Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 2
ISBN ISBN 978-4-8401-3970-0
Release Date August 28, 2011
Cover Character Ludmila Lourie
Anime Equivalent Episode 4, Episode 5,
Episode 6 (First Part)
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Volume 1 Volume 3

The 2nd Volume is the 2nd novel of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis Light Novel series. This novel covers the second story arc of Arc One which highlights the aftermath of the Battle with Zion Thenardier and Alsace under Elen's control despite Tigre still acting as Alsace's Earl. This novel also focuses on the rivalry between Elen and her fellow Vanadis and rival Ludmila Lourie, who appears to be one of Felix Aaron Thenardier's allies to defeat Tigre and Elen in Tatra Mountains after Thenardier's foiled destruction onto Alsace.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

After Thenardier Army's defeat by Tigre and his new ally, Alsace is safe under Elen's rule. As Brune's Civil War becomes inevitable, Tigre has to gather as much allies as possible for his insurgency against both Thenardier and Ganelon. Meanwhile, Elen returns to the Zhcted Capital to meet with the King about the Alsace incident, and also meets her rival there, Ludmila Lourie the Ice Vanadis who is also one of the seven Vanadis. To add tension between the two Vanadises, Mila's sudden interest upon Tigre irritates Elen as she tells Mila to return. However, Mila refuses to do so due to her pride as a real Vanadis, and she is not ready to step down without a fight! What is the relationship between Mila and Thenardier?! This is the battle between two Vanadis, and the battle of wits and cunning will open its curtains to the next chapter![1]



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  • (*) Whilst he made his official appearance in Light Novel's Volume 3, Gerard is actually mentioned in this volume.
  • (**) Before she made her full debut in Light Novel's Volume 4 or an appearance as a teasing figure in Volume 3, Sasha is once mentioned by Elen to confirm her allegiance.