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Chapter 4: The Blue World and the Traveling Girl
The Blue World and the Traveling Girl
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Part 1: The Brune Hero and the Vanadis Legend's First Encounter (Summary)Edit

Continuing his journey to Asvarre, Tigre's next destination would be Legnica where he decided to visit Sasha under Elen's request. He first visited and wandering in Legnica Imperial Palace, where he astonished it's regal and unique structure until he heard a frail voice from behind. Much to Tigre's surprise, it was Sasha on her sick bed Nevertheless, they both introduce themselves as Sasha began to rise and stand frailly to greet him, but she was almost fell before Tigre rushed to get her grip. Through her acquainted of Elen, Sasha asked Tigre on his perspective out of her sheer curiosity. Tigre stayed and told everything to Sasha, from the Dinant Battle to Brune Civil War. After Tigre's finished his tale, for half, Sasha rang the bell for wine as her goodwill and thanked him for telling such interesting tales and asked Tigre about his relationship between him and Elen. Tigre was shocked about the question, though he carefully and humbly told Sasha that Elen is his ally and comrade and he is grateful for her rescues.Sasha made her brief response while tease Tigre about the accidents in the past, as well claiming Tigre is too adorable to be punished, much to Tigre's extreme embarrassment yet looking forwards towards Sasha's conversation.

Teasing aside, Sasha tells Tigre that she is informed by Elen's request letter to assist him for Asvarre, and wishes to hear from Tigre's. story Tigre's explanation had prompted Sasha could only sigh in unease however. She asked Tigre if he know his position in Zhcted, which Tigre replied as he is it's "hostage". The Brave Fire Vanadis however shook her head as she warned him that even with Elen and Mila's support, not everyone (those who begrudged against him) readily accept him yet. While Tigre replied that he wasn't to be the first to be used, Sasha instead give him a grave reality. She told him that his previous wars against Thenardier and Ganelon had changed Brune drastically, and Zhcted's lost was not in a few numbers either. Listened to Sasha's words made Tigre's speechless as he was reminded in two things; there were Thenardier's former soldiers begrudge against the Brune Hero since he killed him personally; Ganelon burned his city and died after defeated by his own forces, which Tigre found the hatred absurd even though he wasn't involved.

Sasha further informed Tigre the lost influence over Brune is trivial for Zhcted; furthermore, his alliance with both Elen and Mila made him difficult to be eliminated. Tigre was confused and asked Sasha that King Victor himself requested him for the mission, but Sasha replied that the king proposal to anyone for special mission was common and selecting him, who still an outsider, for the mission is a dangerous risk that even affected Zhcted. Tigre's confusion and cautiousness risen as he asked Sasha if King Victor was a cautious man, since it was because both Elen and Mila had to served. Sasha instead described King Victor is more cunning and passive, as he didn't interfered most Vanadis's war and while his safety as top priority. Tigre immediately gone silence as he thought the reason behind Elen and Mila's rivalry, as well as Liza's invasion towards Leginas, is because King Victor kept the blind eye. Despite that fact, he rather swallow his thoughts because for Zhcted, he is still an outsider even he acted as an truce agreement between Brune and Zhcted.

Nonetheless, Sasha claimed Tigre's emissary mission has give benefits to both Zhcted and Brune. Tigre then intervened as he remarked that a visit from Zhcted will give Germaine some benefit for his image, which Sasha agreed. She further continued that with him as the kingdom's ambassador, Zhcted would allied with Asvarre. However, there was a drawback. According to Sasha, both kingdoms would suffer their worst consequences if anything happened to Tigre. Not only it would tear the freshly truce between Zhcted and Brune, as well making Asvarre an enemy, it also ignited the Vanadis's rebellion against King Victor, especially Elen and Mila who viewed him as important figure. Sasha continued she would not refute Elen's conjecture as she believed that King Victor wished to test Tigre's mettle, and there was an unknown conspiracy in play.

Regardless, Tigre instead thanked Sasha for the warning and told her that he will be wary, much to her surprise as she sensed fearlessness within Tigre's heart. Sasha asked if he has any countermeasure in his mind, which he replied he has none. Instead, he replied that he would not abandoned his responsibility and even if he is unsure the person's motive, being afraid is pointless and he would have to see it through. Hearing Tigre's resolved answer has made the Brave Fire Vanadis sigh in relief as she thought that no wonder Elen entrusted Tigre that much. She later urged Tigre to change his destination (originally Prepus) to Lippner, in order to avoid possible trap, and meet the sailor named Matvey for the negotiations with Germaine. As Tigre asked about the plan, the Brave Fire Vanadis told him not to worry since she knew that despite the king's cunning, he would not doing something despicable. Tigre thanked Sasha for the arrangement and asked about the Proud Beluga and the sea; much to Sasha's surprise and lead to her wonder if anything would be alright in Tigre's hands, since he never been to the sea.

Before their conversation continued, her senior servitor came into the room and interrupted them. Much to Sasha's disappointment, he told them that their conversation time is over, even though Sasha asked him to give more time. Tigre to told her that he will take his leave, and shook hands with Sasha as a sign of friendship. Just as Tigre is about to leave the room, Sasha came and stopped him and told him that she entrusted Elen to him and lend her strength, which Tigre promised. Afterwards, Tigre left Leginas Imperial Castle and rode his horse for Port Lippner. While riding the horse, Tigre lamented his remark that he is unable to see Sasha while wondering if they could meet other again, especially after seeing Sasha is in her sick bed. Despite his concerns, Tigre put his mission in top priority as he remarked that his failure would trample Sasha's kindness for him. He rushed his horse over the highway.

Next morning after Tigre's departure, Sasha woke from her bed and felt feverish over her body. The court physician examined her condition, while told her to take a rest after drinking the medicine and take a light meal. After the procedure, Sasha stared as the ceiling while lying on her bed as her servitor came in. When her servitor asked her about her condition, Sasha tells him that she is tired, yet she is glad since she has other visitors. The servitor then sent her a gratitude message from Tigre to Sasha: He appreciated for the hospitality and kindness from her and pray for her quick recovery. Listens to the servitor's made Sasha laugh and asked servitor's view about Tigre. To the servitor, Tigre is just the boy and he sensed the Brave Fire Vanadis's different impression. Sasha could only softly tells that although it was too early for him to understand about him, she also impressed over Tigre's sincerity and strong will that resulted Elen's trust. Thinking about Tigre's straight-forward thinking has prompted Sasha to think him as interesting, which no wonder why Elen decided to lend a hand for him.

While the servitor asked if Elen liked someone like Tigre, Sasha is claimed that if Tigre is at Elen's side for Leitmeritz, then Legnica would also be safe, especially since the feud between Elen and Liza. Despite Elen did helped her to retake Legnica, tension was still lift in the air between the Vanadis and if Leitmeritz was stabilized, then Liza would probably not going to bother Legnica. The servitor later tell her that her conversation will be continued after Tigre's journey and mission form Asvarre, much to the Brave Fire Vanadis's relief with her gentle smile before finally closed her eyes. After her servitor bowed and left, Sasha began to fell asleep and rest in her bed.

Part 2: Enter to Port Lippner (Summary)Edit

After his long hours journey, Tigre has arrived to Port Lipnner Tigre’s has came to Port Lippner in one afternoon and he meet the . Under a pure blue sky, low walls stretched from North to South and the extension beyond the shadow of a building was visible. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Tigre loosened the horse reins and went to the castle gate.

It has been 2 days days had passed since he left Sasha’s Imperial Office; so far the journey had been smooth and without incident.

As soon as he entered and passed through the city gates, Tigre opened his eyes wide in surprise. He withness the diverse city's diverse culture, which was different from any kingdom he visited and began to impressed over the .

---There are many people here, and not just people from Brune or Zchted. There are some Muozinel people with brown skin, some people of Asvarre and also some people of Sachstein.

Foreigners exchanged words to each other as a matter of course; if languages with words did not work, they would draw and show pictures. They also communicated in gestures.

Even after recovering from his surprise, Tigre walked for a while looking around restlessly in admiration. Signboards, such as those for bars and inns, which were expressed with pictures that stood out immediately.

---Pictures certainly seem better than characters in such a town.

After that, he was concerned about the smell, too. From the Muozinel people who were in the traffic crowd, there was the smell of perfumed oil and spices, the cheese from Brune's and Sachstein's people, and a smell similar to the smell of smoked meat from Asvarre.

---Anyway, this is a lively town.

Similar to the castle town of LeitMeritz, but more vibrant. A merchant of Muozinel had spread a shabby carpet on the side of the street, selling jewelry on it side by side.

Next to that was a bard of Brune singing deed-of-arms poetry, furthermore next to that, Sachstein's people were selling a number of small and large mirrors. Tigre, who was walking while enjoying this rare blending of cultures, had his shoulder suddenly struck from behind.

When he looked back, a beautiful woman who grew bright red hair to her waist was standing there. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, and she wore a rather provocative ensemble that emphasized her ample bosom even as she suddenly drew closer. "Is it your first time in this town? I can be your guide if you want, what do you say?"

She had the accent of Sachstein's people. Though Tigre was surprised for a moment, he regained his composure at once.

"Thank you. But I have already decided where to go."

"Ara, is that so? That's a shame."

"......By the way, do you know a store that serves a good meal? Though I hope it is close to the port."

The woman looked puzzled and smiled happily when he asked her so.

"Are you inviting me to dinner?"

"I wouldn’t mind having someone to talk to while eating. If it tastes good, it doesn't matter if it is expensive."

To Tigre's answer, the woman shrugged with a smile.

"Well, thank you, but I finished cooking dinner a little while ago, so I'll just tell you about some good shops I know of."

In exchange for being told of three shops near the port, Tigre gave her one big copper piece as a reward. Receiving it with a smile, she disappeared into the crowd with a light wave. Seeing her off thusly, Tigre resumed walking while carrying his luggage on his shoulder.

---Was it out of goodwill?

Those who suddenly offer guidance were not necessarily people like her. Among them, there were fellows who lured travelers with honeyed words to the back alleys before stealing their wallet or baggage.

Tigre had also seen such persons whether in Alsace or LeitMeritz. Again, this time, he thought that he was slightly aggressive and must have appeared as if he was harassing her.

---However...... Though it was unusual, maybe I am too restless.

He inwardly persuaded himself to be careful. On the way, he dropped by one of the stalls to buy some fruit, picking them from a big barrel of water used to cool the mix of apples, pomegranates and figs - as well as a few ceramic bottles which most likely contained alcohol.

Though the summer was already over, it was fairly hot today. Tigre bought an apple, wiped it with his sleeve and bit it as he walked.

Seeing all this, he once again felt that there were many different kinds of people in this town.

Not only race, but there was also various occupations in the town. There were some mercenaries who wore dirty leather armor, there were swords hanging at their waist, and some travelers dressed in similar fashion as himself. Sometimes, he heard the language of an unknown country, or even noticed some characters in languages he had never seen before.

---So, this is a port city, huh.

Tigre stopped suddenly, causing the man who was walking immediately behind him to pass by the side with a bemused face. Twitching his nose doubtfully, he stopped. There was a strange smell. No, it was not just the smell. The blowing wind had also taken on some moisture.

---Is the wind coming from this direction? ......And this strange smell too?

He wondered if an accident had occurred, but this smell didn't seem to concern the people of the town as far as he could observe from the circumstances.

---I wonder if I should have asked for some more information from that woman a while ago.

While thinking about such things, Tigre passed through the crowd and arrived at the port.

Tigre stopped again. But this time with surprise.

The first thing he noticed were several huge ships, each so large that one might mistake it for a shrine or a mansion. Each were either connected to a wharf, or they were about to set sail.

There were a fleet of a dozen galleys that were arranged in wedge formation[1], and there was also a sailing boat with a white sail emblazoned with the motif of some small dogs.

He had never seen a ship until now. Tigre knew that a ship was something made to go across big rivers and lakes. Still, this was his first time seeing anything as huge as this.

Around the moored ships, sailors with robust sunburnt bodies were moving around busily.

There were people who had to clean the ship, those who were carrying cargo, and those who had to inspect the cargo. There was a person who had made a temporary grill, and grilled shellfish and fish when taking a break.

Tigre was looking up at the ship stunned, and began to walk at a brisk pace to recover from his surprise. He stood from the wharf at some distance.

"......This is the sea, huh."

After saying those words, he fell silent. Tigre was gazing at the dark blue ocean which spread throughout his field of view, fascinated. The sea surface which waved gently reflected sunlight and was dazzling, the roars of the sea were echoed continuously and sea birds were dancing in the sky. The ships which left the port gradually became smaller.

Tigre noticed that the smell he was worried about a while ago, was the smell of the sea. The Wind that came blowing across the sea was cold . The meaning of "an end of the land" became clear.

He had been told that he would encounter "an end of the land" roughly when he found the sea. Asvarre was across the sea, beyond the horizon.

Then, what was beyond Asvarre?

How many countries lay in lands yet unseen by him? Were there dragons dwelling in uninhabited lands at the end of this sea? How far did the sea spread, or was it boundless and without end?

It was the sound of the bell which made Tigre, who kept standing on that occasion and was gazing at the sea for about 1/4 koku, come to himself. Thinking about it, he had only eaten an apple since he entered this town. He spoke to the sailors, who were cooking and eating fish and shellfish nearby, and he tossed them a copper coin and got a portion of their food.

The grilled fish, skewered through from mouth to tail, was as big as a two large buns. When he dug in, the skin had a plump and crispy texture.

The shellfish soup was also delicious. Though the soup was too hot and he nearly burnt his tongue, it was seasoned with ash salt, a seasoning made from burnt seaweed, which created a saltiness which gradually permeated throughout his mouth. While enjoying the fresh taste, Tigre asked a seaman about Matvey. But he shook his head in a way to show he didn't know Matvey, then he exclaimed as he remembered.

"The [[[:Template:Furigana]]]'s Matvey? If it's that guy, he is usually on the wharf on the north side. You should go and look over there."

The port in Lippner drew a gradual curve near the oval, and five wharves of various sizes had been installed from the north to the south. According to the sailors' talk, it seemed that ships which entered the port anchored in the same place as long as there were no special circumstances.

Telling them thank you and farewell, Tigre headed to the wharf in the north. Having relieved his hunger, he now worried about the sea breeze that blew from the ocean. He turned his gaze to the black bow in his hand.

---I don't think that this bow will be affected by the salty air, but......

It was not just a simple bow. It was the heirloom of the Vorn House, and though he did not know much more than that, it was an item related to the gods. It had not occurred to him before that this may be a problem as he begins to journey onto the unsteady domains of the seas.

---Let's take care more than usual while riding on the ship.

Tigre had made that decision after some thought, though the deciding factor had not come from any respect or fear he might have had for the bow. Rather, it had been the fact that it was the heirloom of his house and his instincts as a hunter that caused him to decide thus.

Afterwards, Tigre caught some sailors and asked if he was able to meet Matvey.

"Do you have business with me?"

He was a man in his mid-thirties or such. Though the sailors who he had seen on his way here had all been stout and well-built, Matvey stood head and shoulders above them, giving him a far more intimidating presence.

His hair was short, his skin was a burnt bronze, and his beady small eyes had a sharp glint to them. His black silk hat and gold-trimmed crimson jacket gave him a brutish air; and with his build he gave off a dominating presence just by standing still. As such, his polite way of speaking came out rather grim instead.

"Nice to meet you. I am Tigrevurmud Vorn."

Visibly unintimidated by the man, Tigre put his bags on the ground and retrieved Sasha’s letter. Upon receiving it, Matvey broke its seal and quickly read its contents.

"Oh! Do you know the content of this letter, Lord Tigrevurmud?"

Matvey smiled as Tigre shook his head, though his frightful countenance twisted the expression to resemble that of a shark that had discovered its prey.

"It says to accompany you and help out as much as possible. I cannot refuse a favor from Alexandra-sama. Please step on my ship "The [[[:Template:Furigana]]]"."

Bowing his head as thanks to his words, Tigre was impressed by his attitude. Despite knowing the current state of Asvarre, Matvey showed no fear. A most reliable man - as expected of someone Sasha had trust in.

"I hope to get along with you. By the way, when does this ship depart?"

When the answer “after a half koku” came back, Tigre’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

"The '[[[:Template:Furigana]]]' was originally scheduled to head to Asvarre. You are lucky. If you had come here a little later, we would not have even been able to meet."

Matvey laughed as one revealing a trick as he continued to explain.

"Though the '[[[:Template:Furigana]]]' is a merchant vessel, we often let other various customers aboard, so I don't think you will particularly stand out."

"I’m sorry, but I’ve yet to see that beluga thing......"

When Tigre answered so apologetically, Matvey turned around quickly. On the back of his crimson coat, there was a pretty design of a beluga[2] jumping. Though Tigre thought that it didn't look good at all[3], he wisely avoided putting those thoughts into words.

"With this picture as basis, I have put on a white mantle for the title '[[[:Template:Furigana]]]'."

"......I understand."

"Though I should be here at about a quarter koku, what would you do? Will you come to my ship with me?" [4]

"Thank you for your kindness. If it's alright with you, I would like to go on ahead to the ship. I don't want to interfere with your work."

Bowing, Tigre answered so. As Matvey nodded with a smile, he took something out of his jacket pocket and presented it to Tigre.

At first glance it looked like a silver coin, but its design differed from those of Brune or Zchted: a beluga, like the one on display on Matvey’s back, was engraved upon it.

"Please take that. This is like a boarding permit, if you show that to the people in the ship, they will let you through with a smile."

Accepting the token with a word of thanks, Tigre left the place. As he walked while looking at an average ship on the wharf, he was wrapped with tension and excitement at the same time. He would be finally riding on a ship for the first time.

"Can I have a few moments of your time?"

He was suddenly called to from behind. As he looked at that place while thinking that he had been called out pretty often today, he saw a boy-like traveler with a small bag in his hand standing.

His body, short in stature, was wrapped in a slightly soiled mantle, and only a small part of his face was visible as he raised his face to look at Tigre, since it was being covered with a hood cast over his eyes.

"...I'm looking for a ship called The, Proud, Beluga, Do you know where it is?"

His voice had an accent that Tigre didn't know. There was a little interval between the words as he uttered the ship's name.

Since he seemed to have difficulty remembering the name.

Tigre looked down at the boy with a mystified look. The boy's height was only around his chest level.

Supposing he was a traveler, it seemed to be the age where one was still likely to be accompanied by parents.

"Since I am also boarding the same ship, would you like to go together? And, are you alone or are there still other-"

-companions? Those words were dispelled by a sudden snarl. When he looked there with a frown, three men who probably had not yet reached 20 years old walked forward with squared shoulders.

"You bastard, we said that we will show you the way around, what are you thinking by running away from us?"

One of the three stared angrily at the boy, and he shouted while pointing his finger at the boy. Whether it was his expression or his attitude, these were young people who seemed suited for the word hooligan.

The boy didn't show any signs of fear even though he was yelled at and calmly responded.

"Please don't continue to chase me. It's troublesome."

"D-Damn kid!"

The man became extremely enraged, and with a red face, he struck out with his fist. Tigre, with the bow still in his left hand, after placing his bag in his right onto the ground, came in between the boy and the man and caught the man's fist.

"He is my companion. Could you tell me what exactly is going on here?"

"These people agreed to guide me to the ship originally, but they then tried to take me out of the port."

Although Tigre tried to calm the mood for the time being, the boy was the one that answered back immediately. The man did not deny it, and moreover the two men who were watching the situation from behind held their tongues, then began to move. One of them went straight towards Tigre aggressively, and the other headed toward the boy.

However, Tigre's action was quicker. Others would have thought that he would first release the fist of the man who had struck out initially, however he promptly twisted it while gripping the arm without mercy and raised it. The man screamed in pain.

Then while using the man as a shield and checking the whereabouts of the second person, he pushed him away vigorously. The two thugs who collided collapsed together onto the ground.

---I need to hurry up and help that child...

When he looked back while thinking so, the battle was also already finished there. The hooligan only managed to pull off the boy's hood, while on the other hand the boy had jumped right in front of the thug's body, and he shot one sharp blow to his belly.

The man collapsed without a sound. Tigre, with a look of surprise and admiration, turned to the boy.

"Well then... What do you guys intend to do now?"

Looking back to the thugs that had fallen on their feet, Tigre used a cold voice to address them.

"We are not that free either. If you would just obediently allow us to leave, we will not pursue this matter any further."

Though the man growled in vexation and scowled at Tigre, he had to admit that he was no match for Tigre at all. Being challenged two against one, and despite Tigre only using one hand, they were still defeated.

As the men stood up unsteadily, they lent their shoulder to their friend who was holding his belly and then turned their backs on Tigre.

They disappeared into the crowd while cursing the onlookers. Thinking the uproar to be settled, the people who were looking at this situation from afar walked away.

The clamor of the port returned. As Tigre turned back to look at the boy, almost at the same time, the boy also looked at him.

---A girl...?

Tigre opened his eyes wide. He had thought all along that the traveler was a boy, but it turned out to be a girl.

Perhaps thirteen, or around fourteen years old, with disheveled light pink-coloured short hair and large eyes reminiscent of dull black pearls.

Her face was stained with dust, though the outline was slightly roundish, suitable to her age. Upon closer look, she was beautiful enough to arouse admiration. Although she gave an impression as though she were slightly absentminded with an expressionless face, she brought about an indescribable feeling and was extremely lovable.

"Thank you very much for helping me."

With a very monotonous voice, the girl quickly bowed her head.

"It was not a big deal. Though I think you are alright, did you get injured?"

When Tigre asked that while picking up his luggage, the girl looked up and issued a question while tilting her head in wonder.

"I'm not hurt. ---Why did you help me, a total stranger? Those people may have been in the right."

"More or less, because there are such people in every town, you will know who is right and wrong after you see such things happening several times. Even if it were not because of this, after seeing three large adults chasing after a child, if they were to strike you without even saying anything, it wouldn't be considered proper conduct now would it? In addition, you did not run away when I went in between you and those people."

At this answer, the girl narrowed her eyes while seeming to think about something. Her black eyes were, this time, directed to Tigre's black bow.

"What didn't you let go of your bow? Without even hesitating, you used one hand to-"

"Even if it looks like this, this thing is my family heirloom. Though it also depends on the situation, I don't want to treat it roughly if I can help it."

As he answered, Tigre thought that he couldn't understand this child very well. Although he didn't know about what she was always thinking about while being absent-minded, she was calm unlike a child. Her questions was clear too. After she seemed to have been convinced by this answer, she nodded and gave her name.

"Sorry for the late introduction. My name is Olga. So, Proud... U-Uh, Proud... Beluga..."

She stammered over her words. Opening her eyes, which were nearer to being half-opened, wider, Olga repeated the words desperately. Her blushing and flustered look made her seem a girl suitable of her age, and Tigre unknowingly gave a smile. He bent his knees, crouched and adjusted the height of his gaze to be level with hers.

"'[[[:Template:Furigana]]]', right? Let's go together. I'm Tigrevurmud."

It was half for a precaution not to have given his family name, and the other half was for consideration to her. Giving only her name must mean that Olga was very likely to be a commoner and not a noble. He took care not to frighten her. Of course, he also considered the fact that Olga didn't give her family name for precaution.

"Tig, revurvur... Tig, vurm..."

"If it's hard for you, just call me Tigre."

Looking at Olga repeating painfully while mumbling, Tigre gave a wry smile this time.

Part 3: Ship journey to Asvarre (Summary)Edit

When Tigre standing on the deck, he felt like the sea breeze became stronger than before. He is then saw the 'Proud Beluga', a huge ship that belonged to a big class of the ships which was at anchor in the port. Along with the other ship passengers, Tigre told Olga to enter the ship cabin, much to Olga's confusion yet nod lightly as they both walked into the cabin. In the ship, Olga was too embarrassed to say Tigre's name and she has not spoken to Tigre.

She had not spoken much since then. Although Tigre thought that it was because she was ashamed of being unable to neatly speak Tigre's name or that it was because of her accent, it did not seem to be the case judging from her words or her attitude.

She did not try to engage in polite banter. Regarding herself, the only thing that she told Tigre was that she was traveling alone.

As he got off the ladder in the stern and entered under the deck, he walked down the aisle which was filled with the sea breeze's smell mixed with that of the wood. Tigre ducked into the room where he was told to stay for the time being while on the ship.

When he opened the door, there was a really small room. In addition to the bed fixed to the wall and the floor, there was only about three or four steps of walking space in the room. There was nothing to do other than to put his luggage on the floor and then go to sleep. By the way, the lock for the door was a rough lock handed over to him at the time of his boarding.

To Tigre who was stunned by this sight, Olga said with a monotonous voice.

"Well then, see you."

To her words, Tigre rethought that, unlike himself, who was assisted by Sasha and Matvey, Olga paid the fare as a simple guest to board the ship. At the time of boarding, the boarding permit she had passed to the sailors, though it was similar to his, it was in a copper colour instead.

"If it's okay with you, may I see your room?"

As he asked out of curiosity, Olga approved it while nodding her head as if looking down.

While walking across a narrow passage, Tigre was observing while running his eyes to the left and to the right. This layer was for the guests' and sailors' rooms, and it seemed as though there was also an Armory and some other rooms as well.

When they arrived at the vicinity of the prow and got off the ladder to the lower layer, it gradually became dimmer and a peculiar stench became increasing stronger. The narrowness of the passages did not change. Olga stopped after walking about ten steps and stood in front of one door.

After she opened the door, inside there was nothing special apart from the fact that it was pretty large. Compared to Tigre's room that could be called a private room of an inn, this place would be the equivalent of a large room used by many people. Inside the room were 12 to 13 men.

Half of them were armed with swords and armor, and they were leaning on the wall or sitting on the floor. Though the others were not armed, that didn't change the fact that a dangerous atmosphere was released from their whole body. They had distanced themselves moderately and everyone was watching each other closely.

Those eyes mixed with hostility were of course turned to Tigre and Olga that opened the door.

---Well that is to be expected...

Though Tigre did not show that on his face and his voice, he was aware of that. The destination of this ship was Asvarre that was in the maelstrom of a civil war. Naturally, there were only certain types of people who would go to such a place. If not a mercenary, than it would be a merchant, or else it would be people with special circumstances such as Tigre.

"Would you like to come to my room instead?"

To Olga who were standing nearby, he asked quietly. On her face looking up at Tigre, there was faint surprise in her expressionless absent-minded face.

"Is it okay?"

"As you saw a while ago, it is a small room. But it'll guarantee your security. And there is also a lock."

Tigre didn't know why she was heading to Asvarre. It was not like he didn't care about that, but he had no intention to ask since he was in a position in which it would be troublesome if he himself were to be inquired.

Therefore, though he didn't know anything about her, as expected he was reluctant to let a girl who was younger than him stay there.

Soon after that, the [[[:Template:Furigana]]]' departed from Lippner town.

In the Proud BelugaEdit

A white sail gathered the winds and 'The [[[:Template:Furigana]]]' leisurely progressed along the azure blue sea. Tigre and Olga were standing on the deck, looking at the boundless sea and the far away silhouette of an island.

"How do you feel riding on my boat?"

With his crimson coat flapping in the sea breeze, Matvey came walking toward them. Turning his gaze to Olga, he made his small eyes shine keenly.

"Oh! An acquaintance of yours?"

Tigre replied "Yes" with a smile and Olga nodded silently. Tigre was impressed (without saying anything) since the fact that she was not perturbed even before Matvey's evil look was admirable.

"In about how many days will we arrive in Asvarre?"

"If the wind continues to be good like now, in seven or eight days I guess. Since this is not a windless season, we can think that at the very least it won't take more than ten days."

Tigre was relieved to hear that. He had no other choice but to let Olga lay down on the only bed there was, and he himself intended to sleep on the floor. It seems he would only have to endure it somehow for eight days.

"Matvey-san, about how old were you when you first became a sailor?"

"I was younger than you are now. Those who were born and raised in Lippner that decide to live with the sea think that they must have their own ship first. Therefore, to work towards this goal, while working and earning money in the ship of an acquaintance, I also learned how to trade various things for business and how to handle a ship."

"Were you not scared to go out to the sea?"

To tell the truth, Tigre was a little scared. Puffing out his chest with pride, Matvey replied while laughing.

"It's something familiar around here. As for me, though I did not mind since I saw shipwrecks drifting to the outskirts of the town where I was playing in my childhood, there are, as expected, many people who still get nervous when they get into a boat for the first time. Nonetheless, I overcome the fear with various experiences."

"Various experiences?"

Olga tilted her head.

"Storms, shipwrecks, pirates... In addition, with narrow ships, close combat which involves killing may occur, causing a situation where it becomes impossible to continue sailing. There are also things such as sharks and the sea dragon."

"Sea dragon?"

Though the last words were a little theatrical, the word "Dragon" attracted Tigre's interest. Hearing his parrot-like repeat of the word, Matvey gave a wry smile and answered.

"A long time ago, I saw it only once from afar. Like this, his body was like a long rope, looking like that of snakes, and that body was much bigger than this ship's mast. I wondered if it was capricious or was not hungry, since it did not come to attack us, and ran away with all its might."

"Such a thing the sea."

"It is nothing to be concerned about. Even among the sailors who kept going to the sea for 40 or 50 years, those who happened to see it is low in number, making it a very rare sight. Unless you are extremely unlucky, or else there is usually no chance to see it within a single voyage.

As Matvey's words that reassured him, Tigre sighed in relief as he wished to know more about the ship and the sea. It was revealed that Tigre originally wished to ask Sasha about Asvarre, which unfortunately he missed the chance.

From then on Tigre who asked a lot of things about the ship and the sea, suddenly asked about what was on his mind.

"Matvey-san, do you know the details about Asvarre?"

"Yes, since it's an important customer. Is there something that worries you?"

"I'm sorry if my question is not clear, but... What kind of country is Asvarre? For example, I don't know what kinds of Gods are worshiped in Asvarre."

He had intended to ask Sasha but unfortunately he missed the chance to. He knows the current situation in the Kingdom of Asvarre and also the fight between the princes. But, regarding anything else, it might be more accurate to say that Tigre doesn't have the slightest idea of it at all.

"Alright. Since there is no problems now with the ship, then I will have the privilege to have a nice long chat with you."

Part 4: The Lore of the Red Dragon King and Queen (Summary)Edit

As the trio arrived in Asvarre, they found the kingdom is filled with fog and forestation. Matvey then told the tales about Asvarre's lore to both Tigre and Olga. According to Matvey, Asvarre was originally the island that once under a constant fighting by 5 tribes, who fought for supremacy as the island ruler. But the tribes were unified under King Artorias to defend the kingdom from foreign invaders. The lore did intrigued Tigre as he viewed the legends looked familiar to Zhcted's and Brune's own lore: Zhcted's Black Dragon King and Brune's King Charles. Matvey continued to tell more stories about Asvarre, especially about the legendary Queen Zephyria who made famous not just her bravery and beauty, but also her position as Asvarre's first female ruler. The legends about the queen Zephyria brought curiosity and impression to Tigre, but confused Olga.

Putting the lore aside, Tigre asked Matvey about the Civil War. Matvey replied that the war started from the feud of both princes and it ended in stalemate. Tigre was angry to heard it because their feud has brought sufferings to Asvarre people, moreover they might also dragged into the civil war, without knowing how long it will ended. Matvey remained cool as he informed further that while Eliot seemed superior, there was a tactician known as Tallard Graham, rumored to be Germaine's valuable vassal. Despite his interest about Tallard, Tigre has his dilemma since the situation was much different from Elen's infomation and began to wonder if his meeting with Prince Germane could changed anything.

Part 5: Olga is the Vanadis? (Summary)Edit

In dusk, Tigre was in his room and sitting on the bed, he was taking care of his bow. As Olga knocked the door for a ht water, which she bought with 2 copper coins, Tigre opened the door and greet her with his courtesy and they shared their room. Olga removed her mantle, which surprised Tigre since he never seen her clothing in Brune or Zhcted. To Tigre's attention, he saw a weird axe beside Olga. To his hunch, he assumed that the axe is another Viralt (Dragonic Weapon), and assumed Olga could be also one of the seven Vanadis too.

What looked out of place, was it's elaborate handle.

A topaz, which was also about fist sized, was embedded at the junction of the handle and the blade, and a fine pattern was engraved on the blade as well. It seems, I guess, that most people would consent even if it was said to have been built for affluent nobles to decorate their residence.

However, Tigre held a different impression. Certain weapons flashed through his mind after he saw that axe.

There was the long sword that Elen carried, Mila's spear, the bishop's staff of Sophie and Sasha's twin blades. These weapons flashed like a bolt of lightning through the darkness inside his mind.

---It can't be... A Template:Furigana?

Weapons that had paranormal power and were only allowed to be owned by the seven Vanadis.

"Are you interested in this?"

Hearing the voice, Tigre was startled and pulled himself together. He was very likely staring too much, and although Olga still had her dimly expressionless face, some caution had crept into her black eyes.

"Oh! That axe has a splendid structure."

Tigre answered so while rummaging his dull red hair. He banished the question he wanted to ask in his innermost thoughts. Certainly it was an axe with a very remarkable structure, but there was no way that a Vanadis would be in such a place.

"Because it is a heirloom."

Olga leaned the axe against the wall while answering in a monotonous voice. She untied her obi and took off her clothes. Her upper body that became bare was slim, and the flesh was thin, and the swelling of her chest was over modest. She had a very soft, healthy body, which was also exceedingly beautiful, though it was still far from maturity.

In the presence of a dumbfounded Tigre, Olga sat down on the floor, took her hemp cloth from the cargo bag, soaked in the hot water and squeezed it. She wiped herself her body gently.

"...As expected, I don't think it's a good idea to expose your body in front of a man."

Tigre gently reproved the girl with pink turtle's hair with an embarrassed face. Olga stopped her hand that was wiping the dirt off her body, gave a glanced to Tigre, then answered while returning the hemp cloth to the hot water once again.

"It can't be helped. There is no other place."

"Even so, this is definitely not very appropriate. You should have let me turn around..."

"This is a room that you borrowed, and I am here because you have let me use it."

What a sincere child.

Tigre let out a sigh and turned his back to Olga.

He thought that it was good that she was young. He would have been more frantic if she were about the age of Elen and Mila.

Tigre waited for a little while more even after finishing the maintenance of his bow.

Before long, the sound in which the hot water was squeezed was no longer heard, and the rustling of clothes reached his ears.

"It is alright now."

Looking back to the voice, Olga, who was already dressed up wearing a cloak, was currently sitting on the floor. Pointing at the deep pot, she continues speaking.

"Though it is now lukewarm, if it is alright with you, use it."

"It that so. Then, please allow me to gratefully accept it."

Since he had stood for a long time on the deck, even Tigre's body had become sticky because of the sea breeze. It was a troublesome thing to go to the kitchen now to buy hot water.

Swapping places with her, Tigre wiped his body quickly. After putting on a mantle similar to Olga's, Tigre pushed aside the deep pot to the corner of the room.

"Well then, let's go to sleep? I will sleep on the floor, so you can use the bed."

"It's impossible for me to accept your kindness to that extent."

Tigre who was going to plop himself down on the floor looked troubled at the refusal of Olga and raised his body. Though the girl with pink color hair was still expressionless, there was slight anger in her voice.

"I understand that you are behaving as an elder, since I'm younger. However, I... I want to be independent and be responsible for myself."

Although she hesitated to say it at first and turned down her eyes, Olga raised her face and asserted flatly. Guessing that he may have hurt her self-esteem, Tigre scratched his head and apologised.

"I'm sorry but I did not have the intention to hurt you. This room is considerably cold, and though you seem to be accustomed to traveling, but..."

It is probably because they were on top of the sea, therefore the ship's air becomes fairly cold at night. It was becuase ot that that both Tigre and Olga put on a mantle.

"Let's sleep on the bed together then."

Olga said without even showing a hint of shyness.

"There is only one blanket. As for sleeping on the floor, the shaking of the ship, in addition to the cold, goes directly into your body. Then, even though it will be slightly cramped on the bed, it is still better to do so. ---You look unexpectedly stubborn."

Though Tigre thought the two of them were on equal levels regarding their stubbornness, he felt that talking about that would be going off topic and thus decided to keep that for himself. He still had something he wanted to say.

"I understand what you are saying. I understand that but... Should I say that you should be a little bit more ashamed or that you should pay more attention to your surroundings?"

"If it seems as though I am trying to seduce you, then let me clarify things. If you do ever something with ill-intent, I will kick you down."

"...Understood. Then let's sleep together."

The reason Tigre compromised was because she was stubborn, and he thought that if that situation continued, she would not use the bed and would instead just lie down on the floor. When he saw her nude not long ago, though he thought that she had a healthy body, he did not hold have any other thoughts about it. The reason why he had such a thought was because Olga was still young.

Regardless the situation, Tigre left no choice but to sleep with Olga behind her back. Afterwards, both fell asleep.

The Secret Void Vanadis's Foiled Plan (Summary)Edit

Elsewhere in Prepus, Valentina stayed in the port's hotel and awaited for Tigre's arrival while having her luxurious dinner. However, she received a disappointing news about Tigre's changed direction to Lippner instead from her messenger. Even with her dissapointment, Valentina smiled at him and thanked him for the effort and politely dismissed him. As the messenger left, Valentina assumed that Tigre has escaped from her.

It was revealed that Valentina was behind Tigre's secret mission for Asvarre, which only a few people knew about it. The reason the secrecy was because she wished to meet Tigre alone without other Vanadis's intervention whilst wondering if Tigre would join her ambiguous plan. Thanks to the news however, her plan was foiled and she began to think about her next plan. She firstly suspected Elen who she assumed to be closer to Tigre, but later dropped when she also thought about Sasha whom she believed that Tigre visited her palace before.

Even if Tigre were to die because he got involved in the civil war of Asvarre, it did not matter. At the present time, after Elen and Mila, he had also built a close relationship with Sasha. His death would be a shock to them, and it will lead to the deterioration of relationship between Zchted and Brune.

Even King Victor would be held responsible if such a thing came to pass. Nevertheless, if he came back safely, he would come to the Royal Palace. It would be necessary to report the results. King Victor will also have to thank Tigre for his services, and would give a reward depending on those results.

---At that time, if I visited the Royal Palace, I am likely to be able to meet him.

Depending on his attitude and his personality, she would then reveal that it was she who made the proposal to send him as an emissary, in order to receive his favour, and might conversely criticize King Victor to make him believe that she is a friend.

She examined Tigre's schedule to know when he might come back and must think about a reason to visit the Royal Palace on that day. Since she was supposed to be sick and lacked physical strength.

---For example, I cannot frequently go to the royal palace like Sophia Obertas.

Though it was troublesome, Valentina did not hate to think about such things. Instead she was more of a character that seemed to enjoy that. Besides, it was convenient for her to pretend that she had a weak body.

---For example, even if I am ordered to dispatch my troops, I would delay it by the reason of my sickness to the very limit and retreat as soon as I fought a little, and I can thoroughly control the damage to my soldiers. Also, I can report that I am sick when I am summoned to the Royal Palace, collecting as much information as possible before facing whatever crisis may be happening that required my intervention. From the past till now, that is what she has been doing.

The reason she did so is to cause everyone around her to underestimate her, to let all of them become more relaxed and unaware around her.

After organizing the thoughts forming in her head, Valentina turned her gaze to inspect the book that was expanded across her knees. On the front of the book was the title that was carved in gold, "Records of the war of Zephyria".

Queen Zephyria who expanded the territory of Asvarre greatly. In the record that details her history of battles, and her popularity was shown to be able to rival with the founder King, Arturius, in the kingdom of Asvarre. After discovering it by chance in her residence and reading it when she was young, that became Valentina's favorite book.

However, she did not limit herself to only enjoying it, as the book also encompasses her notions of dreams or ambitions.

---Someday I will become a queen, too.

Then she would show that she would become an existence that reigned in Zchted kingdom. After some investigation, she found out that the blood that flows through her seems to be connected to royalty.

However, it was so thin that it would hard for her to insist on the succession of the throne as her ancestors are but minor relatives of the previous Kings. Therefore, she did not intend to rely on such a thing.

With her own wits, in addition to being born and raised in the Estes House, and by using the good luck that allowed her to be chosen as a Vanadis, she intended to reign on the throne. Though she did not know when that will be, but she was convinced that that day will come. Though she wasn't sure how long it gonna take, Valentina is convinced that her dream will be come true. While inspired by the lore, Valentina continued to read the book until late night even though she knew well of it's content.

Part 6: The Man's "Instinct" (Summary)Edit

In Tigre's dream, he saw all five girls (Titta, Elen, Lim, Regin and Mila) were surrounded him with their unnamed expression, which confused Tigre. The dream however was short-lied as Tigre woke up and realized that he had hugged Olga, much to her dismay. Tigre quickly apologized to Olga about his rudeness and his face began blushed red. Olga instead calmly told him that all men are "aggressive" which she hear from her mother and sister, much to Tigre's speechless response. Additionally, Olga also hold Tigre tight because the blanket wasn't warm enough for both of them. That is the reason why Olga compromises with Tigre, and he quickly bow and apologized to Olga. Until they arrived to Asvarre, Tigre would rather went back to sleep before the commotion gone out of control.



  • This is where Tigre's first and last encounter with Sasha.



  1. V-shaped formation
  2. Beluga AKA White Whale.
  3. I think Tigre means that Matvey’s appearance doesn’t match that of the beluga
  4. I think he means that he needs to stick around for the next half koku, and if Tigre wants to stick with him, hence why Tigre replies that he wouldn’t want to be a nuisance for that amount of time.