Kana マトヴェイ
Romaji Matovei
Personal Profile
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Legnica, Zhcted
Status Alive
Occupation Sailor
Army Legnica Army
Position & Rank Ship Captain
Territory Legnica

Matvey is a longtime acquaintance of Alexandra Alshavin and a prideful captain of the Proud Beluga.

Character InformationEdit






First Encounter to TigreEdit

Involvement in Asvarre Civil WarEdit

Tigre's DisappearanceEdit

Shortly after the civil war, Matvey was supposed to return to Zhcted with Tigre, Olga and Sofy. However, during their trip home, the ship came under attack by Torbalan and his sea dragons. Even he, Olga and Sofy managed to survived the Torbalan's naval assault, Tigre was nowhere to be found.

Torbalan and Pirate's assault on Olsina Sea Edit

Later after he heard about Lester and the Pirate's assault that will reach Legnica, Matvey was assigned as Sasha's personal attendant. He also participates in repelling the pirates assault while also witnessing the might of the demon itself even he already witness it during return from Asvarre.

Visitor from Outside LebusEdit

Several months have passed after the incident, Matvey met the group of Lim, Titta and Mashas who were looking for a missing Tigre, whom they believed to be located somewhere in Lebus. Even he volunteering only in escorting the trio to Lebus , Matvey did not joined the trio in finding Tigre.


  • So far, Matvey is the only known Ship Captain that serves as a Legnica Navy General by being Sasha's personal attendant during battle of Olsina Sea.


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