Manga chapter 33
Part of Volume 7
Arc Muozinel Invasion Arc
Media Equivalence
Light Novel 4
Anime Episode 8
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Slave is the 33rd chapter of Madan no Ou to Vanadis manga series.

Plot SummaryEdit

After series of ambush by the Silver Meteor Army, Kashim had to resort in executing the Agnes (Male) ten prisoners. Whilst mocking the Brune Army's cowardice, the executioner beheads the male prisoners, much to a horror from both Agnes prisoners and even Tigre and his army himself. With 600 Brune soldiers with him, Tigre confronts the Muozinel Army but his position as the leader is belittled by Kashim, who assumed that archers where belittlement subjects by Brune aristocrats and citizens. Little did Kashim and other Muozinel soldiers realized however that Rurick led Zhcted Army late arrived and the army's morale began to drop. Prior the chaos, Kashim tries to restore order among his army's rank, only to receive an arrow shot to his head, killing him. The death of Kashim further dropped the Muozinel Army's morale as nearly all of them retreat from battle. Prior the aftermath, when the Silver Meteor Army freed the Agnes prisoners, one prisoner berating Tigre for the late rescue and not preventing the death of his fellow prisoners. Nonetheless, Tigre apologies to the man before freeing a little girl, who thanking Tigre for avenging her deceased father by killing Kashim.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Difference Between Light Novel and MangaEdit

  • Much like the anime adaptation, the Silver Meteor Army continues to ambush Kashim's advance army until the beheading execution of the Agnes prisoners.