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Leitmeritz-Legnica Campaign
Part of Zhcted Crisis Arc

Vol 17-LN-Vanadis Elen vs Fine
Location Boroszlo Plains, Zhcted
Side Leitmeritz Army; Legnica Army
Result N/A
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Volume 16
Leitmeritz Army Legnica Army
Army Strength
Unknown Unknown
Commanders and Leaders
Eleonora Viltaria Figneria Alshavin
Casualties and Losses
Unknown Unknown
Light Novel Chronology
Silesia Imperial Garden Incident ←Leitmeritz-Legnica Campaign→ Revolts in Silesia

Leitmeritz-Legnica Campaign is one of many battles of Zhcted Civil War of the Madan no Ou no Vanadis series, where Elen and Lim are now fighting against their now rival/enemy Fine, who allying herself with Tina in creating chaos in Zhcted in order to invade Leitmeritz's outskirts while expanding Legnica's borders.


Fall of Silver Gale MercenariesEdit

Main article: Figneria-Silver Gale Mercenary Conflict

Before their intense rivalry, Elen wanted to befriending Fine when the latter was brought into the Silver Gale Mercenaries by her guardian Vissarion, who happened to counter her in one battle. During her stay, Fine heard stories from Elen about Vissarion's dream in creating a kingdom where everyone lived in peace, something Fine found to be skeptical but willing to listen to this dream regardless. Unfortunately, in one fateful day, Fine and the Silver Gale Mercenaries became enemies on one battle where she fought and slain Vissarion, effectively dissolving the mercenaries. Not only the dissolution forced Elen and Lim wandering across the continent without a home, it also brewing the two hatred against the wandering mercenary.

As the years passed on since the fallout of the Silver Gale Mercenaries' disbandment, Elen would go on and became the Vanadis of Leitmeritz while Lim herself will be her adjutant that accompany Elen along the way; Fine on the other hand continuing her mercenary life until she is chosen by Bargren after the death of Sasha, the former lord of Legnica.

Hostile ReunionEdit

When Elen and the Leitmeritz Army were away in order to aid Tigre in defeating enemies in (Sachstein Army, Melisande's Faction, Greast Army and Muozinel Army), Fine meanwhile meeting both Tina and Liza in a meeting regarding Elen's wars in Brune because of Tigre, seemly garnering Fine's interest towards the Brune Hero.

After their battles in Brune, Leitmeritz Army and Tigre are returning to Zhcted via a route that going towards Legnica.


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