Kana ラヴィアス
Romaji Raviasu
Nickname Spear of Evil Annihilation (Haja no Senkaku)
Weapon Profile
Type Spear
Owner Vanadis of OlmutzLudmila Lourie
Kingdom Zhcted
Status Active

Lavias, Viralt of Ice element, is used by the Vanadis of Olmutz.


Lavias is shaped as a spear and regulates the temperature as per the users' needs. It is also called as Spear of Evil Annihilation (Haja no Senkaku).


As a Viralt of ice-element, Lavias's powers are mostly based on snow and ice. Whenever the user engages in a battle, Lavias's blade will emerge and will manipulate (decrease) the temperature in the surroundings. Though Mila is proficient in all weaponry including archery (with skill as good as Tigre's), Mila tends to favor her Viralt (spear). It summons or generates ice which can change into almost anything, from sturdiest shield to sharpest spear.

Veda (Dragonic Arts)Edit

  • 空さえ穿ち凍てつかせよシエロ.ザム.カフア (Freeze the Sky (Cielo Zam Kafa)) - The user can summon an ice shield that is capable of protecting her and nearby allies from harm. Aside from that, it can also create ice spikes that are capable of impaling through flesh quickly. In the anime, Mila's ice can create surrounding spikes for total protection.[1][2] Additionally, this Veda also unleashes ice waves, either in dragon form or ordinary shape, as distance projectiles.
Mila Vanadis power

Mila's Cielo Zam Kafa

  • 静かなる世界よ アーイズビルク (Silent World (Aizbilk)) - The user can freeze water below her to create a surface.[3]


  • Ludmila Lourie - The current Vanadis of Olmutz is currently the user of Lavias
  • Previous 2 Vanadises of Olmutz have belonged to House Lourie.


  • Along with Muma and Valitsaif, Lavias is one of the few Viralts to have a shape shifting ability.
  • By far, only the Vanadises of Olmutz (House Lourie) have inherited the Lavias for generations.


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