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In the Civil War aftermath, Ganelon and Greast were seeking refuge in a port city away from Brune. Coincidentally, they also met Valentina who greeted them with courtesy and led them into Zhcted. Meanwhile, Nice was holding a grand parade to celebrate the Civil War's end after Silver Meteor Army while lauding Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army's generals as heroes. Whilst riding on the horse carriage, Regin was thanking Tigre for ending the civil war via whispering to his ear, much to Titta's jealous reaction. Behind the moving horse carriage,the Vanadises (Elen and Mila) were frustrated for unable to sit with Tigre, which prompted Lim to sigh. Nevertheless, all the Silver Meteor Army generals and warriors were later rewarded by Badouin by the metal of honors.

At night, a lavish banquet was held inside the Nice Imperial Palace but the Silver Meteor Army generals instead following Badouin to King Faron's chambers, where the Prime Minister urged his visitor not to pressure the king further since he was still on her sickbed. Upon entering into the chamber room, they also meet they also coincidentally met Sofy at Faron's bedside. As everyone were shocked to see Faron's whitened condition, Regin was specifically horrified to see her father deteriorating state upon the reunion between parent and child. Having Badouin to explain the entire situation, Faron apologized to Regin for being inadequacy in becoming both king and father due to his pride. He then turned his attention towards Tigre, whose accomplishment throughout the Civil War as he wished to reward him with anything to repay his heroic deeds. Rather than questioning the atrocities of Thenardier and Ganelon, Tigre instead retold the kind the events throughout the Civil War whilst requested the King to fulfill four provisions in fulfilling a truce between Brune and Zhcted. Among those are, including a three-year non-aggression between both kingdoms. Among those are,

  • Brune would pay 50,000 gold to Zhcted as appreciation in settling its Civil turmoil.
  • Furthermore, Brune Kingdom shall pay all expenses incurred by Zhcted Kingdom in the war.
  • Brune will cede Agnes to Zhcted.
  • Brune Kingdom is to propose a mutual non-aggression pact for three years.

Through the signature from Faron, Sofy and Regin, including Regin's ascension as Brune latest ruler, Faron has agreed to fulfill all four provisions while personally declared Regin as the new Queen of Brune, which Sofy approved on Zhcted's behalf.


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