Invincible Sword
Manga Chapter 22
Part of Volume 5
Arc Dark Knight Arc
Media Equivalence
Light Novel 3
Anime Episode 6
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Invincible Sword is the 22nd chapter of Madan no Ou to Vanadis manga series. This chapter illustrating the first battle between the Silver Meteor Army and Navarre Knights in Orange Plains.

Plot SummaryEdit

The meeting immediately took place in where nearly all Silver Meteor Army's founders were talking about Roland, a leader of the Navarre Knights whose renowned for not only his undefeated streak at his young age, he also Faron's champion knight and the owner of the legendary Durandal. Tigre asked Hughes if the Black Knight came to their camp because of Faron's decree, to which Hughes's denied as he sent a messenger to investigate their enemy. Half koku later however, a messenger returned and told the general a bad news that unless the Silver Meteor Army willing to surrender, the Navarre Knights would not negotiate with their enemy. Left with no options, Tigre and his allies decided to fight against their enemy.

The battle immediately began where Roland roared for victory while slaying more enemies without inflicting injuries, which stunned even Elen and Lim. Whilst commanding Lim to cover the rear unit, Elen fought against Roland by herself in various rounds but not even her could bested the Black Knight, especially when Arifar resonating stronger to Roland's Durandal. Ten Zhcted cavalry knights attempted to rescue their War Maiden, only to killed by Roland before her warning could reached them. Tigre intervened as he was aiming his arrow towards Roland, prompting the Black Knight to turn his attention towards Tigre instead and tried to slay him. Miraculously, Tigre narrowly dodging Durandal's slash while shooting his arrow to midair, grabbing Elen and escaped from the battlefield. Roland attempted to chase after the retreating enemy commanders, only to be immobilized as Tigre's arrow shot killed his horse in an amazing feat of speed and power. After Tigre killing several Navarre Knights-who failed to halt their escape, Elen praised Tigre for his bravery but instantly shocked after seeing Tigre was actually suffering his injuries from the Durandal.

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Difference Between Light Novel and MangaEdit

  • In the Light Novel chapter (also in one Anime Episode), there is a scene where four aristocrats attempt to dissuade Tigre and Hughes from attacking the Roland and the Navarre Knights-whom they deemed as Faron's champion and attacking them meant revolting against Brune, though the later went silent after hearing Tigre's and Hughes's retort. This meeting however is entirely removed in this manga chapter.


  • The chapter is one of the most gory manga chapter where Roland's brutality is shown, especially where he slaying the Silver Meteor Army's soldiers.