The Promise with Sofy
Manga Chapter 21
Part of Volume 4
Arc Dark Knight Arc
Media Equivalence
Light Novel 3
Anime Episode 6
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The Promise with Sofy is the 21st chapter of Madan no Ou to Vanadis manga series. This chapter describes Tigre's meeting with Sofya Obertas, Zhcted Ambassador and Vanadis of Polesia who also informs him that Brune declared him as the "traitor" of the kingdom.

Plot SummaryEdit

In her past, which reveals to be a dream, Elen was taught by Sasha about Vanadis's responsibilities and duty. Meanwhile, Tigre, Hughes, Rurick, Aram and other Silver Meteor Army's soldiers went towards Saunier Village for their support. After a meeting with the village elders, everyone decided to take a break in Saunier Villager but Tigre instead rode his horse to the village outskirts. Suddenly, Lunie was flying towards Tigre while escaping from a naked Sofy, who accidently bumped onto Tigre and pinned him onto the river stream before both Tigre and Sofy were caught red-handed by Elen. When Tigre was being lectured by the girls, Sofy informed Tigre that Brune's Prime Minister Badouin has declared the archer as the kingdom's "traitor" for his association with Elen and Zhcted Army; consequently, his noble tittle would be revoked and Alsace would be under full control from Brune's magistrate until the end of the Civil War. Tigre was shocked to hear the declaration but relieved to learn from Sofy that Mashas was on his way back from Nice Imperial Palace.

At night, Sofy was consulting Tigre-who still worries over his status-at the fields and asked him about his relationship with Elen, which he claimed to be as comrades-in-arms. Whilst telling Tigre about her friendship with Elen, Sofy entrusted Elen's future to Tigre for now. In the same time, she also reported to Elen about other Vanadises' activities: Liza allied herself with two Brunish Dukes (namely Thenarider and Ganelon), Valentina remained inactive in Zhcted; Olga left Brest for her adventures, and Sasha remained in her sickbed. Regardless, Sofy took interest upon Tigre and wished to "lend" him from her which Elen strongly protested. On the next morning, Tigre was shocked to learn from Bertrand that Roland and the Navarre Knights were marching towards them.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Difference Between Light Novel and MangaEdit

  1. Contrasted from the Light Novel, neither Mila nor Sofy appeared in Elen's dreams during Sasha's teaching about Vanadises's responsibility and duty.


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