Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 13
ISBN ISBN 978-4-0406-7958-7
Release Date November 25, 2015
Number of Pages 501
Cover Character Valentina Glinka Estes
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Volume 12 Volume 14

The 13th Volume is the 13th novel of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. This novel covers the third story arc of Arc Three.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

After successfully convincing Tallard of Asvarre to repel the invading Sachstein Army to the west, while on their way back to Nice, Tigre and the Moonlight Knights are under attack by an enemy army led by Greast, causing both Tigre and Elen to split away from their army. Unfortunately, Elen is captured by Greast who possesses a morbid fascination towards her. Whilst Mashas and Lim had to take command and planning for a retaliation, an unknown yet vicious enemy is coming for the now wandering Tigre but, at the same time, help is on the way to save the day from a familiar ally! Enter the strongest bishōjo fantasy tale's intense chapter! [1]



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