Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 12
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-067720-0
Release Date July 24, 2015
Number of Pages 267
Cover Character Figneria Alshavin
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Volume 11 Volume 13

The 12th Volume is the 12th novel of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. This novel covers the second story arc of Arc Three.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

In order to defeat the invading Sachstein Army of the West, the Moonlight Knights is founded by Tigre and his allies. Unbeknownst to himself or the Moonlight Knights however, who are about to meet Regin and others in Nice Royal Palace, conspiracies begins to brew as some ministers being their sinister plot against Tigre and his allies. Meanwhile, one destined person is participating a battle in order to repel the same enemy from the West. Elsewhere, Zhcted is welcoming the new Vanadis named Figneria who is going to meet King Viktor in Silesia Imperial Palace. Confronting conspiracies and battling an unknown war, the tale of the young hero and his allies begins in this chapter!



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