely in the palace grounds.
  11. The majority of their silent was because of their uncertainty in facing nice citizens' or retainers' hostility, especially after they heard another allegations about Tigre's "treachery";moreover, should the Vanadises and other Zhcted officers are under attack in the Royal Palace, it might reignite the hostility between Brune and Zhcted, something Regin attempt to avoid. For Tigre, he didn't wanted to see his allies to be hurt as he swear his life and honor to defend his (Zhcted) friends
  12. Still suspicious over Valentina's ulterior scheme, Elen once urged Valentina to stay since she was "sick", though Valentina retaliated that because of her role as a Vanadis and she never meet Regin before, she had to come along.
  13. According to Gerard, even if the rumor did spread in Nice, anyone attempting in disturbing the victory celebration victory could only fueling some people's animosity against Tigre and even his allies.
  14. The song itself was a tribute to Tigre's achievements in quelling the Civil War and rescuing Regin from danger. In addition, it is also one of few poems that praised the archers as heroes.
  15. 15.0 15.1 For Figneria, who has been a wandering mercenary as her professional career, she didn't stay in the cities for long as she viewed as just a place to recuperate herself (by eating and sleeping) and gathering information; additionally, because of her birth as a commoner who strife to survive by becoming a mercenary,which motivated her to be the mercenary in the first place, Fine didn't received better treatments or even luxuries from other people despite her renowned fame garnered her fellow mercenaries's respect and admiration.
  16. Unlike knights or nobles, mercenaries rarely affiliating themselves with neither a kingdom nor a nobility and they rarely following orders from anyone. For this reason, due to her longtime experience as a mercenary, Fine has an uneasy felling to kneel to anyone who she viewed as strangers.
  17. Due to her contribution in Vissarion's death and Silver Gale Mercenaries's dissolution years ago, Fine was actually hesitant to face Elen as she deemed the meeting was "unnecessary" despite her yearned to meet the girl.
  18. The main reason for her to make such request was the fact that Fine suspected Bargren may have read her mind; furthermore, even if Bargren did select her as a Vanadis, Fine herself may not necessary to recognizes it as a new weapon, so she would going to test it.
  19. Figneria didn't submit to Bargren simply because of their powers, she only accept her fate as her sole weapons despite the Viralt's endurance and ferociousness has surpassed hers.
  20. It has revealed that even Tigre's victory against Thenardier received negative views by some Brunish aristocrats: some believed that he shot a poison arrow to the former Duke while others assumed that he was assisted by Zhcted Army, despite the truth shown otherwise. In further fanning their animosity against Tigre, an anonymous rumor regarding his "betrayal" eventually blinded them as they plotted to stage a coup against Regin, only to foiled by both Moonlight Knights's retaliation and the reappearance of Ganelon, who possessing demonic powers.
  21. An elder minister claimed that once they got rid of Tigre and Regin, it will instantly demoralizing either targets's close associate which includes Mashas and others. They would also have Armand to participating their uprising while having Zhcted soldiers (including the Vanadises) killed.
  22. 22.0 22.1 For the loyalist and supporters of House Thenardier, in order to preserve the true legacy of Brune nobility, Melisande was needed to be the queen instead of Regin, whom they detested due to her inexperience in politics.
  23. Celpet was one of Brune politics's Neutral Faction as he neither supported Regin's reign nor affiliated with Melisande Faction, despite the latter revealed to be a ringmaster behind the Melisande Faction's coup against Melisande after he heard a rumor about Tigre's "treason". Like those who resented Tigre, Celpet also believed the rumor and even self proclaimed that, by slaying the "traitor", Brune's true justice will be restored and he would be a "hero", something that disgusted Rurick who deemed the Baron was more a thug than a hero. However, it was until the revelation of Melisande's true colors that finally prompted Celpet into surrender to Regin without condition.
  24. The reason for Tigre to be hesitant to receive such reward was because he claimed the mission was under Viktor's request, despite the mission itself also for Brune's sake.
  25. Tigre's relationship with the Vanadises has prompted Regin to feel envy as she attributed Zhcted has more caliber warriors than Brune. That didn't eased her worries as she warned Tigre to be wary as the rumors about him betraying Brune was still in effect, in which Tigre complied for Elen and others's sake. This alone also made Regin prone to jealousy towards Tigre's relationship with the Vanadis as well.
  26. The reason for her to stroll the gardens was due to Elen's unease over the relationship between Tigre and Regin.
  27. During the stroll, Elen sensed someone, whom revealed to be Celpet, have been sneaking behind her while stomping onto a ground to force him to show up, in which in his defense that he followed him in order to prevent her from "harm".
  28. Even not knowing whom Celpet supported prior the Civil War, Elen was certain that the Baron wasn't one of Silver Meteor Army's allies because of his doubt towards Tigre. Her intuition later confirmed as the Baron betrayed Tigre and revealed to be a defector to Melisande Faction.
  29. Like Elen, Tina was "bored" as she wandering around Nice until she accidentally eavesdropping Elen's conversation with Celpet, though Elen later warned her fellow Vanadis that she could a suspect for espionage should she left wandering alone for too long.
  30. In one of her ploy, Valentina attempted to further fanning a distrust between Brune and Tigre by writing a false accusation letter to Celpet regarding Tigre's "treason", solely desired to witness the Black Bow's true power herself. Little did Valentina foreseen however was that someone already went ahead to do the same thing.
  31. This was Regin's method to replay Tigre's deeds from helping her to wash her back prior the Silver Meteor Army's war against Muozinel Army in Agnes.
  32. Originally, Tigre assumed that the Princess was mistaken the bathhouse's entrance, to which he realized that Regin enters the room willingly, with Serena guarding outside.
  33. The primary reason that Regin had to "transform" into a cold ruler was to quell any opposition against her, and also attempt to change Brune as a stable kingdom once again since Faron's passing.
  34. As much as Tigre wanted to help Regin's reign, Tigre had to remove that hesitation he had in mind, which means that he had to sacrifice his lifestyle in order to fulfill Regin's dream. Unfortunately, there were too many things for Tigre to put away.
  35. According to Tigre and others' knowledge, even in their disguise the attacker would not likely to know his room without being questioned by Palace soldiers. In order to gain Celpet's cooperation, which the latter initially refused due to his hatred against the young Earl, Tigre had to use a sharp and aggressive tone to force Celpet to cooperate.
  36. Because he wasn't familiar to the Royal Palace's layout, Tigre requested Gaspar to lead the way since he was among of few to recognizes the location of every layers.
  37. The poison Armand and others administered wasn't fatal and it was originally plan to put everyone in sleep, including the nobles. Under some circumstances, those who are poisoned either suffered headache or stomachache.
  38. Of all 50 Moonlight Knights, only a few manage to follow the trio because most of their comrades suffered a food poisoning from their poisoned dish that was administered by House Thenardier's loyalist. What worse was the fact that not only some Royal Palace soldiers were suffered the same food poisoning, some were killed off by Ganelon before the warning could even went off by the royal guards.
  39. It was revealed that Tina has been observing Tigre's movement all the time since Celpet's failed assassination attempt.
  40. 40.0 40.1 Before the uprising, Titta was moved to Regin's bedroom to sleep together as a friend and she wishes to know more about Titta's adventure on Zhcted. Courtesy to Titta's instinct, which appeared to be under Tir Na Fal's help, Regin managed to avoid Ganelon's would-be assassination attempt upon her.
  41. Melisande knew the Royal Palace's hidden passage network via her father, who claim the tunnels were used as an escape route and only to be accessed by Brunish nobility. Strangely enough, this information was so classified that not even Thenarider knew the underground network's existence.
  42. It was revealed that Tigre used Elen's wind as his shortcut to reach the Audience Room despite Elen's initial doubt that her wind allows Tigre to fly beyond its height limit; moreover, the noises from the Audience Hall further solidifies Tigre's confirmation over Regin's location.
  43. When Tigre was worried because of the supplies due to receive sudden numbers that was almost three times than his original army, Gerard reply that he will even prepare supplies for fifty thousand troops for Moonlight Knights to ease Tigre's worriedness for supply.
  44. The group's reason for their displeasure was because of the last night revolt that involving poison; additionally, Mashas was the first to reject the plan because the plan itself also increases civilian casualties who resided the riverside despite its effectiveness against the enemy. Tina was unfazed about the would-be consequences however as she claimed that it would be better than Brune Army to suffer their sixth defeat by Sachstein Calvary Army. This alone prompted Mashas to suspect her agenda to generate chaos in Brune.
  45. Even with Brune's enriched lush green fields that makes the Fire Trap against the Sachstein Calvary Army possible, Brune's Western Territories was filled with marshlands and has an unpredictable weather of either rain or fog, meaning the trap itself was less effective especially if it didn't set correctly.
  46. In reality, Leonhardt disliked Hans due to his humble upbringing and they often argue with each other over their styles in warfare. However, Leonhardt at least recognized Hans's talent in building formidable castle, something that Leonhardt did not have, and also his reason to avenge his fellow Sachstein general.
  47. The marshland was one of the Moonlight Knights plan since it served as the cavalry army's weakness, though that didn't stop Sachstein Army to chase after the retreating enemy. The retreat was Tigre's plot to reduce possible amount of casualties of the army.
  48. The 4,000 Detached Cavalrymen was Sachstein Cavalry Army's trump card that was secretly prepared by King Augusto himself.
  49. The Sachstein Soldiers uses their body as a meat shield for Leonhardt in order to keep Elen at the bay. Even she manage to slay many Sachstein Soldiers, more of the soldiers are just keep coming which forced Elen to withdraw.
  50. The uneasy alliance with Asvarre Army was one of Sachstein Army's final resort to invade Brune despite Sachstein generals viewed Asvarre Army untrustworthy due to the two kingdom's antagonistic rivalry. Unfortunately, Asvarre Army' sudden treachery against them further increasing Sachstein's hostility against the latter especially after Tallard reunited Tigre in secrecy.
  51. There are three conditions that makes Tallard want to meet Tigre alone. First is both armies must not move their camps, second is Tigre will set the place and Tallard will set the time and third is Tigre will go alone because Tallard will also go alone as well. The main purpose is to avoid suspicion from Sachstein Army.
  52. Because of the combination of Sachstein' massive army and Melisande's treachery, Tigre and his allies have been struggling to defend Brune's security from danger despite the support from Regin and her allies; moreover, because Tigre haven't defeated Leonhardt yet, Brune was still on a verge of danger not only against Sachstein, Asvarre but also Muozinel which has yet made its move from the south.
  53. Because he heard stories from Lim, Tallard would attempted to keep him as his prisoner just like Elen, even if it forced Brune to pay 500,000 gold as the deferred payment.
  54. For Tallard, depending his decision on a given opportunity he might become Asvarre King quicker by the end of the year had he slain Tigre. The only reason for him to hold back however was because of Tigre's alliance with the Vanadises and Zhcted, which poised a bigger threat to both him and Asvarre should he attack Tigre and his allies.
  55. Because his involvement in Asvarre Civil War where he learned Tallard's ambition to be king even resorted to betray Germaine, Tigre deemed battling against Tallard and his army risky as it would also involved Regin and Alsace resident altogether should he made a wrong move.
  56. Leonhardt notices something when Asvarre took up position at North of Sachstein Army. For many person it looks like Asvarre was going to strike the rear formation of Moonlight Knights but he think other side that Asvarre Army could attack his army's rear line.
  57. Due to Leonhardt's 20 years long of experience he cultivated in his battles, he had to be cautious over possible ambush from the enemies. Furthermore, Asvarre's sudden defection could worsen Cavalry Army's position if he continue to fight. In order to lesser the risk of losing despite that would decision would consequently labeled him as a coward, and his personal dissatisfaction over the sudden change, Leonhardt had to call a withdrawal in order to avoid further damage.
  58. Augusto's reason not to execute Leonhardt was because Leonhardt was the only general to possess a massive army after Hans's death. Besides, the old king also going to put the blame onto Asvarre for halting his invasion plot to Brune.
  59. King Augusto will not accept the news that Tallard is killed without evidence instead he want Leonhardt to visit Royal Palace with Tallard's head on his hand to confirm the news by his own eyes.
  60. He was not satisfied much with his position as a Duke of Asvarre, Tallard even state that by making Guinevere his wife he can become a King of Asvarre officially.
  61. Sachstein making many invasion attempt such as Muozinel with 1,000 fleet that was foiled by 200 Muozinel fleet led by Kureys, attempting to invade Brune at Pre and Brune Civil War many times which later foiled by Roland and recently current invasion that was foiled by Moonlight Knights led by Tigre. While recently Asvarre has triggered the invasion to Sachstein which forcing Sachstein to put on defensive.


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