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Leitmeritz is one of Zhcted's province/territories in western part of Zhcted. It is also Eleonora Viltaria's primary territory.


Leitmeritz is described as Zhcted's bustling territory from the west. It is located with Zhcted's south-west and near to the Voyes Mountains range and its neighboring borders between Brune (specifically Alsace) and Zhcted.


  • Leitmeritz Flag (Left), Zhcted Flag (Center) & House Vorn (Alsace) Flag (Right)
  • Leitmeritz Flag (During Battle of Boroszlo)

The Leitmeritz flag shows the Viralt, Arifar (a silver long sword) on a ____ background.



Earl Vorn as Silver Wind Vanadis's CaptiveEdit

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Siege Attempts by Ludmila LourieEdit

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Three Years LaterEdit

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Places of InterestEdit

Capital CityEdit

  • Leitmeritz Imperial Palace- The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Vanadis and her servants along with the generals, government officers and ministers.
    • Leitmeritz Training Ground - The training ground is where soldiers practice their skills with different weapons such as bow, sword, spear, etc.
    • Army's Public Bath - The public bath is generally used by the soldiers.
  • Leitmeritz Marketplace -

Other Cities/LocationsEdit

  • Voyes Mountain Range - Leitmeritz's location is near to the mountain range that separates from Brune and Zhcted, making it as a natural boarder between both kingdoms.
  • Rodrick - A renowned town which is located in an isolated location within Voyes Mountains's wilderness. Despite its isolation, the town is much richer than the other villages as it becomes a tourist attraction for its open-markets and the local Bath House, which also includes a room reserves to the Vanadises.
  • Kikimora Mansion


  • Litoměřice (German: Leitmeritz) is a town at the junction of the rivers Elbe (Czech: Labe) and Ohře (German: Eger) in the north part of the Czech Republic, approximately 64 km (40 mi) northwest of Prague. The area within the Ústí nad Labem Region is called Garden of Bohemia thanks to mild weather conditions important for growing fruits and grapes.


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