Lunie furry

Kana ルーニエ
Romaji Lunie
Dragon Profile
Element ???

Lunie is Eleonora Viltaria's pet dragon.

Character InformationEdit

Appearance Edit


Lunie in the manga.

In the light novel series and manga series, Lunie is a small dragon with blue-greenish scales around it's stocky body. He is four chet high has a small wings and small horns on its head.

His anime counterpart however, Lunie has a greenish fur covers its entire body. He also has a round face and a pair of blue eyes.


As a cherish dragon, Lunie is rather tamed and friendly to other humans. Among of many human whom Lunie considered as friends are Elen, Tigre, Sofy and Titta. Despite Sofy's passionate of dragon on one side, Lunie often try to run away from the Light Vanadis, usually towards Elen or Tigre.

Despite being quite tamed, Lunie doesn't appear to like being stuck in the castle, something Elen sympathize with. Because of this, Lunie likes going hunting with Tigre since it allow Lunie to enjoy flying around and eating the meat from whatever Tigre is hunting.


Lunie appeared in Elen's bathroom where Tigre accidentally saw her in naked.

During Tigre and Titta stay in Leitmeritiz, Lunie became closer to the two, especially the latter. Lunie would usually go with Tigre whenever he goes hunting.


  • So far, Lunie is the only named dragon in the series.